Ovulux Ovulation Test Microscope

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Ovulux Ovulation Test Microscope
Ovulux Ovulation Test Microscope

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The phases of the cycle are usually determined for a greater likelihood of conception or for the purpose of contraception (although in the latter case it is still safer to use a condom). Ovulation is a very short phase of the cycle between follicular and luteal and lasts about a day: at this time, the egg is alive and ready to conceive. It is even believed that according to ovulation, you can safely plan the sex of the unborn child, but in fact this principle does not guarantee anything. The ovulatory period occurs 14 days before the onset of menstruation, but not everyone has a regular cycle, and there are special tests for an accurate result. One of the really handy ones is the compact reusable Ovulux microscope.

The principle of its operation is not based on determining the content of hormones in the urine, like most others, but on checking the concentration of salts in saliva: during ovulation, the level of estrogen increases, and with it the concentration of salts. To make a test, you need to remove the lens from the microscope and apply a drop of saliva to it. After a few minutes, when the sample is dry, put the lens back in and press the light button. To determine the phase of the cycle, you need to compare what you see in the eyepiece with the checklist in the instructions. During ovulation, a crystalline coating similar to frost forms on the lens, and on other days of the cycle, crystals are less common and resemble fine sand. It would seem that relying on personal perception of the pattern in a microscope is not the most reliable method, but according to the manufacturer Ovulux, the test accuracy is 98.5%.

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