Beauty Advertising Without Glossy Clichés: 9 Videos

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Beauty Advertising Without Glossy Clichés: 9 Videos
Beauty Advertising Without Glossy Clichés: 9 Videos

Video: Beauty Advertising Without Glossy Clichés: 9 Videos

Video: Beauty salon | Promo cinematic video 2022, November

Margarita Virova

Advertising campaigns for cosmetics and other beauty products, to be honest, have not changed much since their inception. They, as a rule, use the same promises and techniques, the same angles and often invite the same actors and models. Evening dresses with long trains, seductive bright lips, false eyelashes, neatly finished in Photoshop, and the obligatory hot kisses as a direct consequence of buying a product, we meet in almost every advertising campaign. It is all the more interesting when the brands do not go the beaten track. We recall nine commercials, the customers and creators of which tried not only to sell their products, but also to reflect the obvious changes in the attitude towards beauty.


High School Girl?

One of the brightest viral videos of 2015 - and not only in the world of cosmetics. In the course of the action, it turns out that everything is not what it seems at first glance: the girls in rewind turn into guys, the images for which the makeup artists have created. The most outstanding thing here, of course, is not the skill of the latter, but the very idea of ​​the video, which demonstrates a radical transformation with the help of makeup. This is already much closer to a free and relaxed attitude to beauty and human appearance than the usual mantra that a magic tube will solve all problems.


Kenzo World

A video that deserves to be reminded of it again. This short-length masterpiece was directed by Spike Jonze, long known in the world of advertising and music video making - in 2005 he even received a corresponding nomination for the Directors Guild of America Award. The creators of advertising concepts for perfume face an especially interesting task, since it is much more difficult to find a visual analogue of a fragrance in colors, sounds and actions than just to convey the advantages of lipstick or shadows well and profitably. They did not lose with the wild dance, corresponding to the brand's image, and also did without multi-layered dresses, petals, hugs and silk sheets, which are in every first advertisement for fragrances.



Of course, most of all I would like to recall the Always series "# as a girl", but there are other examples. Here is another good social campaign that raises important and difficult issues - and this is the authorship of the Pantene brand. For a long time, she was at the forefront of using the gold standard in hair advertising, starring happy people and their shiny, sleek hair. In the new campaign, women are encouraged to stop apologizing all the time, and, for example, in the video "Labels Against Women", they analyze how gender stereotypes are born. Visual sketches tell about how much power is actually hidden in our daily actions and words - something that, unfortunately, is still not accepted to talk about.

Tom Ford

"Lips & Boys"

The line of fifty Lips & Boys lipsticks was one of the most striking launches of the Tom Ford brand, known for its provocative creative and marketing moves. In the commercial, which lasts exactly a minute, on the one hand, there is nothing superfluous, and on the other, there is a lot of gloss and sex. Nevertheless, the shades of lipsticks are named after the men whom the designer decided to immortalize in this way, so here are the lips, here are the guys - everything is very clear. Not only conventionally beautiful ads, but also a good example of how thoughtfulness turns a cliché into an appropriate technique.

Dolce & gabbana

Dolce Rosa Excelsa

Another non-standard perfume advertisement shot by a great director. In general, calling a great master to shoot a video is one of the main methods among non-standard ones. The great Giuseppe Tornatore (New Cinema Paradiso, Malena) put into a three-minute mini-film all the best things associated with the brand: baroque splendor, interest in tradition and beauty in all its manifestations. In the story, a mother and five sons are restoring a family estate. Rays of sunlight, sawdust, crumbling plaster give way to luscious green grass, smart guests, aromas from the kitchen and a huge crystal chandelier. The finale, of course, was not without a love story.The role of the elegant mother of the family was played by Sophia Loren, the very embodiment of the golden age of Italian cinema - it is absolutely impossible to tear yourself away from what is happening.


I Love Chanel

For this ad, photographer Solve Sundsbo tributes to the famous Vogue cover: the girl in the picture comes to life, showing off the luscious shades of Rouge Allure lipstick along the way. Classic meets classic: this video looks unusual even four years later. In advertising of cosmetics and fragrances, they rarely use not a deliberately sexualized image, but a reference to a cult image - therefore, each such example is remembered. By the same principle, in the advertising campaign for the La Petite Robe Noire perfume by Guerlain, they did a woman's silhouette in a hat and a fluffy dress - and that was great.


Dove Pro-age

It would be difficult to do without a company in this collection, which has made a massive revolution in its image thanks to a new socially oriented approach. But if many people remember about "Beauty Sketches", then few people have seen this ad dedicated to the line of Pro-age products. When releasing the series, the company stubbornly emphasized the rejection of the "anti-" prefix. This linguistic refinement is also a rejection of the traditional marketing ploy. In the US, she was banned from large-scale screening with the wording "too much skin." However, the brand is increasingly persistent in talking openly about things for which "the world is not ready", and knows how to do it beautifully and delicately.


She Does the City

The image of a bold, free and sexy brand, developed for Gucci after its decline in the early 90s, is still held by the brand, although its incarnation is not always successful. Still, the advertising film, directed by artist and director Frank Miller, deserves special attention. The company invited him as the author of "Sin City", which by that time had already become a cult film, even for those who are not into comics or neo-noir. As a result, the image of an expensive and luxurious brand has intertwined with the aesthetics of an inexpensive film about a not-so-luxurious life. It turned out at least interesting, albeit controversial.


My First Woman's Day

This is not an advertisement, but a video dedicated to International Women's Day, in which transgender model Valentina Sampaio talks about herself. The fact that a conventionally beautiful girl has changed her sex, the audience will find out only at the very end - and this is the most accurate way to clearly show what acceptance is. While this kind of social initiative seems like a natural fit for a large brand, it's important to keep context in mind. The video was created in Brazil by a local advertising agency, and Valentina became one of the few representatives of the LGBT community who received the right to speak - in general, the situation in the country is deplorable. The ad was watched and discussed for quite some time.

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