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Bookmark: Site About "unethical" Films The Rotten Apples
Bookmark: Site About "unethical" Films The Rotten Apples

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Rotten apples

The Rotten Apples website was launched in December in response to numerous accusations of harassment and violence in Hollywood that began late last year and continue to this day. This is a database of films and TV series, in which you can find out whether people accused of violence and harassment were involved in the creation of a movie or a show: actors, screenwriters, producers and directors. For example, all parts of the Harry Potter films pass the test, but "The Lord of the Rings" does not, because it was produced by the Weinstein brothers.

"The purpose of the site is to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in film and television, and to make ethical media consumption easier and more accessible," said the authors of The Rotten Apples. "But this site in no way condemns projects entirely because of the fault of the creators." The authors of the project emphasize that the database is imperfect, but they try to quickly supplement it - and for each accusation of violence and harassment, sources indicate.

All this, of course, does not mean that films that received the label "rotten apple" (in Russian it is easiest to translate as "black sheep", which, according to the proverb, spoils the whole herd), must be boycotted. Any movie and TV series is handled by a team of people, which includes not only actors, directors and producers - and in some cases, as, for example, when working on the series "House of Cards", several people working on the project become victims of harassment. The main goal of the site is to tell you about the scale of the problem and give you an informed choice: do you decide not to watch the movie, or do you still want to do it, keeping in mind new facts about those who worked on the film.

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