Silk Hair Ties That Everyone Wants

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Silk Hair Ties That Everyone Wants
Silk Hair Ties That Everyone Wants
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Against the background of the fact that trendsetters are gradually becoming not glossy publications, but instagram bloggers, a whole pool of brands has appeared, whose products look especially attractive in the camera lens. One of these is the American brand Donni, which offers a full range of Instagram artifacts - from crystals to geometric printed pillows. But the real hit of the brand is silk scarves and elastic bands worn by influencers on both sides of the ocean. Users claim that rubber bands, reminiscent of classic ponytail scrunchies, are sold out in a matter of hours - and this is at a minimum price of $ 38. True, right now in the official store for the brand, out of the whole variety of the palette, only one color is available.

Even if the luxury hair scrunchy segment does not appeal to you, we advise you to read how the editors of NY Mag feel about fancy scrunchies, since expensive hair accessories have already become a noticeable phenomenon in fashion.

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