State Duma Softened The Law On Holding Film Festivals

State Duma Softened The Law On Holding Film Festivals
State Duma Softened The Law On Holding Film Festivals
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At a plenary session held on Wednesday, the State Duma supported a project that proposes mitigating amendments to the law on showing films at international film festivals without a rental certificate. According to TASS, such an initiative was made by the chairman of the Duma Committee on Culture Elena Yampolskaya and a group of her supporters. At the same time, the amendments themselves, which toughened the rules for holding festivals, were introduced only in July this year - then many independent film distributors spoke sharply about this measure, considering it an attempt by the state to introduce censorship.

“A number of festivals, primarily retrospectives, faced the need to acquire contests and juries, which they never had, the competitive story is not about them,” Yampolskaya said during her performance. The new amendments imply not only the rejection of the jury and the competition program, but also an increase in the maximum number of screenings of one film from two to five times, and the duration of the film festival itself - from ten to fifteen days.

At the same time, according to Yampolskaya, screenings should last at least three days in order to avoid the situation of "one-day festivals, when you can show anything and call it a festival." However, an exception will be made for museums and exhibition complexes if the show is held for cultural and educational purposes.

Let us recall that amendments to the Law "On State Support of Cinematography of the Russian Federation" were made in July this year. They concerned, among other things, obtaining a distribution certificate for both film festivals and one-time retrospectives.

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09.11.2018. As reported on the official website, the State Duma in the third reading adopted the amendments that were introduced by the Committee on Culture at the suggestion of Elena Yampolskaya. The changes will affect Art. 5 and 5.1 and will establish a new procedure for obtaining a rental certificate for films.

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