10 Russian Brands Where You Can Find A New Year's Outfit

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10 Russian Brands Where You Can Find A New Year's Outfit
10 Russian Brands Where You Can Find A New Year's Outfit
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Waiting for the new year holidays we searched the collections of local brands in search of items for different tastes and wallets. We offer a selection of designer names, in the collections of which you can find dresses and sets for the New Year - both very elegant and calmer.

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Not all Russian designers prepare special collections for the holidays - often this is not necessary, since the assets of domestic brands have enough dresses, both simple and unusual. In search of a laconic but sensual outfit, you can look into the store of the St. Petersburg brand My812: light dresses with sleeves and slip dresses made of silk and viscose can appeal to those who are looking for a beautiful thing that can be worn outside the holidays.


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The design duet of Alisa Ushakova and Nino Shamatava has released a special line for the New Year, inspired by Parisian vintage shops. The collection includes lace dresses, pink velvet robes, silk kimonos and complementary peplum tweed skirts. The only thing: almost all products are made of synthetic materials, so we advise those who are sensitive to polyester to read the composition carefully.


The ideologist of the brand Vera Kholmova decided to go against the tide: in her opinion, domestic designers pay too much attention to universal silhouettes and neutral basic things. Her subordinate Sorelle has a deliberately feminine aesthetic inspired by the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s runway style, opting for bold fabrics and figure-flattering cuts. The brand is good at dresses - mini and maxi, with asymmetrical details, tight draperies and voluminous sleeves. Those who find the degree of romanticism too high can pay attention to jackets with a strict shoulder line, which look solemn, but are also suitable for weekdays.


The St. Petersburg-based designer brand produces collections of fun office wear. Developing models for New Year's parties, Natalya Polunina and her team decided to support the spirit of power dressing and relied not on dresses, but on trouser suits. Made of pure white viscose, they imitate a tuxedo and leave room for styling: the suit can be worn over a naked body or a shiny top, complemented with noticeable embellishments or not overloaded with additional details.


The aesthetics of the Moscow brand Otocyon unite romance and comfort. This is the case when dresses allow you to look spectacular and feel comfortable - just like in your favorite pajamas. An excellent option for home (and not only) holidays - a voluminous powdery maxi dress made of cotton velvet; or a more elegant model - a textured silk sundress that outlines the figure like a corset, but remains plastic thanks to elastic threads.


The young Moscow brand Tonkilled works in a delicate manner, preferring a universal palette, expensive natural materials and catchy accents that make every thing special. For New Years, their collection had tiny gold-colored combinations, cream-colored blouses tied at the chest, and zip-up dresses - all made from natural silk; and also - woolen dress-jackets with an English collar.


Onoma can hardly be called a clothing brand - it is more of an art workshop, where the ideas of two designers, Inna and Sandra, are embodied. Girls create "invisible" mesh dresses, on which delicate embroideries and appliqués are applied in the form of outlines of female figures.Sometimes layers of mesh are overlapped or combined with opaque materials - in each case, the dress is transformed into a small work of art. For those who want to experience the beautiful, but not ready to buy a dress, Onoma has accessories: the finest embroidered scarves and surreal mesh masks that can transform the simplest outfit.


Designer Lesya Paramonova needs no introduction: having become a pioneer of a new romantic wave, she creates emotional clothes inspired by her own fantasies. In the new LES ’collection you can find“medieval”dresses with removable sleeves and hand embroidery, velvet caftans with mystical patterns, voluminous quilted skirts and spectacular additions: embroidered belts and small decorated vests.


The Moscow brand Nebo focuses on dresses, and they are quite diverse here: from silk combinations cut along the side to complex silhouette models. In addition, designer Olesya Shipovskaya uses a wide range of colors, so the search for a hot pink, lemon yellow, coral or blue dress can be completed in the brand's Moscow studio. Alternatives to traditional outfits include multicolored pantsuits, 1980s style jacket dresses with contrasting details, or, if you need something warmer, coat dresses.

Pe for girls

The commercial line of sisters Yulia and Alisa Ruban consists mainly of understandable basic things, and for the New Year it is supplemented with more solemn models. Among the latter are dresses made of dark velvet, elongated and cropped, sparkling disco dresses with one sleeve and spacious, but also shiny caftans - in a word, a classic that does not require much thought on the image. By the way, the materials with glitter are based on viscose, so it will most likely be quite comfortable in things.

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