Link Of The Day: Brian Singer's Teen Sexual Abuse Investigation

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Link Of The Day: Brian Singer's Teen Sexual Abuse Investigation
Link Of The Day: Brian Singer's Teen Sexual Abuse Investigation
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We see this image of Singer - an unstable and unbalanced person who surrounded himself with vulnerable teenage boys, many of whom have lost touch with their family. Their stories hint that Singer was not acting alone; he was helped by friends and acquaintances who brought young people to him. An industry where production gains provide enormous power also helped him, albeit not so directly: many of our sources asked to remain anonymous because they feared for their careers, even though they were horrified by the actions they witnessed.

"Nobody Is Going to Believe You," The Atlantic

The Atlantic published an investigation into "Nobody Is Going to Believe You", dedicated to the director of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (he was fired a few weeks before the end of filming, and the work was finished by Dexter Fletcher), "Suspects" and several parts of "X-Men" Brian Singer. In it, four men talk publicly for the first time about their relationship with Singer when they were underage: some of them had sex with Singer, others say they were victims of harassment and violence. The incidents took place in the late nineties, but the men did not tell anyone about them for many years - for each of them, the collision with Singer became traumatic and led to dire consequences. The authors of the material claim that the director was often helped to get to know the boys - many specially brought underage young people to him in order to gain trust and get closer; often these acquaintances took place at parties hosted by Singer's friends (one of them, Mark Collins-Rector, was convicted of sexual abuse of minors).

Singer himself denies all accusations (that the material is being prepared, he said back in October) and connects the time of publication with the success of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the box office. These are not the first such accusations against the director: for example, a few years ago, two men filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of sexual abuse when both were minors. Both cases were later dropped. Anonymous sources in the material also say that there were many more victims of Singer, but not everyone is ready to talk about it openly.

The material has a difficult fate. It was supposed to go to Esquire (authors Alex French and Maximillian Potter worked on it for a year and interviewed fifty sources), but after the text was edited, the executives of the publishing house Hearst canceled the publication. As a result, the text was published in The Atlantic.

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