How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Blowing Up American Politics

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How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Blowing Up American Politics
How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Blowing Up American Politics
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If politics were like weekly pop chartsAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York congresswoman who almost no one knew about for another year, would easily win the first place in them today - she is still called a former bartender and waitress in the news. At the age of 29, becoming the youngest woman elected to the US House of Representatives, a representative of democratic socialists (the wing that nominated Bernie Sanders for the 2016 presidential election - Cortez took part in his campaign, and now may well be considered his rightful heir) has already entered her name into history. But she was clearly not going to limit herself to this symbolic record.

In the very first month of her activity in the Congress, Cortez managed to declare two crusades - against poverty and global warming. And she is not at all embarrassed that in her native country she is treated like Baron Munchausen, who had a war with England in his daily schedule for four o'clock in the afternoon. When asked by TV presenter Stephen Colbert, "On a scale from zero to anything, how much do you *** about those who tell you to slow down?", She laughs and replies: "Zero." And he recalls that Martin Luther King was once considered an extremely controversial figure and a marginal.

Cortes is building up his own reputation as a heretic and troublemaker by leaps and bounds. Now she is intimidating major financiers at the Davos Forum with proposals to raise the tax for wealthy compatriots (specifically: to raise it to 70 percent for everyone whose annual income exceeds $ 10 million) and declares that for people of her generation, the fight against global warming should become “World War II war ":" Millennials, people from generation Z and all those guys who come after us, look and say: "The world will end in twelve years if we do not deal with the problem, and your main question now is what price will we pay for it ? ".

Ocasio-Cortez's big break came last June when she sensationally won the Democratic primaries in New York. The word "sensational" does not quite accurately convey the scale of the surprise: Cortez won an election in which bookmakers estimated her chances as 18 to 1 - something that has never happened before in the recent history of American politics.

In Ocasio Cortez, a man hardened by controversy is discernible

on twitter and ready to beat

with rivals on their own field

At the same time, which is characteristic, not only her personal rating increased, but also interest in her ideas: according to Merriam-Webster's measurements, after her victory, the number of searches for the word "socialism" increased by 1500 percent. Socialist initiatives form the core of the Cortez program. In her opinion, "the system that allows people to become billionaires is immoral." depression? " And of course, with such an agenda, she was immediately included in the lists of socially dangerous demagogues who encroached on the very essence of the American dream: the conservative economist Ben Stein even compared her with "Hitler, Stalin and Mao", stating that her ideas "lead to mass murder, dictatorship and genocide”.

The US political establishment continues to treat Ocasio-Cortez as an urban holy fool and calls not to react to her attacks. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, commenting on the congresswoman's eschatological forecast, said: “I don’t think we should listen to her opinion on any issues - in particular, what is under the jurisdiction of much higher authorities - and certainly not a newly elected congresswoman to speculate about when the end of the world will come."

But it is not so easy to dismiss Ocasio-Cortez, a person tempered by controversy on Twitter and ready to fight with rivals on their own field is guessed in her. Do you appeal to the divine principle and the Bible? Okay, here are some quotes from Genesis and Leviticus to support my position on ecology.Cortez, who, unlike her older colleagues, discovered Twitter around the same time she entered politics, understands the power of social media. In them, if the wars for the presidency are not won (although some commentators in the United States seem to still seriously believe that Trump was brought to power by Kremlin trolls who took advantage of loopholes in Facebook algorithms), then influence is won. There are 2.6 million followers on Cortez's Twitter now, and even if you subtract inactive users and bots, there will still be an audience not much lower than a television audience - and not working with it is simply shortsighted. More importantly, Cortez knows who he is talking to, and in his rhetoric, he easily screws pop-cultural references - for example, to the Spice Girls.

According to recent polls, three quarters of American Democrats would readily vote

for Ocasio-Cortez

in the presidential election

In times of political instability - and in the United States, where the government has suspended activities after failing to agree on a budget for 2019, now is just such a moment - the rostrum is often intercepted by eccentrics or simply atypical characters tearing the template. And Ocasio-Cortez, with her model of socialism, fits this description, but this is only one of the reasons for the rise in her popularity. Another is that the lively Bronx native is simply not like the politicians of the previous wave and may well become a role model for the next wave.

According to recent polls, three quarters of American Democrats, both party and non-systemic sympathizers, would readily vote for Ocasio-Cortez in the presidential election. This poll is purely speculative: due to its age, Alexandria cannot take part either in the next elections or in the next (it will turn 35 years old only in October 2024). But it shows that a substantial part of the electorate is hungry for the new type of politician, even if it does not share all their ideas. On some intuitive level, they are more credible.

It is too early to talk about the presidential ambitions of the congresswoman, and not only because of her age. Bernie Sanders' example shows that the ideas of socio-economic equality are not very popular even when the favorites of the presidential election have a negative trust rating. But if a woman is ever elected president in the United States, it is more likely that she will not be someone like Hillary Clinton, but someone like Ocasio-Cortez.

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