Lana, Cedar, Rihanna, Charli XCX: 19 Most Anticipated Albums Of

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Lana, Cedar, Rihanna, Charli XCX: 19 Most Anticipated Albums Of
Lana, Cedar, Rihanna, Charli XCX: 19 Most Anticipated Albums Of

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The musical 2019 began cheerfully: new albums in mid-January were released by Maggie Rogers, Sharon Van Etten, James Blake, rapper Future and the band Deerhunter. But - and this is nice - there are still eleven months and dozens of interesting releases ahead. Here are the nineteen records that fans are looking forward to the most.

Text: Christina Sarkhanyants




Release date: January 30

After last year's attempt to release an album - a manifesto of a generation, which the disc "Ways Inscrutable" obviously did not become, Face promised to record a whole mixtape of "chanson-rap". How chanson-rap sounds according to Ivan Dryomin can be understood from the recently released singles “WOOF” and “SOUTHSIDE BABY”, in which Face dissays his colleague L'One and “Muz-TV Prize”.


Mac Sima Haze

"Black Dawn"

Release date: 1st of February

The rapper from Kirovo-Chepetsk first appeared on the radars of thematic blogs and media last winter. Then they wrote more about him in the context of his unusual state of health for a musician - from the age of fourteen, the guy gradually loses his hearing. This does not prevent him from continuing to work and dreaming of recording the track “with Monetochka on the chorus. To have such post-apocalyptic Soviet music. A sad song with drive. " Actually, many tracks by Mac Sim Mgl can be described in this vein, including the title single from the debut full-length album "Black Dawn", released in early February.



What Chaos Is Imaginary

Release date: 1st of February

Duo Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad Girlpool release their third album. “I wrote these songs during the most terrible period of my life,” says Tividad of “What Chaos Is Imaginary”. “I lived far from the place that I consider home, did not take care of myself … And no matter what I did, I found myself in situations that, on the emotional, spiritual and physical level, could be regarded as dangerous.” Harmony calls the title track of the album an attempt to re-start a relationship with a world in which she could find the illusion of security and the belief that she can take care of herself.


Ariana grande

thank u, next

Release date: 8 february

The previous album of one of the main pop singers of the moment, Ariana Grande, released in 2018, Sweetener, became for the singer in a sense an attempt to reflect and survive the terrorist attack that happened right during her performance on May 22, 2017 at the Manchester Arena. which killed 23 people. "Thank u, next" owes its very appearance to another tragedy in Grande's life - the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and the wave of hate that hit Ariana in this regard on the Web (many Miller fans are sure that the breakup pushed the rapper to depression and suicide with Grande). The video for the title single - the perfect pop anthem for the end of a relationship - scored 69 million views in the first 24 hours after publication. So far, this is an absolute YouTube record.



Sucker punch

Release date: March 8

One of the major discoveries of the past year, singer Sigrid is releasing her debut album and preparing to share the throne with young Scandinavian queens: Swedish Lykke Li and Danish MØ. Northern pop generally feels great (which is one comeback last year after Robin's eight-year hiatus with excellent "Honey"). We are waiting for Sigrid with her lively hymn songs and heartfelt ballads at summer European festivals.


The Comet Is Coming

Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery

Release date: March 15th

And here is the main discovery and the brightest and most uncompromising young jazz star - Shabaka Hutchings. A British saxophonist and clarinetist of Barbados origin, who played with Sun Ra Arkestra, Floating Points, Mulatu Astatke and Heliocentrics, Hutchings has time to tour with three of his own bands at once (Sons of Kemet, Shabaka and The Ancestors and The Comet Is Coming), as well as stirring up the audacious London jazz scene - which is what was released under his supervision last year's collection "We Out Here". In The Comet is Coming, Hutchings crosses jazz with electronica, funk and psychedelic rock. It turns out that still a brew - be sure to familiarize yourself.


Lana del rey

Norman fucking rockwell

Release date: unknown

Lana Del Rey's sixth studio album is being produced by Jack Antonoff - Grammy Award-winning man behind Taylor Swift's 1989 and Reputation, Lorde's Melodrama and Masseduction St. Vincent, that is, for almost every important pop record of this decade. A first glimpse of what his alliance with the main pop singer of the 2010s will turn out to be with three singles from the upcoming album: Mariners Apartment Complex, Venice Bitch and Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have - But I Have It ".


Run the jewels

Run the jewels 4

Release date: unknown

Run the Jewels duo rocked listeners for the first time

in 2013 with his eponymous debut and since then has released numbered albums almost every year (RTJ2 - in 2014, RTJ3 - in 2016). But RTJ4 had to wait for three whole years: in 2017–2018 El-P and Killer Mike were actively touring and practically did not appear in the studio, they only recorded one track for the soundtrack to Venom, which was released last year. Well, it's time to catch up. On the new disc, the duo promises us dirt, dampness, harsh reading according to the current agenda and quality. In general, everything is as usual.


Kanye west


Release date: unknown

Last year, Kanye was a lot, even indecent a lot: he either decided to write a book about photography, then announced the launch of his own program of affordable housing, then supported Trump, then talked about his fight against bipolar disorder, then released jewelry, then announced the creation of a line cosmetics … He also released a duet with Kid Cudi "Kids See Ghosts" and produced several striking recordings of 2018, including the rapper Pusha T's album "Daytona", which was recognized by many critics as the best. But behind all this media forest, his own scanty West's album "Ye", and the promised "Yandhi" by the fall never came out. We can only hope that now we will hear it.

Not yet announced

kedr livanskiy

“Right now we are shooting a video for a new song, and it will be the best video ever,” Yana Kedrina, aka kedr livanskiy, writes in her public on VKontakte, and promises to release a new album this spring. Last year Yana toured America and Europe on a big tour, her previous album Ariadna (2017) was warmly received by English-speaking music critics.

Frank ocean

Almost nothing is known about Frank Ocean's new album: in 2018, the performer broke the silence just a couple of times, for example, to share with the public his cover of Henry Mancini's pop standard "Moon River", which was first played in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", or to praise Travis Scott's Astroworld album. Last November, the 31-year-old performer posted on his blog an alleged quote from an unpublished interview, in which he said that he had recorded his own disc before he turned thirty, but simply did not release it. At the same time, Ocean's previous, second studio album "Blond (e)" was released in 2016. And recently, Frank also opened his Instagram. Something is coming.

The cure

Jokes about the new The Cure album among fans and music lovers are akin to jokes about the next Tool studio album: both here and there for ten years we have been fed breakfast, hints, mysterious smiles and nods. But now, it seems, for sure: the new album by Robert Smith & Co. will be with us at the latest at the end of March, and in the spring and summer the group will go on a big tour, including with headliner slots for festivals. The Cure will also come to Russia - for the second time in its 40-year history. Needless to say that, despite their venerable age, the musicians have not lost a drop of enthusiasm and charm and play for a good three hours each time, like the last time?


In an interview with Vogue magazine in June, Rihanna revealed that she is working on a reggae-style album with help from Jamaican producers such as Supa Dups, Kranium and Chronixxx. As for the rest, the singer has not yet spread about the disc. Probably, such a noticeable break between the recordings (Rihanna's previous full-length album "ANTI" was released in 2016) was influenced by her active work on the launch of her own brands of lingerie and cosmetics, which Ri was involved in in 2017-2018.


The third studio album, A Seat at the Table in 2016, was a long-awaited breakthrough for Solange Knowles: corny, but yes, the most talented R'n'B- and soul singer has finally got out of the shadow of her older sister.The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and hit all sorts of lists of the best releases of the year. Continuations from Solange have already been expected

in 2018, but recorded in Jamaica, California and Louisiana (in New Orleans), the album took a little longer. As a result, the release will take place this year, Solange promises to give jazz and include an electronic rhythm section in the soundtrack.

Tame impala

Another comeback that listeners were hoping for in 2018 is Australians' Tame Impala. Their latest album to date, Currents, came out in 2015, and after a tour that took almost the entirety of 2016 to support it, news from Kevin Parker and his team was rare and not exactly hopeful. This year, Tame Impala has been headlining the American Coachella as well as a number of major European festivals. Parker assures fans that the album will be released before the start of the summer festival season.


Sleater-Kinney are back after a four-year hiatus with an album produced by Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent. “We were definitely planning to go back to the studio, the only question was when we did it,” guitarist Carrie Brownstein told NPR. Sleater-Kinney was not informed about exactly when the disc will be released, but judging by the fact that they have not yet been announced in any of the lineups of major European festivals, and there are no dates for the group's solo tour either, it will most likely have to wait until autumn.

Charli xcx

On January 2, Charli XCX tweeted her New Year's resolution: “1. Record an album, 2. Release it. " The singer does not say anything else, she only teases that she will enter the territory of futuristic pop and, by sound, will strive for what her colleagues Sophie and A. G. Cook are doing.

Vince staples

Recently, Vincent Jamal Staples has been releasing an album a year (Big Fish Theory in 2017, FM!

in 2018), but his fans, it seems, is not enough. And the artist himself wants more, and this year he promises a record with a completely new sound for hip-hop.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig tortures his followers on Instagram: “The album will be called 'FOTB' (this is an abbreviation, that's the VW tradition) and will consist of 18 songs. I chose the name a few years ago. The recording lasts approximately 59 minutes. " Three months before release, the band plans to release six songs - two tracks each month. But this, Koenig notes in the same post, is not accurate.

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