From London To Hahn: 15 Interesting Books To Be Filmed In

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From London To Hahn: 15 Interesting Books To Be Filmed In
From London To Hahn: 15 Interesting Books To Be Filmed In

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Several of the film adaptations slated for last year, which we have already written about, will see the light only this year - for example, "Where have you disappeared, Bernadette?" with Cate Blanchett hitting the big screens on August 9, and a release date has yet to be announced for the film based on Sylvia Plath's book "Under the Glass". News about the filming of the long-awaited Goldfinch, Pet Sematary, and Artemis Fowl are on a regular basis, but besides them, many other interesting film adaptations are coming out in 2019. Let's talk in more detail about fifteen more books that will turn into films this year.

Text: Dina Klyuchareva


Three seconds

Anders Roslund, Børge Hellström

Premiere: March 21

An action-packed crime drama in the best traditions of dark Scandinavian thrillers by the creative duo of a TV journalist and a rehabilitation specialist for ex-prisoners. Pete Hoffman, an undercover Swedish police officer, after many years of working for the Polish mafia, is forced to infiltrate a prison for the most dangerous criminals as a prisoner in order to stop the drug trade organized there. When his plan almost fails, brilliant and indefatigable detective Grens is taken to help Hoffman. Plunging into the case, he discovers that the highest circles of power are involved in the criminal business.

The double agent is played by Yuelle Kinnaman from Altered Carbon and Murder; in addition to him, Rosamund Pike, Common, Clive Owen and Ana de Armas starred in the film. The plot of the film adaptation is based on the novel, but in some key points it differs markedly from the original: the tape was renamed "Informator", the action was transferred from Stockholm and Poland to the outskirts of New York, and Kinnaman's hero is not an operative at all, but a former criminal.


One meter apart

Rachel Lippincott, Mickey Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis

Premiere: April 18th

A touching melodrama about adolescents suffering from cystic fibrosis based on a real story, desperately reminiscent of the book "The Fault in the Stars" by John Green. Seventeen-year-old Stella is in the queue for a lung transplant and cannot maintain close contact with others so as not to catch a virus or bacterium, which automatically means a medical withdrawal from a life-saving operation. Her life full of limitations passes between the room at home and the hospital ward, and in order not to get bored, Stella leads a video blog in which she talks about her sorrows and joys. Once she meets Will - he has the same diagnosis, but his dreams are completely different. Will can't wait to come of age to get out of the hospital walls and live as long as he is destined by fate - but to the fullest. Exhausted by illness and loneliness, teenagers are drawn to each other, and the "safety meter" - the distance that they must maintain in order not to catch someone else's potentially fatal microflora - turns from a precautionary measure into a punishment.

The Russian edition of the book comes out on the eve of the film. The film adaptation was starred by Internet darling Cole Sprouse from Riverdale and Haley Lou Richardson (Split), and was directed by Justin Baldoni, better known as Raphael from The Virgin Jane.



Reedian Brooke

Premiere: 25th of April

A romance novel about the private life of a family in post-war Germany, which raises questions of loyalty, conscience and the ability to forgive. 1946, British officer Lewis Morgan is appointed governor of ruined Hamburg and settled in a luxurious mansion on the banks of the Elbe. The house is home to its former owner, German architect and widower Lyuber, with his young daughter. Morgan's wife Rachel is horrified at the thought that she will have to live under the same roof with a representative of the enemy nation.But according to the laws of melodrama, she and Lyuber have much more in common than it seems at first glance, and a forbidden passion flares up between the heroes.

The film adaptation was executive produced by Ridley Scott, the couple was played by the queen of costume films Keira Knightley and Jason Clarke ("Man on the Moon", "Everest"), and Alexander Skarsgard was called to the role of the fatal blonde.



Anna Todd

Premiere: 9th May

“A vanilla version of Fifty Shades of Gray” is how author Anna Todd describes this book herself, which has grown from a forum fanfic about the members of One Direction into an international bestseller with thousands of copies. The plot really almost completely duplicates the books of E.L. James, except that adjusted for the younger age of the characters, but with the same immersion in the abyss of sex and codependent relationships. The naive girl Tess encounters the attractive bad guy Hardin in the dorm (an allusion to One Direction lead singer Harry Styles). Hardin has tattoos, piercings, a dark past and an obsessive habit of manipulation, and Tess has an overly positive boyfriend and an overbearing mother, from whose pressure the heroine wants to get rid of.

Readers' responses to the book are diametrically different: from “ideal guilty pleasure” to “just another rubbish about abuse”. The film adaptation stars Peter Gallagher and Selma Blair, and the role of Tess went to Josephine Langford, the younger sister of Catherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why.

Also announced

The sun is also a star

Nikola Jun

Premiere: June 13

Nominally, a teenage novel in reality is addressed to readers of any age - it raises difficult issues of attitudes towards migrants, interracial love and vocation. Natasha, the daughter of Jamaican parents, has been living in the States since childhood and dreams of pursuing science. But her family is threatened with deportation - the heroine has exactly one day to find a way to stay in America. Daniel is also a descendant of immigrants - the son of strict Korean parents, who have long had a well-defined plan for his life: a career as a lawyer or doctor, a Korean wife from a decent family and a cozy house in the suburbs.

The pragmatic Natasha believes in physics and chemistry, while the romantic Daniel believes in poetry, fate and love. It would seem that these two characters may have in common - but the universe knows better, and it pits teenagers on the streets of New York in order to radically change the lives of both. The film adaptation of the same name is directed by Ri Russo-Young, who previously worked on the series Bitterness and Sucks! And starring Yara Shahidi from Black-ish and Riverdale alumnus Charles Melton.

The woman in the window

A.J. Finn

Premiere: October 24

Another chilling thriller in the genre of "unreliable storyteller" - the twin of Hitchcock's "Yard Window", the half-brother of "The Girl on the Train" Paula Hawkins and the nephew of "Gone Girl" Gillian Flynn.

Anna Fox, a psychologist and Ph.D., suffers from PTSD and agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). She lives as a recluse in her New York apartment, sips wine all day, takes pity on herself, watches old movies and spies on the life of her neighbors. Everything changes when, one day, watching through the camera at the ideal Russell family from the house opposite, Anna notices something shocking and decides to get to the truth on her own.

Despite the rather predictable plot, the film adaptation promises to be interesting, the project was directed by Joe Wright ("Dark Times", "Anna Karenina"). The main character is played by Amy Adams, who is clearly good at playing the roles of women with a difficult fate, and her impeccable neighbors are Julianne Moore and Gary Oldman.

The Rhythm Section

Mark Burnell

Premiere: November 22

A bit old-fashioned, but no less dynamic spy thriller in the manner of "Her Name was Nikita". After the death of her family in a plane crash, Stephanie Patrick's life turns into a nightmare: she slides to the social bottom, mired in drugs, alcohol and sex work.But at a critical moment, the situation unfolds 180 degrees: Stephanie is recruited by the secret British intelligence service. Now she herself hunts those who are guilty of the death of her loved ones, in the process trying on a variety of guises - from a German anarchist to a Swiss businesswoman. Released back in 1999, the book turned out to be prophetic: Burnell predicted quite accurately how the terrorists would arrange the crash of a plane full of passengers - which happened two years later.

Blake Lively, Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown (Randall from This Is Us) will star in the film adaptation of the same name. There are four books in the series about the adventures of Stephanie Patrick - there is a chance that with the right luck, the film will turn into a successful franchise like the stories about Jason Bourne.

Little women

Louise May Alcott

Premiere: December 25

Little Women, another classic of American children's literature about the adventures and growing up of the four young March sisters, has been screened even more often than Call of the Wild: seven times as feature films, four times as a TV series, and once as a musical. In the eighth film version, Greta Gerwig is in the director's chair, and the leading roles are played by an impeccable ensemble of actors: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Timothy Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Laura Durn and Louis Garrel.

In 2017, the BBC already had a successful TV adaptation of the first half of the novel, Gerwig decided to focus on the second part, which was published separately under the title "Good Wives" (and in Russia - "Little Married Women"). The March sisters learn about matrimonial values: Meg gets married, Laurie proposes to Jo, but she rejects it, and the pretty neighbor soon finds solace in her sister's arms. Florence Pugh, who plays Amy March, says in an interview that Gerwig has a special approach to character dialogue: "Greta's March girls speak very naturally - just like ordinary sisters communicate with each other in life."

Call of the ancestors

Jack London

Premiere: December 26

A good excuse to re-read the classics if you missed them as a child. On New Year's Eve, the seventh adaptation of The Call of the Ancestors is released - this time in live-action format (a hybrid of a cartoon and a movie). The action takes place in the Yukon during the gold rush. The good-natured dog Buck, a descendant of St. Bernard and a shepherd dog, lives with a wealthy family in California, but he is stolen and resold to the Klondike gold diggers, who re-educate him into a sled dog. Baku will have to change several masters, good and bad, to learn a lot about survival in the North, to show courage, devotion and rage more than once, to love and burn out the loss and eventually become the leader of a wolf pack.

Cast as per the selection: Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Omar Sy. The project was directed by Chris Sanders, who already has a ton of great animation work from Lilo & Stitch to The Croods and How to Train Your Dragon.

Not yet announced


Christine Hanna

Premiere: TBA

One of the top translated bestsellers of recent years about feminine courage and fortitude will finally see the big screen. The historical drama tells the story of the life of two sisters during the Nazi occupation of France. The restrained Vianne escorts her husband to the front, and then she has to let a German officer take over. Her young, impulsive sister Isabelle falls in love with a rebel and joins the Resistance. Each sister has her own personal war, and each is forced to make a daily choice between feelings and reason, make sacrifices and show courage.

The film will be the first full-length directorial work for Michelle McLaren, who shot episodes for the TV series "Deuce", "Breaking Bad", "Game of Thrones". Neither the release date nor the cast of the film has been announced yet, so it is likely (though not desirable) that the premiere of the film adaptation could shift to next year.

Rosie project

Graham Simsion

Premiere: TBA

Don Tillman is a serious man, professor of genetics, who has Asperger's syndrome. He has never been on a second date because he has difficulty with social rituals like traditional courtship. Tilman decides to find love through science and starts the "Wife" project: he develops a cunning questionnaire that will allow him to accurately select the other half. But, as you know, true love is a thing to which a rational approach is useless, so when Rosie meets on his way, who smokes, drinks, works in a bar, is always late everywhere and is the complete opposite of the image of an ideal wife, Tilman's clear plan goes ashes.

It is known that Ryan Reynolds will play the main role. There are no other details about the shooting of the film yet, so it is likely that the premiere scheduled for May 10 will be postponed until the fall.

Motherless Brooklyn

Jonathan Lethem

Premiere: TBA

A witty comic detective that Lethem considers his own program book and recommends to get acquainted with his work. Small business owner Frank Minna, the owner of a limousine rental service and a detective agency, keeps four adult orphans with developmental nuances under his wing. They help him with business, but when Frank dies from injury, their usual way of life collapses. One of Minna's pets, the neurotic Lionelle Essrog with Tourette's syndrome, becomes a detective himself, goes in search of the murderer of his patron and finds a solution rather in spite of than thanks to his abilities.

The film based on the book will be Edward Norton's second directorial work, and he will also play the ridiculous but stubborn Essrog. For the role of his patron Minna, Norton called Bruce Willis. The film also stars Willem Dafoe, Leslie Mann, Alec Baldwin and Bobby Cannavale.

P. S. I still love you

Jenny Hahn

Premiere: TBA

The sequel to To All the Boys I Loved, which was successfully filmed by Netflix last year. In the first part, the secret love letters of high school student Lara Jean fell into the hands of their addressees, and in the second part, the girl continues to disentangle the consequences of this misunderstanding. She did not expect that she would really fall in love with Peter, with whom she signed a contract about a fake relationship, but everything is going surprisingly well - until John Ambrose, Lara Jean's childhood friend, another of the recipients of her romantic messages, returns to the city. His unexpected appearance disturbs her feelings, and the idyll with Peter begins to crumble. Who will Lara Jean choose?

The main roles remained with the same actors - the charming Lana Condor and the radiant Noah Centineo, who suddenly became a superstar in teenage circles after the release of the film To All the Boys I Loved.

You are not to blame

Jennifer Niven

Premiere: TBA

A dramatic story of two teenagers on the verge of suicide. Theodore Finch and Violet Markey meet by chance at the top of the school chapel, where they climbed at the same time to end their suffering. Theodore is fascinated by the idea of ​​death, and he constantly comes up with ways to kill himself, but every time he is distracted by something. Violet's heart is broken after the death of her sister, and she counts the days until she leaves her hometown in order to get rid of the widespread reminders of loss. An unexpected meeting brings the guys closer together, and they become a ray for each other at the end of the tunnel, but will both of them live to see the finale?

The book was published in 2015 and immediately became a bestseller: written in witty language, it speaks out loud the important topics of the death of loved ones, psychological difficulties, loneliness and the loss of the meaning of life. Netflix is ​​filming, with Elle Fanning as Violet and Justice Smith from The Get Down as Theodore.

Mysterious garden

Francis Burnett

Premiere: TBA

Published back in 1911, this instructive and life-affirming book is still offensively unpopular in Russia.The heroine of the story is an English girl Mary Lennox, who was left an orphan when her parents died in the midst of a cholera epidemic in India. Capricious Mary moves to England to her uncle Archibald, but the uncle is strict, his mansion in dull Yorkshire is cold and empty, the housekeeper is stern, and strange howls and weeping are heard outside the walls. Mary makes friends among the servants and discovers that the estate has a mysterious garden, and in the other wing of the house lives her cousin, suffering from hypochondria, a child as lonely and dreaming of friends as she is.

In the film adaptation, Archibald's uncle is played by Colin Firth, Mrs. Medlock's housekeeper is Julie Walters (Billy Elliot, Brooklyn), and Mary is Dixie Egericks from The Little Stranger and Patrick Melrose. The film is scheduled for release in late autumn.

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