New Name: Gloomy Pop Star Billie Eilish

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New Name: Gloomy Pop Star Billie Eilish
New Name: Gloomy Pop Star Billie Eilish
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Video: Billie Eilish - NDA (Official Music Video) 2023, February

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Billie eilish

WHO IS IT: Billie Eilish Pyrat Baird O'Connell (yes, one of her names is "Pirate"), singer-songwriter who may soon rival Lorde

Speaking of Billie Eilish, first of all, her age is mentioned - the girl was fourteen when her first hit was released, and by the time of the publication of her debut album she will be only seventeen - but I think it will soon pass. The early start was not a surprise for the American woman herself, who grew up in a family where her parents were involved in music - almost more often than household chores (“When we were little, my father made mixtapes for us with songs by musicians from The Beatles to Avril Lavigne ", - recalls the singer) and older brother Finneas. The latter co-wrote and produced all of Billy's songs, including "ocean eyes", which became a ticket to the Interscope label, which has not lost its nose for newcomers.

And of course, Eilish is called the “new Lorde” (the current Lorde has already paid a compliment to her younger colleague) - the comparison, though lazy, is accurate in its own way: both, having started their careers at a young age, perform absolutely non-teen songs, the deceptive simplicity of pop combined with intricate production, and in the texts they find an unexpected perspective. So, the track "bury a friend", which served as the starting point for Billy's full-length debut album (it will be released on March 29), was written from the perspective of a monster hiding under the bed. A metaphor for growing up that is both frightening and tempting? Maybe. One way or another, it is already clear now that Eilish is not just another face for the cover of Teen Vogue, but an artist who will be interesting to follow.

"Bury a friend"

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