Natura Siberica Explained Non-existent Plants In Cosmetics

Natura Siberica Explained Non-existent Plants In Cosmetics
Natura Siberica Explained Non-existent Plants In Cosmetics

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Sakhalin ecologist in an interview with Sakhalin. Info”said that he found plants in the Natura Siberica hair balm that do not exist in nature. According to him, the names on the packaging have nothing to do with botany. So, in the composition of the cosmetic product, wild volcanic cloudberries, wild black Sakhalin cedar, wild red Japanese juniper and mountain Sakhalin burdock were indicated.

“There are two types of cloudberries in Sakhalin Oblast, they differ only in Latin names, there are no Russian names. Naturally, no volcanic berry exists. The wild black Sakhalin cedar is also complete wildness. There is no cedar at all in the Far East, only Korean cedar pine. In general, for the first time I hear about black cedar, as well as about wild red Japanese juniper. Mountain Sakhalin burdock - there is also no such species. Burdock does not exist in the mountains, in the garden or in some other way, it is one, ordinary, "- Alexander Solovyov, senior researcher of the natural science department of the regional museum of local lore, confirmed in a conversation with the publication.

At the same time, representatives of Natura Siberica explained the appearance of such plant names by the fact that they are guided by the name of the component by the area in which it was found. Therefore, cloudberries collected on volcanic soils receive a corresponding supplement, and burdock grown on the territory of mountainous terrain also becomes “mountainous”.

“[Wild harvest] we extract active herbal ingredients for Natura Siberica cosmetics, including oils and extracts for Natura Sakhalin balsam line. Some of them were mined on Sakhalin, and some - in Siberia, where we collect most of the natural raw materials and where our own production of extracts is located,”Vitaly Kozlenkov, PR Director of the company, told The Blueprint.

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