New Name: Alita: Battle Angel Star Rosa Salazar

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New Name: Alita: Battle Angel Star Rosa Salazar
New Name: Alita: Battle Angel Star Rosa Salazar
Video: New Name: Alita: Battle Angel Star Rosa Salazar
Video: Rosa Salazar's Audition Tape: Alita Battle Angel Special Features Interview Behind the Scenes 2023, February

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Rosa Salazar

Who is it: Canadian-American actress who starred in Robert Rodriguez's new sci-fi action "Alita: Battle Angel"

“Like Alita, I felt insignificant until I went on an introspective journey and discovered that I was really worth something and could achieve a lot” - for the leading role of Alita in the new film by Robert Rodriguez “Alita: Battle Angel” Roza Salazar's last year has been a truly breakthrough year. Ten years ago, when another high-profile project by James Cameron "Avatar" was released (Cameron is one of the screenwriters and producers of "Alita"), Salazar was not even an actress yet - at the age of fifteen, the girl ran away from home, finding refuge on the independent comedy scene … Over time, small television roles appeared in her life, which, in turn, led to participation in projects such as "American Horror Story", "The Maze Runner" and "Divergent".

However, the real popularity begins to come to the actress only now. Over the past three months with her participation, as many as three films have been released, all of which are on hearing: "The Teacher" with Maggie Gyllenhall, the Netflix super hit "Bird Box" and finally "Alita", in which she won the main role from Zendaya, Mikey Monroe and Bella Thorn. Now she has to return to her comedic roots and play a role in the new Amazon animated series "Undone" by the creator of "BoJack Horse" Rafael Bob-Waxberg. So you shouldn't write Rosa as an actress of the same genre: science fiction, comedy, horror - if the project is good, then Salazar accepts the challenge.

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