New Name: Dream Pop Singer Anna Of The North

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New Name: Dream Pop Singer Anna Of The North
New Name: Dream Pop Singer Anna Of The North
Video: New Name: Dream Pop Singer Anna Of The North
Video: Anna of the North - ‘Someone Special’, ‘Baby’ and 'Dream Girl' | NME Home Sessions 2023, February

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Anna of the north

WHO IS IT: Anna Lotterud, Norwegian singer who has collaborated with Tyler Creater and Reggie Snow

Although in recent years musical Norway has put on a stream of export of bright newcomers (from the latest examples - Sigrid and Aurora), in the case of Anna Lotterud, geo-referencing is not so important. She took up music already in Australia, where she moved to continue her studies in graphic design. And the minimalist dream-pop, which she records with producer Brady Daniel-Smith (in the strict sense of the word, Anna of the North is a duet), is so versatile that the singer's roots can only be found in her stage name and track titles ("Oslo") take her cover of Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U", which is not too different from her own melancholic songs.

Anna did not have a loud debut as such, but her first album "Lovers" did not go unnoticed: the title track made it to the soundtrack of the romcom "To All the Boys I Loved Before," and the singer herself appeared on the records of Reggie Snow and Tyler Creator and, in addition to among other things, she performed at last year's Afisha Picnic. The sequel is not far off - the lazy hymn to loneliness "Leaning on Myself" is already online.

"Leaning on Myself"

COVER: Instagram / annaofthenorth

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