Menstruation Documentary Won An Oscar

Menstruation Documentary Won An Oscar
Menstruation Documentary Won An Oscar
Video: Menstruation Documentary Won An Oscar
Video: Period. End of Sentence. | FULL FEATURE | Netflix 2023, February

For the first time in the history of the award, the Academy raised the important issue of stigmatization of menstruation in India and awarded director Raiku Zehtabchi for the best short documentary film Menstruation. No longer a sentence”(“Period. End of Sentence”).

The results of the Oscar ceremony held on Sunday were predicted long before the start of the presentation. However, the victory of this project was a real surprise for the filmmakers themselves. Raika Zehtabchi took the statuette to the stage together with producer Melissa Burton and the entire film crew. “I can't believe the menstrual film won the award,” she said during the ceremony.

The film follows a group of rural women working to develop financial independence and improve feminine hygiene, using technology to create pads at a lower cost. The film was directed by The Pad Project, which aims to provide menstrual products for women and girls living in regions with limited access to hygiene products.

You can watch the movie now on Netflix.

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