Where To Go In The Spring: 7 Places To Go For The Weekend

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Where To Go In The Spring: 7 Places To Go For The Weekend
Where To Go In The Spring: 7 Places To Go For The Weekend

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Spring gives out weekends and holidays like a real gambler - at first the weekend on March 8 appears with aces from the sleeve, then - a scattering of May holidays. And then there are many sunny weekends when you so desperately want to rush out of your hometown for the smell of distant countries. We have collected seven cities for fast-paced spring travel, which will help to replenish the piggy bank of impressions and not spend a month's salary on a weekend.

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How to get there: a night by train or an hour twenty by plane from Moscow, a round-trip ticket from 6 thousand rubles. You do not need a visa, you can travel with a Russian passport

An unafraid reserve of Soviet architecture - here filmmakers are filming "old Moscow", and foreigners are studying the Stalinist Empire style and constructivism. The power and spaciousness of Minsk is perfectly combined with the study of Belarusian cuisine: potato pancakes, machanka, sorcerers and mysterious heather await along with therapeutic prices. After wide avenues and monumental buildings, the ethnographic museum “Dudutki”, an hour's drive from the capital, will be perfect - there are old huts, a zoo, felting workshops with wicker weaving and tasting bacon with moonshine in the bar “Shynok”. To add volume and richness to the Belarusian travel, you can go to the Mir and Nesvizh castles for history and picturesque angles.




HOW TO GET THERE: a flight from Moscow costs from 12 thousand rubles one way. Schengen visa required

The embodiment of European romance with bridges, cries of seagulls and the smell of the sea at the mouth of the Elbe. There are over two thousand bridges here (hello Venice) and the legendary fish market (hello Bergen). The market is open only on Sundays, from five to nine in the morning, so you should start the day with it: buy a smoked eel, eat a sandwich with the most delicate herring and drink a light beer, like the regulars of the market. Hamburg is adorned with a splendid town hall and old churches, and the perfect backdrop for an Instagram picture can be found in the futuristic Speicherstadt warehouse district, where red-brick buildings rise out of the water.




HOW TO GET THERE: overnight on a high-speed train from Moscow or an hour twenty by plane. A roundtrip plane ticket costs about 4 thousand rubles, a compartment outside the tourist season will cost about the same

Volga, echpochmaks and mosques. Kazan strikes to defeat right in the center of the city - the domes with the stars of the Annunciation Cathedral echo the minarets of the Kul Sharif mosque. Bauman Street begins from the Kremlin - a favorite street with lanterns, historical mansions and cute city sculptures. There, the House of Tatar Culinary Arts is an ideal place to learn how to distinguish chak-chak from echpochmak and try an unusually sounding kystyby.

Authentic Kazan meets in the Old Tatar Sloboda, where Ivan the Terrible resettled local residents - with mosques, shouts of muezzins and squat houses of merchants with carved architraves. Here you can sign up for a master class on cooking chak-chak in the museum of the same name, and see the Turkic tradition of decorating houses in the painted houses on Kayum Nasyri Street. There are also more modern entertainment: the center of modern culture "Smena" and Lake Kaban. A trip to Kazan in terms of saturation is similar to a trip abroad - only without visas, passports and other fuss.




How to get there: flights from Moscow start at 18 thousand rubles. Schengen visa required

It was here that the delightful pasta bolognese, mortadella sausage, hearty lasagne were invented - this is how the city acquired the status of the culinary capital of Emilia-Romagna. It is also customary to say about Bologna that she is “learned” and “red”. "Red" - because around the red and orange roofs, terracotta houses and kilometers of arched galleries.From the ninety-seven meters of the Asinelli tower, Bologna looks like a pizza with a crispy crust of red roofs, which has been cut into quarters. "Scientist" - because here is located the oldest continuously existing university in Europe, where Petrarch, Durer and Copernicus studied.

This is an ideal city away from the tourist trails to feel the spirit of Italy: in the divine tortellini, which, according to legend, the local chef blinded in the shape of the beloved lady's navel, in the Basilica of San Petronio, which was supposed to surpass the Roman Cathedral of St. Peter, but the Pope caught himself in time and stopped the scope of the Bologna architects. And Bologna is also a convenient base for exploring the surrounding area: within an hour and a half by train - Venice, Florence, Ravenna, Parma and other destinations for an extended weekend.




How to get there: flights of different airlines from Moscow outside the hot season will cost you from 12 thousand rubles in both directions. Need a Cypriot e-Provision or open multiple Schengen

For a lazy, warm weekend, where the sights don't call “Look at me” at every corner - just the sea, seagulls and fresh strawberries. Well, there is also the Church of St. Lazarus in the center of the city: according to legend, here Christ raised Lazarus, and he preached in Cyprus for another thirty years. A heavenly place, so Lazarus can be understood. Larnaca has two beautiful embankments, and the life of the city passes on them: here they run, do yoga, admire yachts, alternate coffee and wine and explore local cafes for the most correct roasted halloumi. Join us - if you can't live by the sea, then you should at least periodically look at it.




How to get there: flights from Moscow - from 16 thousand rubles in both directions. Schengen visa required

The city is noisy and stormy, from the doorway it takes travelers by the hand and leads them into the thick of the centuries. Here antiquity, Byzantium and Turkish rule are so intertwined that one cannot figure it out without a cup of coffee. By the way, it was in Thessaloniki that the frappe was invented: instant coffee, sugar, water and ice, whipped in a shaker. The same is true for Thessaloniki: the ruins of the Roman forum, the Turkish defensive White Tower, the Byzantine Basilica of St. Demetrius.

Head to the “upper city” of Ano Poli for the most photogenic views of Thessaloniki, with steep staircases, powerful walls, Macedonian architecture and panoramic views. Food in Thessaloniki is a separate entertainment. Locals swear on the "Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece" that throughout Greece you will not find such a moussaka, souvlaki or grilled octopus. No wonder that Thessaloniki hosts street food festivals - in 2019, Thessaloniki Street Food Festival will be held from 17 to 19 May. And there is also the sea in Thessaloniki, and this in itself is already a reason for a trip.




How to get there: flight from Moscow from 20 thousand rubles in both directions. Schengen visa required

One of the most underrated European capitals, Ljubljana pleases with a toy size. It is commensurate with a short trip and does not leave the painful feeling of "oh, did not have time." You can get around Ljubljana in one day without using public transport. Climb to the Ljubljanski Castle to admire the city from above. Go down to the Triple Bridge, which fanned out along the banks of the Ljubljanica River. Visit the covered market for cheese and fruit. View the decoration of churches. Myasnitsky Bridge, Dragon Bridge - Ljubljana knows a lot about bridges and their names, and a river boat trip will allow you to view them from unusual angles. Another steep angle will be presented by the local skyscraper - the only one in Ljubljana, with the sweet name Nebotychnik. There is a small cafe on the upper platform to make it even more convenient to enjoy Ljubljana - to feel how time is slipping through your fingers and to be glad that you don't have to rush anywhere.

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