Soothe Inflammation: The Makeup Brands That People With Acne Invented

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Soothe Inflammation: The Makeup Brands That People With Acne Invented
Soothe Inflammation: The Makeup Brands That People With Acne Invented
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Text: Irina Kuzmicheva

We have already talked about acne-positive and supporters of this movement, who are not ashamed of the peculiarities of their skin and invite others to repeat after them. It is definitely not worth experiencing a feeling of embarrassment due to inflammation, but if you wish, you can try to cure acne - or reduce its manifestations. We found eight beauty brands whose founders have improved the well-being of their skin, as well as the skin of their customers, with the help of cosmetics.

Rosen skincare

Face Serum with 20% Vitamin C Bright Citrus Serum
Super Smoothie Cleanser

The founder of the brand, 22-year-old Jamika Martin, believes that acne is normal, as does the desire to get rid of it. The girl tried to cope with inflammation for many years, but even accutane (a form of vitamin A, a popular component of potent acne remedies) did not help. To create his own brand, Jamika had not only an excuse, but also a degree in economics from the University of California.

Rosen products are addressed to young consumers for whom austerity in composition and design is no less important than eco-responsibility. Rosen has products for scars, inflammation, oily skin and the glow that acne-prone skin often lacks. The division is rather formal, since there are few funds and almost all of them are universal. They also look great - like a bottle of berry fruit juice, the Super Smoothie Cleanser with powdered raspberries and strawberries.


Anti-Acne Solution
Anti-Acne Wash

Due to whiteheads, Jasmine, in her own words, constantly felt the annoying attention of others. For fourteen years, she tried, it seems, everything: expensive care, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and removal of inflammation with a laser. All to no avail, but in the process the girl found out which components improve the well-being of the skin and in what concentrations and proportions they should be used.

Now Jasmine is grateful for this experience and is happy to help others. After months of research and development, Skinlycious now has the Anti-Acne Bundle, a 3-step treatment for clogged pores, sebum secretion and inflammation. According to legend, Jasmine herself uses it. The brand has a few more basic assistants, and the website contains a list of comedogenic ingredients.

Clark's Botanicals

Intense Radiance Mask
Smoothing Marine Cream

Seventeen years ago, Francesco Clark quit his job as fashion assistant at Harper's Bazaar and went on vacation. Unsuccessfully jumping into the pool, he suffered a severe spinal injury. Damaging the central nervous system, Francesco lost the ability not only to walk, but also to sweat - this led to clogged pores, inflammation, rosacea and scaling on the face, back, chest. Then Francesco, together with his father and part-time doctor, did everything themselves - as a result of joint creativity, Francesco's inflammation went away.

In 2005, the Clark's Botanicals brand was able to try all the others. Now the brand has products for the skin of various conditions and ages, but the main task is still to restore its hydrolipid balance. The mission was entrusted with jasmine absolute, an essential oil with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is found in all face and body products such as the Skin Clearing Face and Body Wash. And in the Retinol Rescue Overnight night cream, retinol is also put to smooth out acne scars - you can apply it all over the body.


Peeling with acids No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant
Serum Bioluminelle Antioxidant Face Serum

Wendy Oriel had undemanding skin, so the woman's care consisted of one Sanskrin. By the time she was twenty-five, someone had convinced Oriel that it was time for anti-aging products, but they were the first to develop inflammation and redness. The acne remedy helped, but not for long.

Fortunately, Wendy was not only a victim of bad advice or poor care, but also a specialist in cell biology. After examining the reasons why the skin can have wrinkles and inflammation at the same time, Oriel came to the conclusion: her care contained substances that damage the skin and accelerate aging. Essential oils, artificial flavors, and alcohol provide the cream with a pleasant smell and texture, but do not help the skin. It is clear that they are not in the Oumere formulas. The main ingredients of all five products (cleansing, peeling, face serum, eyelid serum and sanskrin) are vegetable oils, extracts and acids. At the same time, they ask for $ 170 for the serum, most of which, obviously, went to the design, and it is unconditionally good.

Peter Thomas Roth

Acne Clearing Wash
Lotion-soaked cotton swabs, 20% Complex Glycolic Solutions Jumbo Peel Swab

Usually, when talking about the Peter Thomas Roth brand, they talk about family spa resorts in Hungary. It was the century before last, and it only reflected on the concept of the brand in the form of a nice myth - medicinal mud is now packed in every second can. But the skin condition of Peter Thomas Roth himself matters: he defeated adolescent acne, but does not hide the fact that a couple of inflammations a week still happen.

For everyone who is familiar with the situation, PTR has had a line of Acne Treatments for twenty years, with this care fresh inflammations go away faster, new ones appear less often. Instead of creams and serums, there are tiny transparent patches with 0.5% salicylic acid and Complexion Correction Pads exfoliant discs soaked in 10% glycolic acid, with 2% salicylic acid in them. The percentage of active ingredients is indicated on the package and helps to choose the right care: if the skin is prone to redness and flaking, you should start with a minimum dosage. Acne Treatments are more of a useful addition to basic care. It was conceived: Roth is not trying to sell the entire line in one hand, but offers to integrate one suitable product into his usual beauty schedule.


Raspberry Vinegar Toner
Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick

Priscilla Tsai worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, and since college, she knew firsthand what hormonal acne is. Then everything follows a familiar scenario. When many years of taking antibiotics did not help, Priscilla began to come up with recipes for the remedies on her own - and when they worked, she returned to her native San Francisco and launched production. Unlike many manufacturers of oil-free products for oily skin, Cocokind respects oils, especially the difficult ones: chia seeds, baobab seeds, and Inca Inchi.

Even five years later, Tsai designs and tests all the products herself. She claims that she makes sure that they comply with three principles: purity, mindfulness and affordable price (no more than $ 25). Priscilla herself uses Raspberry Vinegar Toner to regulate sebum production, a Turmeric Spot Treatment stick for inflammation, and a Chlorophyll Mask (recommended to be diluted with water, toner, yogurt or oil). Another reason to pay attention to the brand is that the company employs only women, even in the warehouse.

Ole Henriksen

Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator
Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser

At the age of nineteen, Ole Henriksen left a Danish village for Jakarta to work as a dancer and model, due to the climate change he developed cystic acne. A certain Lagita, an aestheticist and friend of Ole, cured his skin with folk Indonesian recipes, after which Henriksen switched from dancing to skin care.

After studying cosmetic chemistry, he opened the Ole Henriksen of Denmark Skincare Center in West Hollywood. He prepared creams and masks in the kitchen and brought them to the office on a bicycle. The celebrities of that time were not embarrassed by this detail, and in 1983 the Danish launched the home care brand of the same name. And so that the story with Jakarta does not repeat itself, it produces products for matting, sebum regulation and moisturizing (which is important, since skin with acne is often dehydrated due to care) - all in green packaging.

Austin Skin +

SulZinc Clay Mask
Cleanser Pro-B5 Wash

As a teenager, due to her skin condition, Karlie Pilar skipped parties, even several layers of foundation did not hide the inflammation. Carly grew up to be an aesthetic and opened the Austin Skin + Clinic, specializing in acne and more. If traveling to Austin, Texas is not part of your short-term plans, home care can be booked.

Although Pilar (like any doctor) recommends against self-medication and believes that there is no one-size-fits-all product for everyone, home care is designed with the needs of most in mind. To get acquainted with the system, Carly Pilar came up with the Acne Starter Kit - seven products in a travel format. There are no exotic ingredients in the list of ingredients, all the players of the basic composition: benzoyl peroxide, enzymes, "summer" acids (almond and lactic).

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