Link Of The Day: Isamaya Ffrench's Love Letter To Her Skin

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Link Of The Day: Isamaya Ffrench's Love Letter To Her Skin
Link Of The Day: Isamaya Ffrench's Love Letter To Her Skin

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Traces of acne, scars, tattoos, self-harm, injury, loss, bullying, illness, lack of sleep, childbirth, age, mental states - all this can be seen on your skin, and much can be seen on mine. It can be painful to accept that your actions and experiences remain a permanent emblem on the outer shell, visible to everyone. Your skin is part of what shapes you and your personality. Take a close look at your skin and remember the rich story it tells. It can be painful.

One side of my face is covered with scars. They are not very noticeable to my friends or the people I meet, but I know they are there. This gets worse with age, and as I get older, the scars become not only a neat reminder of my own mortality, but also a testament to the self-inflicted trauma that led to these marks.

Isamaya Ffrench: A Love Letter to My Skin, Dazed Beauty

The other day, the creative director of Dazed Beauty and makeup artist with an army of fans, Isamaya Ffrench, was able to surprise readers with a performance in an unusual genre: this is not another shot with transcendental makeup or an unusual collaboration, but a touching letter about a relationship with her body. In a short column, Ffrench explains why she decided on plasma therapy - one of the fashionable procedures that are usually perceived as an attempt to “look better”. She shares her thoughts that talking about the skin and any manipulations with it is most often perceived as something superficial, and then frankly writes about the scars covering the right side of her face: she learned and got used to hiding them, but realized that over time they turned into a heavy reminder of the past. The make-up artist believes that there is a deeply personal emotional component in the perception of the face and body, which is often forgotten - a good message to many of us.

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