Video Of The Day: Solange Music Film

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Video Of The Day: Solange Music Film
Video Of The Day: Solange Music Film

Video: Video Of The Day: Solange Music Film

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Video: Solange - Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique (Official Video) 2023, January

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Last Friday, singer Solange released her highly anticipated fourth album, "When I Get Home". Pharrell Williams, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Gucci Mane, Blood Orange, Sampha and many others took part in the recording of nineteen tracks. In addition to the album, the singer unexpectedly published a short film of the same name with herself in the lead role - she also acted as a director and editor. Solange was assisted by filmmakers Alan Ferguson, Terence Nance and Ray Tintori, as well as artists Otomne Knight, Jacolby Sutterwhite and Rob Pruitt, whose work can be seen in When I Get Home. In addition to the singer herself, the film found a place for a whole vehicle fleet with DeLorean, people on fire, a mysterious man on horseback, a woman welder and, of course, excellent dancing. Leisure for the evening is guaranteed.

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