Naadya Released A Video For The Song "Broken"

Naadya Released A Video For The Song "Broken"
Naadya Released A Video For The Song "Broken"
Video: Naadya Released A Video For The Song "Broken"
Video: nadia khan broken heart tiktok 2023, February

The group "Naadya" presented a video for the song "Broken", which was included in the second studio album "Oskolki". The main role was played by the actor of the theater "Gogol-Center" Ivan Fominov, and the kittens were provided by the animal rehabilitation center "Yuna". As the soloist of the group Nadezhda Gritskevich says, she was inspired by the story "Eugene" by Inga Shepeleva, who became the director of the video.

“I read Inga's story and was touched by it to the depths of my soul, and invited her to film a scene in which the hero finally understands that there is no turning back and then only empathy, only love, only hardcore. In my opinion, this moment ideally coincides with the message of the song - sometimes it seems to me that due to the abundance of violence and horror in the public space, we have an immunity to it, which in some strange way normalizes this horror. And the video turned out that everyone can afford to open up and live this short moment of absolute happiness,”she says.

“I have such a fantastic story where a man literally becomes a woman because he begins to feel the world, its deepest sadness. And there, at some decisive moment, kittens appear - and he regrets them with all the strength of his new soul, tries to somehow collect them all, take them with him. But only he no longer has hands, there is nothing, he disintegrates completely. And the kittens remain in the dust on the road. Nadya and I decided that the kittens are a great metaphor for that warm, maybe a little destructively warm tremor of our heart, all this eternal affection, in fact inherent in everyone, but which they are so afraid of,”said Inga Shepeleva.

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