Monobrands: 9 Niche Russian Clothing Brands

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Monobrands: 9 Niche Russian Clothing Brands
Monobrands: 9 Niche Russian Clothing Brands
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Shortening the path to success local brands limit their assortment and focus on a single product. This allows you to hone the quality of the product, and most importantly - to build a clear dialogue with the buyer, who is confused in the abundance of design proposals and who wants to get an answer to the question "where to find a specific thing." The creation of a monoproduct is a global trend supported by Russian designers as well. We will tell you which ones.

Text: Svetlana Paderina


quilted jackets

A brand from St. Petersburg that produces the only model of a quilted jacket in different shades and textures. Free volume and universal fit allow the jacket to be addressed to people of different genders and different physiques. In addition, Vatnique products are quite unpretentious in terms of weather conditions - they can be worn as a jacket, complete with a dress or jeans, or can be used in multilayer sets even at sub-zero temperatures.

The creators of the brand adhere to the principles of sustainable fashion, using vintage and stock (that is, left over from large industries) materials in their work and insisting on fair wages for the craftsmen. And social initiatives are also important for them: 10% of the cost of a jacket marked with a special sign - a red hanger - goes to the HIV Fund.


embroidered veil

“The brand appeared a year ago,” says Galina Rachko… - I was preparing for my own wedding, imagining a warm April day in a circle of loved ones and looking for a dress that conveys the mood of urban romance. I came across the Antrerobe brand that offers exactly what I wanted. But the image lacked ironic details, so I came up with a veil with colored embroidery, reminiscent of the moments of our relationship with the groom. For example, the house ferret was a guest of honor and helped to carry out the rings for the ceremony, so his portrait on the veil was a must! The guests were delighted. " The first collection, which included a veil and scarves for every day, Rachko made together with the designer of the Antrerobe and Bureau de Tricoti brands Galya Chepkina, hence the name: Gallina means “chicken” in Italian. Sketches for new subjects and the embroidery itself are created by the hands of the author of "Kurochek", then she asks for help from a seamstress who processes the edges of the products. No product is repeated, as each client asks to display her own special plot. Galina's plans for the future include a line of dresses and tops with embroidery in collaboration with other designers.


cotton panties

A completely new project that started with an extremely laconic idea: a mono-collection of simple white cotton panties designed "like in childhood". The brand was launched by Anya Shabalova, having previously received an education in the specialty of a clothing designer and worked for some time as a stylist. Comfortable and versatile 100% cotton underwear is made in one of the Russian factories and is sold at a reasonable price of 600 rubles per piece. The basic base of the panties is ideal for collaborations, one of which has already taken place: the artist Yulia Nefedova made multicolored embroidery-inscriptions for Matilda - the result was partly reminiscent of the funny embroidered panties of the French brand Henriette H.

Yes way fashions

clothes for sleep and relaxation

Yes Way Fashions is a chamber Moscow label of silk sleep masks and leisure wear. Behind him are Nelly Kim and Anastasia Ivanter, graduates of the London College of Fashion. Together, the girls are responsible for the entire cycle - from design to sales. “We are often asked: why home clothes? It all started when we were studying in London, - they say designers… - Tortured by endless deadlines and insomnia, we met at night in the kitchen to dream and discuss plans. And this time alone with yourself, away from the hustle and bustle, is very important for us.It's a shame when people don't pay much attention to their home clothes. We strive to make aesthetic things, in which not only it is comfortable to sleep, but also you can actively move, walk, relax and just enjoy life."

The girls admit that they have been developing sleep masks for the longest time, it was difficult to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. They were allowed to be tested by friends - as a result, several models went on sale, including airplane masks, which cover the ears, protecting them from drafts and noise, as well as masks with scented sachets for greater relaxation, addressed to those who find it difficult to sleep. All of them are made from natural silk and are hypoallergenic.


mens pants for women

Tells Tim Vernon: “I have been looking for myself for a long time. He worked as a flight attendant, soldier, sold jeans and energy audit. But one day he dropped everything and launched the brand. I was looking for my niche for about a year, until I remembered that I always liked to dress girls in my clothes. Stopped for pants because clients said it was a pain to find a pair of pants that fit well. I was attracted by the complexity of the task, to which was added the desire to solve this problem."

Vernon trousers are produced in St. Petersburg. According to the author of the project, the problem of the universal fit of trousers has not yet been finally solved, but the brand's team is working on it. Combined fabrics are used in tailoring: synthetics in the composition makes it possible to iron trousers less often. Tim and his team are currently reflecting on the comments of their vegan clients and want to offer them animal-friendly materials.

Not fragile

retro dresses

The romantic brand of actress Yana Guryanova reminds of the French label Rouje, whose idea is to cite retroclassics so that they easily fit into a modern image. Yana chose the territory of dresses, the nostalgic look of which brings to mind both the 1970s and the 1990s - Guryanova says that the first model in the collection was inspired by the image of the singer Gwen Stefani in the video “Donʼt Speak”. Since then, the design of the dresses has remained practically unchanged: a feminine, but not too tight silhouette with an accentuated waist and chest, touching floral patterns, a pea print. All products are made of silk or viscose, while Yana and her team use not only modern, but also vintage fabrics, which makes the dresses look even more "authentic".


pants sets

Katerina Chernikova gained significant experience in the field of fashion, having studied the entire kitchen of clothing production, from creating patterns to tailoring. A little over a year ago, the first collection of Kachs pajama suits was presented. “Pajamas are my favorite wardrobe item,” says Katerina… "The main idea was to create clothes that take the feeling of home outside of it." All collections of the brand are sewn in Russia from comfortable fabrics, mostly natural: cotton, wool. Synthetic impurities in the composition, according to the designer, play a positive role and, for example, enhance wear resistance. Many Kachs sets don't look too much like pajama sets - rather, they're just comfortable pants sets.


artistic quilted jackets

Husky Wear is a project of the Husky creative agency. Once the agency's clients were presented with white quilted jackets with a logo - the idea caused such a stir that they had to launch a full-fledged line of clothing. Since then, quilted jackets have been the main product of the brand, although sweatshirts, sleeveless jackets, sweatshirts and dresses are also produced under the Husky label. All collections are produced in Moscow and the Moscow region.

“The collaboration format is close and organic to us,” they say. brand representatives … - We made the first joint collection with street art artists, it was a large and successful project. Then there was a collection for restaurant 354, in the summer - a collaboration with Sasha Petrov's project "Reborn", and at the end of the year - a project with the 2x2 TV channel.Among our buyers there are many people of creative professions from the field of advertising, media, cinema and technology - these are people of different ages who like originality and comfort."


ballet rehearsal clothes

The idea of ​​the brand belongs to the ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Natalia Lomakina. The girl reflected on the fact that the theater has beautiful stage costumes, but why is there no such beautiful clothes for rehearsal halls, where a significant part of the life of dancers passes? The idea seemed viable to her, and in order to feel more confident in production and marketing processes, Natalia took a course at the Fashion Factory school.

Nowadays, all things that are produced under the ProBallet brand are knitwear. Moreover, Natalia offers an alternative to the monochrome rehearsal base, creating products - leggings, trousers and jumpers - in fresh colors. Another advantage is the use of seamless technologies and natural materials, in particular, delicate Italian mohair.

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