Glitter And Succulents: The Most Interesting Makeup From Fashion Weeks

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Glitter And Succulents: The Most Interesting Makeup From Fashion Weeks
Glitter And Succulents: The Most Interesting Makeup From Fashion Weeks
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Top Fashion Weeks for Fall / Winter 2019 just ended - the shows delighted with inclusiveness, and on some catwalks one could spy on really bold decisions. We show you the most interesting, relaxed and coolly executed make-ups that could be seen in New York, Milan, London and Paris.


margarita virova

New York

Tom Ford

At the Tom Ford show, Diane Kendall painted immodest, shiny smokey on the faces of models - quite in the spirit of the defiant sexuality that the brand continues to profess. The secret of makeup is not only in iridescent shadows: to make the color around the eyes look denser, the makeup artist recommends paying attention to the eyeliner along the upper and lower eyelash edges.


The faces of the models who walked the Adeam runway were practically devoid of makeup - only concealer, tonal fluid and lip balm. Here, accents decide everything: pearls in the inner corners of the eyes rhyme with applications on the nails. Nice, effective and really easy to repeat at home.

Christian siriano

We have seen rhinestones on the face many times, but they are usually used in eye makeup. And for the Christian Siriano show, makeup artist Erin Parsons chose a simple, chaotic pattern of crystals all over her face. Chains in smooth hair, gathered in a low ponytail, look much more interesting - the hairstyle, invented by Justine Mardjan, goes well with makeup and looks at least unexpected.

Eckhaus Latta

This year there are a lot of asymmetrical and intentionally sloppy makeup on the catwalks - we suggest admiring, for example, such “masks” that Isamaya Ffrench came up with for the Eckhaus Latta show, inspired by the patterns on the clothes. A makeup artist sprayed pigments on models' faces with an airbrush - another fun way to use a professional tool.


Giambattista valli

False eyelashes have flashed on several catwalks this year, but perhaps the best makeup with them appeared at the Giambattista Valli show. Val Garland glued her silver-dyed eyelashes to the models' lower eyelids; the make-up also features reflective paper and a white liner over the crease of the upper eyelid.


Bleached eyebrows surprise few people in 2019, so really cool makeup solutions for which they are lightened are so striking. Pat McGrath added to the light, almost invisible eyebrows bright shadows on the eyelids: red, pink, purple and green.

Dries van noten

Glitter on the catwalks has not diminished. It was applied to the entire movable eyelid, and at the Rodarte show - over the pink pigment on the eyes and lips. At the same time, the time of sparkling accents, as if drawn along a ruler, is obviously going away: Peter Philips combines the canonical "makeup without makeup" with a small amount of glitter, randomly scattered around the eyes.

Stella McCartney

Models at the Stella McCartney show came out with a minimum of makeup, and tiny transferable tattoos that were applied to exposed areas of the body acted as accents. McCartney is a longtime supporter of the sustainable approach to clothing production, so her team used fairly straightforward slogans to design tattoos: "Vegan", "Regenerate", "Earth Day Every Day" and others.



In the makeup at Gucci shows under Alessandro Michele, it seems that materials for plastic makeup are used more often than cosmetics. This year everyone is delighted with golden ears, but the image with voluminous artificial tears looks the most spectacular.


The makeup for the Iceberg show was done by Daniel Salström, makeup artist and editor-in-chief of Dazed Beauty. Smokey eyes of saturated shades with a sloppy outline are combined with very clear neon arrows drawn from the bridge of the nose to the border of the eyebrow - the virtuoso performance and play with shades and shapes amaze.


At the GCDS show, the makeup was punk, but quite familiar in the context of fashion catwalks, but they experimented with accessories really cool. One flower was glued to the faces of some models, and one of them had a whole bouquet of artificial plants placed in the neckline of the dress on the belly.


"Natural" makeup effects aren't limited to skin that looks like you've stepped out of the gym. At the Byblos show, you can see such an ironic make-up with frosty eyelashes and hair. In this case, a shining texture was used to accentuate the eyes, but something similar can be achieved with the help of white mascara, applied in several layers.



The most surprising detail of the image at the Asai show was not makeup (hello, graphic arrows), but a manicure - it was invented by a specialist in unusual nail art, Sylvie Macmillan. The models' fingers were painted white and the texture resembles clay - this manicure with body art has been dubbed "ceramist nails". A more subtle variation from the same show is fingers and nails covered in gold flakes.


According to tradition, the makeup for the Ashish show was invented by Isamaya Ffrench, and here again it was not without sparkles. The make-up artist literally scattered them all over the face: someone had sparkling eyes and lips, and someone had glitter on their nose. As we said above, the easiest way to wear a radiant accent is arguably the most fashionable.

Renata brenha

Another image on the edge, flirting with closeness to nature. At the Renata Brenha show, several models came out with real wigs made from live succulents - not very gentle on the plants, but it looks funny.

Vivienne westwood

Hair stylist Gary Gill drew inspiration from the style icon for the Vivienne Westwood show. But Isamaya Ffrench again did not limit herself to a couple of tricks: she covered the faces of some models with metallic pigments by a third, again not caring too much about a clear outline, and for others she created amazing masks from a material resembling either plastic or mucus.


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