Why Stick Out Your Vagina: What The Participants Of The Women's March Talked About

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Why Stick Out Your Vagina: What The Participants Of The Women's March Talked About
Why Stick Out Your Vagina: What The Participants Of The Women's March Talked About
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This year, March 8 was celebrated in a big way - it seems that for the first time on this day and in the coming dates there were so many feminist events, discussions, lectures and parties. The most historically reliable way to mark the day of the struggle for women's rights is to go to a rally or march. “We are not the decoration of the collective” - this is the slogan of the participants of the rally “March 8. Let's note it right”gathered for the sisterhood holiday in“Sokolniki”. We publish the texts of their speeches.

Anna Kuznetsova

political manager



My name is Anna Kuznetsova, I am twenty-eight years old, I am organizing election campaigns for opposition politicians. I have a daughter, Zoya, she is three and a half years old.

When we were preparing this event and threw an announcement to a friendly group of liberals, there was a feminitive in the eyeliner, and everyone began to exercise their wit about this. And during the discussion, one girl wrote: "I don't understand what feminitives are for, why stick out your vagina, for example, when going on stage." So, I want to talk about why sticking out your vagina. My vagina has a lot to do with what I say. My vagina has a lot to do with my being here. My vagina is directly related to the fact that I applied for this rally in the company of friends.

The fact that I was born with a vagina forced my parents to raise me in a certain model, and society and institutions - to perceive me in a certain context. My life experience is very different from the life experience of someone who was born with a penis. Not because my brain weighs less, but because I was so socialized when I was a child and did not influence anything.

My vagina has a lot to do with being raised in fear. Even as a child, I was taught at school: not to walk one evening is understandable. At any age, in any form, a woman cannot walk alone in the evening. No matter how many children you give birth to, no matter how many are married, no matter how many requirements of a patriarchal society you fulfill, you will never free yourself from the fact that you are an object that they will want to use at any time.

Even at school they taught: to enter the entrance with the keys clutched in your hand - do women do that? I do like this. Don't dig in the lock with your back to the stairs. Skip the elevator in which the man is traveling at any time of the day. I have lived in fear for twenty of my twenty-eight years. And it's not that I have some kind of anxiety, because of anxiety I have pills. These are just the laws of life, which were explained to me as a child, because I have a vagina.

But do you know what the wildest safety rule I remember from childhood? I remembered this as a child, I remember all my life, but only having become interested in the female agenda, I began to understand in what nightmare girls are raised. The rule is: "Do not go with long, flowing hair late at night and do not enter the staircase like that." Because you know what? “They can be wrapped around the arm. The rapist will reel them around his arm and you are trapped. " (Here I would also add that the patriarchy wants us to wear long hair.) I don't want my daughter to ever hear this rule. I don't want our daughters to live in the same fear.

My vagina allows me to use my experience to make the city safe for vulnerable groups of citizens. This can probably be done by a few men through research. And I can just tell you where in the city I'm scared, where in the city I'm scared with my daughter. I demand the right to live in safety.

My vagina is directly related to the fact that the baby came out of me. Having gone some way in this regard, I can immediately say what needs to be improved in maternity hospitals, antenatal clinics, what obstetric ethics should be.By the way, I gave birth for money, my husband was with me, after giving birth the doctors told me that my husband would have impotence because of what he just saw. Of course, a research group of observational and maximally empathic men could go this way with a hundred women, investigate the maternity hospital and fix everything, but, firstly, why do people with penises do this, and secondly, they are stupidly afraid to go there …

So, a child came out of my vagina. Also with the vagina. When I was two, I read Brodsky's Working ABC to her. There, for each letter of the alphabet, a profession is called in verse. Do you know how many of the thirty-three letters the great Brodsky found professions for women? Four. I will list: an agronomist (you will not understand that this is a woman, but it says “this is an agronomist aunt”), a ballerina - of course, a nanny - of course, and a house manager. Obviously, the great Brodsky divided women into two types: a woman-woman and such a gentle woman who is a muse and a ballerina. At the age of two, my daughter still had a meager vocabulary, but on the other hand, she already had her first attempts at analysis. She circled the spread of the book with her hand and made an unambiguous conclusion: “Uncles! It's all uncles! " Forgive me, the great Brodsky, but you clearly did not treat women very much. Not only in this alphabet, but sometimes in my lyrics.

At two and a half years old, my daughter had a break in the template. She has taken a taxi many times in her small life. And one day a taxi came to us, where the driver is … a woman. For the first time, I saw a real break in the pattern in front of me. The daughter asked for another ten minutes: “Where is my uncle? Who will get us lucky? " You see, a child who lives in the center of Moscow in a family where mom is a feminist, dad is a pro-feminist already have a template at two and a half years old, reads Tatyana Nikonova and “No means no”.

I think our vaginas have a lot of things the world could fix. You know, there is such a weird joke that if all the presidents in the world were women, then the countries would not be at war, but just would not talk to each other. I do not know what this is about, I can openly talk with my friends about what hurts me, and not interrupt the relationship, being sure that no one wanted the other to be evil.

I think our vaginas could stop wars. Because socialization demanded from us empathy, reflection, talkativeness. People with penises are no worse, they were simply socialized differently, demanded conquest, victories, not to cry. Because our vaginas have produced children for some of us, and I see in every person someone's child, and if a person does not seem good to me, I can imagine how his parents did not have the opportunity to love him, and I feel sorry for him. If I think hard, I can feel sorry for both Putin and Trump. My vagina gave me an experience of vulnerability. This vulnerability is my strength. I want to unite and unite. I want to protect the vulnerable.

Thanks to my vagina, I feel sorry for all the people of our country, and the poorest of our fellow citizens are single mothers, according to statistics. I work so that this system breaks down and people live better. The State Duma with vaginas would not have passed the law of Dima Yakovlev, would not have decriminalized domestic violence. I think women who are now in power do not have vaginas. I want to protrude my vagina so that, along with the feminitive, it comes to understanding which way I went to get here.

Lena Klimanskaya



As many people know, I work with numbers, and numbers tell a lot - both good and bad. What do we know about women in Russia? A lot of bad things.

Women make up 84% of victims of domestic violence. One in four women in the country is subject to domestic violence, and we do not have a law against it. 75% of complaints about beatings do not get any legal result: cases are closed, documents are lost, victims are threatened by both the accused and representatives of the "legality". We need a law against domestic violence.

I demand the adoption of a law against domestic violence!

86% of victims of sexual violence are women, and including girls, more than 95%.Women in Russia have a 100% chance of being subjected to an attempt on sexual inviolability up to forty years of age, starting from toddler age. Almost everyone has been attempted rape at least once, and we do not have modern protocols for investigating such crimes. Everyone who contacted the police about this is subjected to bullying and victim blaming. We need a new law.

I demand a new law against sexual assault!

Every third child in the country is raised by a single mother, 96% of single parents are women, 67% are officially poor, living below the subsistence level - mothers with children. But the legal responsibility of the second parent is not respected, the procedures do not work. We need a new alimony law.

I demand a new alimony law!

80% of women forced to have an abortion are women with a low level of education and are completely financially dependent. And in every fifth case, this is the result of contraceptive sabotage by a man. 70% of women are sure that they have used contraception, but this is not the case. Yet, time and again, attempts are being made to ban or restrict access to abortion - and to prevent sex education for young people. We need sex education, affordable contraception - especially for the poor - and a ban on abortion rights.

I demand sex education, affordable contraception and free access to abortion!

Women in Russia drop out of school and professional activity for an average of five years due to the birth of a child, and this is taking into account those who went to the bench right from the hospital. Due to the elimination of the nursery system (the actual availability is about 17% across the country) and the shortage of kindergartens (40%), it is simply impossible for women to go to work. We need a nursery and gardens. And not only in millionaires, but state and throughout the country, where the state expects women to give birth to new children.

I demand the provision of nurseries and gardens!

Women, limited to a list of 456 prohibited professions, find themselves in a situation of unhealthy competition in the industries available to them, which leads to low wages and huge hidden unemployment (part-time, part-time, part-time, etc.), even for the most qualified specialists. Despite the fact that the general level of education for women is higher, their labor market is less than that of men by more than 10 million jobs, which ultimately leads to the financial dependence of many millions of women on their husbands, fathers and sons. We need to eliminate the list of prohibited professions, not to mention the glass ceiling and sabotage in education.

I demand that the list of prohibited professions be canceled!

But there are many places where women are already together, although not from a good life. Women are: 90% of the sphere of preschool and secondary education. 99% of accountants of firms and enterprises, including chief accountants. 95% of employees of public social services. 70% of all business financial management. 75% of marketing and advertising services. 80% of sellers in shopping centers and shops. More than 90% of animal rescue and protection volunteers. 70% of all medicine, including 91% of nurses and nurses. And 99% of people who are really raising new people with their own hands are women: mothers and grandmothers.

We can already change the future society as we need it. We can turn our problem into our strength and unite where there are already many of us. It is necessary to talk with women, showing that their problems are not accidental and not only their own, that it is not personally that they are so unlucky, but this is the system for women, and this needs to be changed for everyone. When something terrible happens to a woman, she asks for help and gets it almost always first of all from women - be it shelter, protection, support, caring for the sick, help with a child, money. Women help women.

Women are the vast majority of staff and volunteers in the care of the sick and the elderly. Women are the majority of employees in the food industry.Women are organizers and managers of funds to help people with cancer and rare diseases, both children and adults. Women are organizers of shelters, shelters for victims of domestic violence. Women are organizers of human rights centers for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Women are organizers of psychological assistance centers for victims of violence.

We are more than half of the population and more than half of the able-bodied people in the country. And we already know how to unite and talk with each other - not only about cosmetics and family, but also about common problems for us - for the common solutions we need. We already know how to do this - let's spread this skill and negotiate among ourselves, this is our only chance for change. But we are the majority, and we can do everything we need. Women are power!

Tatiana Nikonova

educator, journalist


We used to think that our problems are insignificant. That there are things that serious people do. We listen to men, even if we are talking exclusively about women.

We think they are the majority, and they tell us what is really happening to all of us. With our bodies, with our desires, with our needs. We are accustomed to the idea that only they have knowledge of the world.

We do not trust ourselves, our own knowledge and the words of other women, because we are sure that we will definitely be mistaken. But this is not true. We ourselves know what is happening to us. We ourselves know what problems we face. We know how gender discrimination affects each of us. Even those who are doing very well.

We know that being a woman means constantly being afraid - for yourself, for your safety, for the safety and health of your loved ones.

We know that to be a woman now is to be a person who is not heard.

Being a woman now means working in two shifts, at work and at home, but still being dependent.

We know that being a woman is scary and means living without freedom.

And we know that this is not one drop of our fault. We also know that this can be changed. And we know that this needs to be changed. It's time to change - for all of us. And for this it is time for us to unite.

We are not a minority. We are the majority!

We are working women and housewives. We are mothers and women without children. We are national minorities and women with disabilities. We are businesswomen and employees of non-profit organizations. We are students and retirees. We are believers and atheists. We are representatives of the LGBT community and their allies. We are Russian citizens and migrants fighting for their lives. We are women, non-binary, and male joined.

We all individually seem invisible, and we are completely inaudible. We all individually consider ourselves a minority. But we are the majority if we unite.

Together we are the majority of the inhabitants of Russia. It is in our power to change everything. Our strength lies in unity. All we need is to agree.

Feel the strength that is in each of us. Hear your voice that everyone needs to hear. Enough for us to be unnoticed! Enough to be silent and listen - even to me.

Your voice is the main thing we are missing. Hear yourself. Hear others. Feel that you are not alone. Say, that's enough. Tell me - we can.

Say, that's enough. Tell me - we can.

Say, that's enough. Tell me - we can.

Say, that's enough. Tell me - we can.

Say, that's enough. Tell me - we can.

Tatiana Sukhareva

Feminist, politessa, human rights activist, author of the book "Life on the Other Side of Justice"


I'm a feminist. It's natural, cool and trendy. Because it's not normal that in the entire history of Russia there was not a single woman at the head of the government. It is not normal that in the entire history of post-revolutionary Russia there was not a single woman at the head of state. It is not normal that the country that was the first in Europe to grant women suffrage is now far behind Liberia and Bangladesh in terms of the share of women in power.Where there have already been women presidents, or even more than one. Women-governors in Russia can be counted on one hand, and even those go under criminal prosecution. In the Duma and the Federation Council, the proportion of women is lower than the world average. That is, we are lagging behind even the traditionalist Muslim countries.

What does this lead to? To the fact that our lives are controlled by other people. The life of the majority is ruled by the minority. It is almost impossible for a woman to get into the authorities: in order to be on the checkpoints in the lists of the State Duma (even the Moscow City Duma), very large financial investments are required, the numbers reach 400 million rubles per seat. Of course, for a woman who did housework, spent years caring for the elderly, sick, children, rested against the glass ceiling, was unwanted at work, this figure, with rare exceptions, turns out to be unattainable.

I was also involved in politics, I also have experience of elections. And I know what I'm talking about. I am sure that the introduction of quotas is necessary for real equality. Many people think that quotas are for the weak. But if quotas are not introduced, everything will remain in the same place. I believe that it is necessary to adopt a law on quotas so that persons of the same sex in the government do not exceed 60 percent (there are people who speak abroad at 50 percent). Then we can at least count on the women's agenda.

Because women who are represented in power now, in order to maintain high offices, expensive cars, statuses, are forced to play along with men. The same Pletneva, the same Mizulina are forced to play according to the hosts' agenda. For a woman's voice to be heard, women must be at least 30%. In politics, science, business. So that those who lead us make decisions in our favor. I call for activity, for the fight against the stereotype. Yes, it will not be easy, we will face serious resistance. But I want us to win and become the majority everywhere. Happy March 8!

Ekaterina Patyulina

Entrepreneur, member of the Yabloko party, organizer of the rally


In a world where everyone wants you to be obedient, declaring your desires is already a protest. I think I have always been a feminist: I wanted achievements, freedom and respect for the individual, to live the way I want. It turned out that being a normal free woman is being a feminist. It surprises me that we have a separate name for what is a simple norm. But we live in a world full of injustice, oppression, suppression. Not only in relation to women, but women are the largest repressed group. It happened so. And I can see how it changes.

I see young mothers teaching their children to really listen to themselves, and not just fit into society. I see couples articulating their desires more clearly. I know that our society will be healthier if we get rid of sexism and achieve equality. And that inspires me.

I hope this meeting will become a brick in building new foundations. I hope that after it and other events, we realize ourselves not only as happy individuals, but also as political subjects. No law should be passed without knowing the reaction of feminists to it. No ethical decision can be made without looking back at our opinion - the opinion of feminists, free women!

I call on all women to unite to fight for their political rights and women's representation in politics. Get elected, be chosen. Guys, join us and help!

Anna Rivina

Head of the "Violence.net" project, co-sponsor of the rally


I am very glad to see so many women and girls here, I am very glad that there are men here, but I would still like to talk to women. I am a feminist, and I was able to very simply formulate for myself why I am one, although, living in Russia, I had to go a long way to find the courage to call myself that. I realized that I just didn't want to be comfortable.We live in a world where we are told from the earliest days what we “must” do, how we “must” look in order to be “right” women. Because the easiest thing, as a woman can be immediately taken out of the conversation - to say that she is "a fake woman."

They decide for us what a “real” woman is, what a “fake” woman is. Most importantly, we are always told what we "should" be, but no matter how hard we try, we will never be good enough. We are always “not good enough” mothers, “not good enough” wives, you can always say that we are “not good enough”: the shape of our knees is “wrong”, our legs are “not enough” short or long, depending on the circumstances.

No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, you can always come and say that this woman is not “good enough”, “not enough” correct, “not smart enough” for this or that. We really have to do a lot more to just be on a par with men. Indeed, I want to repeat that now we are here, because before us, a very large number of brave women have come a long way, so that we take for granted what they could not afford before - and sometimes even could not dream of it.

I would like to say one more sad thing: every day in the work of the Violence.net center, we come across women who have experienced violence and who are labeled by society as being to blame. Because they are “not too good”, they are “not too good” wives, they “did not speak at the right time”, they themselves allegedly “provoked”. They are "guilty" that they chose this man, and that they did not leave this man at the same time, they are "guilty" that the children live with such fathers, and that they left and deprived most of the children of such parents.

But what scares me most of all is that there are a large number of women who say that this is supposedly really women's fault. Where is the same “female wisdom”, female acceptance, why, as Mrs. Pletneva, who heads the committee on women's affairs, says, do they talk to a man if he is drunk? You need to be silent, wait and then sort it out.

Unfortunately, many women behave this way not because they believe that violence is not scary, but because they think that if they are the same “real”, “normal” women, of course, this will not happen to them. … But this is a myth. Because no matter what a woman does, it never depends on her what a man decides to do. Whether he is the aggressor or not, whether he will try to rape her or not. Women can always be told that they "should" be sexy, they "should" be liked by men. But if a woman is “too” sexy, it’s her fault again: she put on a short skirt, she did the wrong thing, she didn’t stay at home, she went, she agreed, she ended up at work, where people came to her office and did something- it is not that - all the time she, she, and again she.

We can talk about this for a long time, unfortunately, and I am very glad that today we are talking about it, and I am glad that in Russia now we are starting to talk about it more and more, but still, since today we have a holiday, I sincerely want to wish every woman, every girl who is growing up in some kind of new formation and in a new agenda, just not to be comfortable for someone, but to be comfortable for herself. Always focus on our interests, decide for ourselves what we want, what we don’t want, and of course, seek support in this very sisterhood in order to resist social pressure, which is still very great. Happy Holidays, and I believe that we will succeed!

Syuyumbike Davlet-Kildeeva

Singer and journalist


First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone on the holiday - we remember that we stand on the shoulders of so many generations of women who have sought the rights that we have now.I would also like to recall my great-grandmother Fatima Davlet-Kildeeva, who participated in the rally of feminists in 1917. They were not called feminists then. It was a large gathering of Muslim women who fought for their rights. And when I think it's hard for us to fight, or another jerk jokes about feminitives, I try to imagine what it is like to be a Muslim woman in 1917 and fight for my rights. And it gets easier.

I am also for the law against domestic violence. When my drunken father came home, beat my mother and we called the police, they could never do anything. They said: "Okay, we are taking him for three hours, but he will come back even more angry because you called the police, because he is registered in this apartment." When I was eleven, I was sexually abused, and my parents said: "We will not go to the police, we think the police will make it worse." That was twenty years ago. And all these twenty years I have lived with the thought that all this is happening to me, because I am bad, because I myself am to blame. After all, society always tells you that you didn't look like that, you were drunk. At eleven, I was not drunk and looked like an ordinary eleven year old.

I’m tired of thinking that I’m to blame for what happened to me. Now I am working with a psychologist and I strongly advise everyone to do this. There are a lot of pitfalls here. There are many unskilled psychologists who can only make things worse. But you must definitely speak. Earlier it seemed to me that all this happened only with me, everyone else had a normal life. But the more women started talking, the easier it became for me. I began to realize that 96 percent of women experience violence in one way or another.

And second, it is important not to be afraid. It is very scary to return to traumatic episodes, to relive them. But as my beautiful psychologist says, the worst thing has already happened to you.

It pisses me off when they say it takes “courage” to face your injuries. It doesn't take courage - it takes being a woman, a strong woman. The more we support each other, the more we talk, the less fear there will be. And the more we will have the strength to fight our own demons. And I want to repeat once again - the victim of violence is not to blame for the fact that this violence happened. The rapist and the culture of violence are to blame.

Alena Popova

Lawyer, public figure, co-author of the Domestic Violence Bill


In this folder, usually to the State Duma, the Federation Council, the government, I and our volunteers (and, by the way, male volunteers who call themselves feminists), we carry our five bills. We are 78 million citizens of the Russian Federation. There are 68 million men. We are the absolute demographic majority. If we unite and stand shoulder to shoulder, no force can break us, conquer or overcome us.

This folder contains the most important bill, for which we are all fighting, on the prevention of domestic violence in the family. Thanks to you, we have collected 400 thousand signatures for this law. Thanks to you, this law can be introduced even to the most odious profile committee of the State Duma, the head of which, Mrs. Pletneva, says that the woman herself is to blame for the harassment. That the woman is to blame for the harassment, because she wears short skirts and tops, and that “homosexuality” is a disease, and “homosexuals” must be treated.

But even Mrs. Pletneva understands that this folder contains 400 thousand of our signatures. And so when we are asked whether we believe or not that there will be protective orders that protect victims of violence, the definition of domestic violence (when it is not the victim who will prove in court that she is the victim, but the state will protect her), I answer that I believe - and this is thanks to you. Thank you very much, low bow to you.

The second bill, about which everyone understands that it is important, after Mr. Slutsky appeared on information radars, is the anti-harassment bill. We have a non-working article 133 of the Criminal Code: compulsion to actions of a sexual nature of a person who is in a knowingly subordinate position, by means of blackmail, threats of destruction of property, and so on is a non-working article. We took it with the experts, corrected it well and want Mr. Slutsky to leave the State Duma. I learned yesterday that he will be overseeing a four-woman delegation that will go to the United Nations to talk about women's rights. Let him lay down his mandate, and let the State Duma pass the anti-harassment bill and protect the victims of harassment. And Lyuba Gerasimova, a mother of many children, a police officer who lives in the city of Chelyabinsk, who has not slept with her boss and is now going to court to prove that she did not slander him - just imagine. Let's all together help Lyuba Gerasimova, she is on Facebook, please go and write a couple of kind words to her in honor of March 8 - this is important to her.

I will also say that this folder contains a super important law, which we will also fight for - this is a law that obliges companies to report on the difference in wages between men and women. You know, we have it at 27-30%, and we want there to be no such difference.

We not only send petitions, letters and appeals to the deputies through the website of the State Duma, we still catch them in the State Duma, some deputies even hide from us in toilets and sit there for twenty minutes. But! This does not prevent me from believing that you and I are strength, that this folder will work, laws will be adopted, I promise you, even if I have to lie down with bones in front of the State Duma. Dear ones, since March 8, with the holiday of equality and for these laws!

Wonderzine editors would like to thank Tatyana Nikonova and Ekaterina Patyulina for their help in preparing the material.

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