New Shapes: 5 Trendy Hairstyles This Spring

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New Shapes: 5 Trendy Hairstyles This Spring
New Shapes: 5 Trendy Hairstyles This Spring

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Experiments with hair no worse than experimenting with makeup - especially since there are enough sources of interesting ideas this year. Stylists predict the return of retro haircuts, and during fashion weeks we were shown not only beach curls and flowers in our hair - we chose five simple and fashionable ways to change your hairstyle (radically or not).

Shaggy haircut

This year stylists predict a massive return of retro hairstyles - sites about fashion and beauty suggest trying, for example, a modern version of a mullet haircut or making French bangs. But most of the mentions in the category of "trends" were given to a shaggy haircut with a voluminous crown and torn ends: right now on Instagram you can find hundreds of options for "shaggy" styling for a wide variety of hair types, including curly ones. It is quite simple to master the styling of such a haircut yourself - it is enough to dry the torn strands with a hairdryer in different directions, and for styling you can use salt sprays, oils, leave-in conditioners and almost anything.

Styling with gel

A huge number of such hairstyles were seen on the catwalks of the fall-winter fashion weeks - and today stylists love not just a hint of the effect of wet hair, but extremely “wet” hairstyles created with a very generous amount of gel. Hair can be simply combed back, formed waves from strands at the forehead, or made into a semblance of bangs: the main thing is shine and perfect smoothness. Many of the runway designs are easy to replicate at home with a good comb and a strong hold gel with a nemat texture - a product like the R + Co Wall St Strong Hold Gel is great for this.


Hairpins, tiaras and other more unusual jewelry also appeared in abundance on the catwalks (we covered our favorite options with crystals and chains separately). Hair accessories can be an attribute of more than romantic looks: check out, for example, Alexander McQueen's futuristic braid. However, pearl threads or large hairpins with rhinestones are also held in high esteem - jewelry is great complementing simple hairstyles, which are also relevant this season.

Smooth tail

Ponytails in various variations become fashionable from season to season - but in order to look stylish, it is not necessary to construct a high hairstyle with a chignon weighing a couple of kilograms. Hair stylists who worked at fashion weeks preferred laconic forms: long straight hair of models Nina Ricci, Balmain, Stella McCartney was collected in low tails and buns.

Graphic styling

Patterns from the so-called baby hair, fluffy hair on the forehead (remember the iconic FKA twigs hairstyle), were interestingly interpreted at the Burberry show - stylists depicted real ornaments from thin strands on the foreheads of the models. At Fendi, the girls took to the catwalk with a modernized version of the wave, and at JW Anderson, gel-filled bangs were laid in clear shapes. For training, you can choose simpler references, and the technology for creating such a sculpture on the hair can be spied on in The Blueprint.

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