Bookmark: Friendly Podcast About Sex "Click"

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Bookmark: Friendly Podcast About Sex "Click"
Bookmark: Friendly Podcast About Sex "Click"

Video: Bookmark: Friendly Podcast About Sex "Click"

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There are more and more good podcasts in Russian - and we are happy: meet "Shchelk" - "a provocatively conversational socio-political show about the sexual life in the city", as its creators describe. Shchelk is the brainchild of a group of friends who used to work together in Afisha magazine: presenters Lina Markina and Felix Sandalov are old friends who are used to discussing sex without embarrassment and hypocrisy, but now they just do it for a larger audience.

You can listen to "Click" on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud, there is also a Telegram channel, where, in addition to the episodes, the authors share interesting links and reflect on the topics covered in the show. The podcast will air every three weeks while there are two episodes available - First Time and Quality, in which Lina and Felix discuss what is good and bad sex, how to find a language to talk about sex and why it is so difficult.

“The issues will be on a variety of topics, from the most vital (the impact of childhood impressions on subsequent sexual life, for example) to speculative (sex with robots and sex in VR), the main thing is that it is interesting to think and talk about it. In difficult situations, we will call experts for help, since for a rather big life in the media we have acquired a large number of useful acquaintances, - says Felix. - The name has several meanings, but for me, first of all, it is important that this is a pop-culture podcast, what is called Mary Roach style in the West. Actually, the word (and even rather the emotion behind it) "pop" - we freely translated into Russian. And it's also about the contact between two people - when it clicks."

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