What To See: "Working Moms", "Life After Death" And 9 More Netflix Projects

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What To See: "Working Moms", "Life After Death" And 9 More Netflix Projects
What To See: "Working Moms", "Life After Death" And 9 More Netflix Projects

"Queer Eye" Season 3 Released Recently on Netflix and a new dating show in the tinder era, "Dating Around," but these are just a few of the great new releases. We talk about three comedy series, an amazingly beautiful animated anthology by David Fincher, a documentary about the mysterious disappearance of a three-year-old girl, and six more interesting Netflix projects.



Turn it up Charlie


While speculation about whether Idris Elba will become the new Bond does not stop worrying the media, Netflix is ​​making a knight's move and is releasing a series with the subject of rumors in the title role. In Turn Up Charlie, Elba plays a disastrous former '90s star who is forced to work as a DJ at a variety of events, including weddings.

In one of them, Charlie meets his former best friend David, who has made his way back over the past twenty years and has become a real movie star. The fateful meeting with him, his wife, really popular DJ Sarah (Piper Perabo) and their daughter Gabrielle eventually leads to an unexpected idea - why shouldn't Charlie become Gabrielle's new nanny? Suffering from a lack of money, he accepts the offer and, of course, subsequently finds himself in a number of comic situations, trying to combine both professions at once.

Isn't it romantic?

Isn’t It Romantic

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is an architect at the New York office. As a child, she sincerely believed that "Pretty Woman" love could happen to anyone, until her mother explained to her that "neither you nor I look like Julia Roberts." The thought of her own unattractiveness is so deeply ingrained in her head that, growing up, Natalie completely refuses to notice the obvious - her friend and colleague Josh (Adam Devine) has actually tried to ask her out on a date several times.

Everything changes when Natalie accidentally bangs her head on an iron pillar and wakes up in her worst nightmare - the world of romantic comedy. In an attempt to ridicule the cliché of the genre "Isn't it romantic?" he himself often rolls down into banality, which does not negate the life-affirming message: we are all worthy of love, and, which is important - coming from ourselves.

The Disappearance of Madeline McCann

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

An eight-part documentary series about one of the most widely reported cases in the UK - the disappearance of three-year-old Madeline McCann. Madeline disappeared twelve years ago during a family vacation in Portugal, and to this day no one knows where she is or if she is alive at all. In an effort to understand what happened, creators of the series Emma Cooper and Chris Smith interviewed the authors of Finding Madeline, tourists vacationing at the resort at the time, the Portuguese police, journalists covering the case, and many others. Unlike most crime series based on real events, The Disappearance of Madeline McCann seeks not to provide answers to riddles, but to help move back to the moment of the incident.

Life after death

After life

Ricky Gervais returns to the usual role of a sarcastic person with whom it is not easy to establish contact. True, this time he has a good reason: having lived twenty-five years in a happy marriage, his character Tony is left alone after the death of his wife. Having survived after a couple of suicide attempts, the man decides to drop all formalities and live the way he wants: to be honest, to be irritated at everyone around him and not to try to please anyone. "Life After Death" is not shocking with surprising discoveries - yes, indeed, sometimes it is worth staying alive not only for yourself, but also for the sake of others - but Tony's adventures throughout six episodes, trying to come to this conclusion, are extremely interesting to watch.



There are a lot of documentaries and TV series about athletes and athletes who aspired, aspired and finally achieved their goals - but what about those who could not break out into the winners? The Losers is a series of interviews with those who have suffered a bitter defeat - in them athletes tell how they used their losses to change their lives for the better. An extremely life-affirming sight after a hard day when it seems like everything has gone wrong.

Secret order

The order

The Secret Order is worth giving it a shot in case the first episode seemed trivial. The series skillfully pretends to be secondary soap for teenagers, but in fact turns out to be a successful mixture of horror and comedy. The protagonist Jack Morton begins his studies at Belgrave University, where he is initiated into a secret order. Two other members of the secret community are subsequently killed, and suspicion falls on Jack. Of course, it turns out that he is not at all to blame for the murders, but an incomprehensible force, the origin of which has yet to be revealed.

Menstruation. End of the sentence

Period. End of Sentence

The winner of the Best Documentary Short Film at the last Oscars raises an important issue of stigmatization of menstruation in India. Director Raika Zehtabchi and her team told the story of a group of women from rural areas who are working to develop financial independence and maintain women's health, using technology to create pads at a lower cost. The film was directed by The Pad Project, which aims to provide menstrual products for women and girls living in regions with limited access to hygiene products.



Indie dramedy about the friendship of two introverts. Andy's only friend is downstairs neighbor Michael. They spend all their free time together, sitting on the sofa in Michael's apartment and eating frozen pizza while watching kung fu movies - in general, just like a used couple. Over time, they will have to learn what it means to be with each other "in illness and in health": Michael is diagnosed with incurable cancer, and now their friendship will have to go through a series of falls and constant ups.

Working mothers

Workin 'Moms

Canadian comedy series about the hardships of motherhood, which was released in its homeland back in 2017 and finally made it to Netflix. The main character, Kate Foster, is about to return to work after the birth of her first child. The prospect scares her so much that she goes to a support group, where the same young mothers with a breast pump are tormented by the same problems. One of them is so tormented by postpartum depression that she dreams of getting into a car accident, only to give her brain a "little vacation." A great candidate to watch if you like The Letdown.

Love, death and robots

Love, Death & Robots

The long-awaited and already acclaimed animated anthology of short films by David Fincher and Tim Miller. A truly impressive spectacle, in which animators from all over the world have come together, represents eighteen independent stories of different timing. Monsters, robots, neon, blood are a real visual delight for all animation fans.

Formula 1: Drive to survive

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

A collaboration series between Netflix and the Formula One Group, bringing viewers from around the world behind the scenes of the 2018 racing season. This does not mean that only dedicated sports fans will be interested in watching it: the ten-episode show looks no worse than Downton Abbey, only intrigue and rivalry here are multiplied by an incredible danger. An excellent starting point for those who have always tried to get into this sport, and an interesting artistic bonus for all Formula 1 fans.

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