New Name: Congolese Art Group KOKOKO

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New Name: Congolese Art Group KOKOKO
New Name: Congolese Art Group KOKOKO

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WHO IS IT: art group of musicians and dancers from DR Congo

While Marvel fans are looking for Wakanda on Google maps, regardless of the fact that it is a fictional country, enthusiasts from densely populated African cities are creating this utopian land with their own hands. Among such innovators is KOKOKO !: the Kinshasa-based collective makes homemade instruments from city rubbish and arranges psychedelic dance performances (in between power outages by the government, according to the group's official website).

In the last couple of years, KOKOKO! Thanks to the efforts of the French electronics engineer Debrut, they began to function as a musical group in a more or less familiar form for a Western audience - with clips and singles, for which one does not need to go beyond streaming services. This makes it possible to get to know the work of the Congolese better and see the most that neither is Afrofuturism, powerful force and original aesthetics without the sore label "world music" and the filters of appropriation.

"L.O.V.E. feat. Nyangombe"

COVER: Instagram / kokokomusic

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