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Hashtag Of The Day: #AbledsAreWeird - Eyelim Stories
Hashtag Of The Day: #AbledsAreWeird - Eyelim Stories

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EVERY DAY ON THE INTERNET SOMETHING HAPPENS: someone releases clips, someone launches hashtags, and someone says smart (or not so) things - and we focus on the most important or just curious.


“I remember how a stranger threw my crutch into the pool to 'help me swim',” writer and activist Imani Barbarin tweeted on March 15. She later clarified: at that time she was only nine years old, and the stranger did not help her to pull the crutch out of the water. He stayed there for a long time to rust.

Barbarin has cerebral palsy. In her posts, lectures and articles, she supports the ideas of feminism, opposes racism and discrimination against people with disabilities. Following her, other Internet users began to tell stories of eyelism that happened to them: how passers-by and new acquaintances asked them tactless questions, made inappropriate suggestions, pestered them with unsolicited comments or pity. Some also talked about cases where outsiders without disabilities talked to them with exaggerated enthusiasm, calling them "an inspiring example."

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