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Pet Tracking: I Find Lost Dogs
Pet Tracking: I Find Lost Dogs

Video: Pet Tracking: I Find Lost Dogs

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Finding Lost Dogs with a Pet Tracker 2023, January

Any pet dogno matter how trained and devoted she may be, she can get lost, especially in a big and nervous city. Finding the missing dog is a time-consuming and complex business that is almost impossible to do alone and requires preparation and coordinated work. This is exactly what the DogPower volunteer movement, launched at the end of last year by producer Evgenia Molodtsova, did. We talked with her about what the search for fugitives is and what it is worth remembering so that in principle you do not have to look for your beloved pet.


Dmitry Kurkin

My first dog

I have worked as an executive producer in the production of TV shows, cinema, VR. Now for the third year I have been working in the editorial office of KinoPoisk as a producer of the video department: we make videos about films, interviews and podcasts.

My parents were not dog lovers, but my grandmother had a dog. I remember how proudly I walked with the dog around the yard, as if it were my charge, in those few weeks when my grandmother came to visit. However, in order to have your own dog, you had to grow up, move out of your parents, live in another country, return and take your first pet right there. Now there are two of them - they are a brother and sister from the same litter, both mongrels, whom I took with a difference of a year and a half from the Kozhukhov orphanage.


The DogPower movement began with the ad builder and the website. On the site you can find instructions on what to do in order not to lose the dog, and what to do when the dog has already disappeared. The main thing is that you can fill out the form by answering questions and following the prompts to create a bright, understandable ad, without forgetting to mention the breed or size of the animal. Because people in stress are completely lost and forget to provide a second phone number or an important sign.

Although the search for a person and a dog is very different, the main points - for example, having a coordinator - are identical with Lisa Alert. The search for pets in Moscow is usually done either independently or with the help of local regional chats in some messenger. Therefore, the system was invented and changed already in the process.

The dogs are found even after a couple of months, but, of course, the easiest way to find them in the first hours after the loss. Every day the chances diminish. And the point is not only that a dog without a man in the city is most often doomed to death (cars, cold, dog hunters), the point is that it can go in any direction, so that in a week the search radius will reach ten. twenty kilometers.

Fenya, Madonna and Gadget

How it works: we receive a request by mail, in the general chat we write that we are looking for a coordinator. If it is found, we get involved in the work. All volunteer affairs are handled by a coordinator, and we post a search announcement and a link to the chat publicly in our groups.

There are several main areas: field work (especially if you just lost it) and online work. Online is posting information in social networks, profile groups on lost dogs, regions and breeds, monitoring these groups and the hashtag on Instagram #dog found. “In the field,” they look for the animal itself, post up advertisements, interrogate janitors, security guards, those who are often on the street, just passers-by. Then, depending on the complexity, we either begin to view the cameras in the DIT pavilion at VDNKh (in October 2016, the information technology department opened a public access point to the city video surveillance system at VDNKh, which allows you to view archived recordings from cameras. P Rome. ed.), or we catch a dog with a catcher (professional animal rescuers working for a fee, as well as employees of the municipal service for regulating the number of stray dogs and cats. Approx. ed.), if it does not go into the hands of stress. For example, this often happens with shelter dogs that were lost during the adaptation period in a new home

Most of all, I remember three searches - Feni, Madonna and Gadget. They searched for Fenya for about a week near the Nagornaya metro station, but they found it on Kutuzovskaya thanks to a photograph posted by a girl on the VKontakte network - with a note that a new dog had nailed in the yard. So the coordinator was able to bring the dog home. Then we realized: just one photo can help complete the search, so you always need to track social networks, but you never know where it might appear - by a hashtag, in a district group, or simply through a search on VKontakte.

Madonna is a shelter and very frightened dog who is terribly afraid of people. She escaped due to human error on a walk near Kuskovo Park and took off with a leash and collar in an unknown direction. We searched for it for five days, went to the park on frosty mornings, pasted ads, climbed the entire territory and covered with leaflets, it seems, every tree. Five days later, a man called who saw a similar dog near the park. Twenty minutes later we were on the spot, questioning the janitors and finally met her in the middle of the yard. The dog noticed us fifteen or twenty meters away and rushed in the opposite direction at a breakneck speed. In general, after half an hour, having lost her twice and avoiding all the yards, the two of us caught Madonna. And they drew conclusions: you need not give up running training, and luck is also a great success of the search operation. In our case, the leash helped, which was wrapped around the paw, and the fence, through which Madonna's fat ass simply did not crawl, giving us an additional five seconds to catch up with her.

The third search - Gadget, we have been looking for her since the New Year holidays, she ran away in the same Kuskovo park, frightened by the New Year fireworks. We are still looking for it. It is not clear whether we will find it or not. Several dogs, with which she was confused, have already returned home: we either wrote about them ourselves, or found announcements about their disappearance after the fact. Another striking thing is the stubbornness of the hostess. She does as much as many people don't seem to do for another person. This is how faith in people is not lost. Everyone can lose a dog - it can be a coincidence, it can be a mistake, but this is still not a reason to condemn the other. You never know how much effort he will put into fixing what happened, and how much he will amaze you.


A lot of time is spent explaining why we do things this way and not the other way. For example, we do not post about finding animals, which we do not undertake ourselves. I made this decision before launching the project and am still confident in it. There are many groups with ads on the Internet, large and effective. Volunteers come to us who are ready to help here and now, so we post posts with an active hashtag and a link to the chat. If we turn into a bulletin board, then the effectiveness of posts will drop, they simply will not be shown by social media algorithms due to low coverage. Therefore, we write about specific dogs, for whose fate several thousand people are experiencing.

Plus, we once tried to search in the Moscow region, emotionally succumbed, although, of course, it was immediately clear that we would not pull it. And so it happened: some dogs were found, but some were not. As a result, the focus remains on Moscow, we have no volunteers in the area.

There are not very many stray animals, there are still catches and shelters in the city, but the shelters themselves are overcrowded. The worst thing is that people still think that sterilization is bad, that "the dog should experience the joy of motherhood / fatherhood." So in the fall in the region there are a lot of puppies, walked by city dogs in their dachas. These puppies do not survive the winter, they leave someone in their own areas, someone is thrown out at gas stations, someone is left in the forest. It took me a long time not to take every such incident to heart and not try to save everyone.

Prevention and search methods

First of all, you should put on your pet a token with your phone on a separate lanyard and never take it off.My dogs are in “address labels” all the time, I take them off every few months for half an hour while washing, then immediately put them back on. There are many cases when the dog ran through an open door while a person was taking out the trash, so it is better not to risk it and protect yourself in such a simple and inexpensive way. Write two phone numbers - yours and one of your loved ones - hang the token on a separate string so that if the animal is twisted out of the collar, the address tag will still remain on it.

With a dog it is worth going to classes from puppyhood. Firstly, it will help to raise a confident urban companion dog, with which you will not be ashamed to go to a cafe and ride a tram. Secondly, this will ensure her safety, and this is the direct responsibility of the owner of the animal. The classes themselves are in many ways useful not only for the dog, but also for the owner, who gets used to humanizing the pet or not reading the signals that it gives. So, most of the people, if the dog starts to run away from them, will run after it, which is absolutely forbidden: the dog will either decide that you are playing, or will perceive it as a threat and continue to move away. You can summon such a dog by showing the direction of movement where you call it, that is, moving away from it, crouching, bending over and slightly turning away. In general, there is nothing more useful than taking courses and understanding who you still live with. And it will become much more pleasant for them with you, and for you with them.

It is best to walk on a leash, letting the dog go on the dog's playground or in a fenced summer cottage. I know that sounds utopian to many owners, but this is the easiest way to avoid losing your pet. If you still walk without a leash, then make an exception in December and January: fireworks do not spare anyone, not even the most courageous guys who "have never run away for so many years."

If the dog is lost, first of all, you should look around the place of loss, call friends, relatives, communicate with dog people who are walking and may notice your fugitive. In parallel, you need to write a post on social networks, do not forget to indicate the phone number (preferably two, yours and your friend's) and ask to spread the information. On the Internet, such messages are quickly picked up by caring people and posted to profile and regional groups. It would be nice to ask someone who cannot help on the spot to monitor social networks, repost and write to communities. You can also send a friend to print ads while you squeak with a familiar toy and call the dog by name. It is also worth leaving someone at the entrance, where the dog can return if he disappears in a place known to him. Be sure to inspect hatches, basements, holes. In two to three hours, it is worth expanding the search area to the entire area and the surrounding area.

Scammers should be wary of. They can call your number and say that they have found your pet. Ask to send a photo, if a person refuses, says to first transfer money or drive up somewhere, you can safely assume that these are scammers. It is also possible to punch the number, but it does not always help. Most often, dogs for which a reward is promised are returned by people who refuse it, because they understand how stressful it is for the owner. They are just happy to be part of a well-ended story.

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