My Beautiful Struggle: 5 Awesome Disabled Beauty Bloggers

My Beautiful Struggle: 5 Awesome Disabled Beauty Bloggers
My Beautiful Struggle: 5 Awesome Disabled Beauty Bloggers
Video: My Beautiful Struggle: 5 Awesome Disabled Beauty Bloggers
Video: MY BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE 2023, February

Text: Anna Aristova

The beauty community and industry are slowly drifting away from the idea of ​​"be perfect or die", and inclusiveness is no longer limited to a line of forty shades. In 2017, the Kohl Kreatives brand introduced brushes with comfortable grips and special bendable attachments, which made the makeup process easier for people with motor and motor impairments. A little later, in 2019, the Grace Beauty brand introduced the first mascaras with a design that will allow people with disabilities to use products with less difficulty.

At the same time, for beauty blogging, heroes with different types of disabilities are not uncommon for a long time - you have probably already heard about Caitlin Dobroa and Lolo Spencer. Let's talk about five more bloggers who have gathered a large audience thanks to their charm and skill.

Lilya Lo

Some may remember blogger Lilya Lo as the heroine of one of our recent interviews - but without her this list would be incomplete. Lilya lives in Naberezhnye Chelny and has been filming a video about makeup for her YouTube channel for six years now. As a child, Leela was diagnosed with Albright's syndrome (this is a rare genetic disease manifested by fibrous dysplasia, specific spots of the color of coffee with milk and various diseases of the endocrine system) - she also talks about this in one of the first videos. You can learn from Lily how to draw gorgeous arrows and make bright makeup, and Lily periodically arranges funny experiments, for example, she dyes in emo style or does makeup under the control of subscribers. The only thing Lilya regrets is that large brands do not want to cooperate with her. We believe that this is a big omission - Lily definitely has a great and cool future.

Lucy Edwards

“Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. Today I will tell you how to do makeup if you are blind,”- this is how the most popular video of the British woman Lucy Edwards begins, which has gained more than seven hundred thousand views. Lucy began to lose her eyesight at eleven and finally went blind at seventeen due to Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome, or Incontinentia pigmenti, a rare genetic disease diagnosed in only about a thousand people around the world (90% of them are women). At first, her sister helped her with makeup, but today Lucy herself is already masterly paints her lips with red lipstick, draws arrows and debunks myths about blindness, simultaneously broadcasting her own radio program on BBC Radio 1. If you like shorter formats, we recommend that you look at Lucy's TikTok page, where she answers popular and sometimes the most awkward questions about blindness - for example, how does she play video games or how she understands if she is alive (yes, there was such a question too).

Jordan Bon

British Jordan Bon started her channel with a video about spiritual practices: in 2005, she got into a car accident as a result of which all four limbs were paralyzed (in medicine, this is called quadriplegia). According to Jordan, meditation helped her to get out of depression and feel more confident. Another therapeutic practice was make-up - despite the fact that at first the result only upset her, over time it turned out to be better and better, and now she deftly makes perfect smokey eyes, despite the immobility of her fingers - and during the existence of her blog with suggestions for L'Oréal, Urban Decay, Illamasqua and other well-known brands turned to her for cooperation. “As we learned from contouring and highlighting, where there is darkness, there is light,” she sums up in the video “My Beautiful Struggle”, which has already received six million views and inspired Jordan to create a spirit-lifting book about his journey.

Marimar Kiroa

Of course, in the beauty industry, it's easier to accept yourself with an angelic appearance, but 26-year-old Marimar Kiroa goes against stereotypes.Californian is studying to be a teacher for deaf and hard of hearing children, and in her spare time she runs a beauty blog that is loved by half a million of her subscribers. As a child, Marimar was diagnosed with cystic hygroma - a swelling of the face, due to which a woman is forced to live with a breathing tube and eat through a gastrostomy tube. Since then, she has undergone about twenty operations, but she wants to stop there - Marimar says that she began to accept herself as she is, and is trying to teach this to her subscribers. On her channel, she shows her contouring skills, tries to paint with a dish sponge instead of a sponge (spoiler: it still turns out cool) and talks about her life in sign language, accompanying videos with English subtitles.

Grace Mandeville

Grace Mandeville was born without an arm, but she does not experience any special restrictions because of this - according to the girl, this feature only inspires her to do more than many ordinary people (for example, she has already tried a variety of outdoor activities, from rock climbing to water skiing), and more than once came in handy for her Halloween antics. This channel Grace leads along with her sister Amelia - together they put on funny beauty experiments, follow the Kylie Jenner regime and ask the star of "Game of Thrones" Emilia Clarke about the secret of her perfectly thick eyebrows. Recently, Grace started her own channel, where she talks about how she does her hair with one hand, rides a bicycle and why she doesn't like wearing a prosthesis - we advise you to look at her.

cover: Grace Mandeville / Instagram

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