Project: I Opened A Dog Walking Service "Reveler Dog"

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Project: I Opened A Dog Walking Service "Reveler Dog"
Project: I Opened A Dog Walking Service "Reveler Dog"
Video: Project: I Opened A Dog Walking Service "Reveler Dog"
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Start your own business can be scary, but definitely worth it. In the "Project" section, we ask those who are proud of their undertaking, be it a service, a group of like-minded people, an art project, a book, or whatever. And they honestly talk about victories and defeats on the way - without further ado.

Reveler dog

what is it: a service that brings together proven dog walkers

who came up with: Natalia Shipshiley, founder and CEO

year of foundation: 2016

About dogs

As a child, I had a golden retriever who has lived with our family for over sixteen years. Having become independent, I got a spaniel - perhaps I was impressed a long time ago by "The Lady and the Tramp". I thought I was ready for the appearance of the dog, but it turned out that it was impossible to foresee everything. Firstly, it turned out that it is better for spaniels to walk not two, but three times a day so that there are no problems with the urinary tract. Secondly, my father and brother were allergic to my Dandy, so I could no longer count on the help of my relatives.

I found a person who would walk the dog, but my heart was still out of place: I was so worried, sometimes I could not sleep. For a while, I gave up the walker and began to break away from work and study myself, but the efficiency suffered greatly from this. I realized that Moscow lacks a simple service for finding walkers who can be trusted.

About business

Before starting Reveler Dog, I worked as a lawyer in a construction company, but from the very beginning I understood that this was not mine. I have never regretted leaving, although running my business is terribly difficult. At first, acquaintances laughed: “Walking the dogs? This is not serious". But I got used to not paying attention to other people's opinions, largely because my parents have always supported me. In the spring of 2015, I went to Israel and saw that there is a well-developed infrastructure for dog owners, so upon returning I began to study how things are in Moscow. It turned out that there are canine schools and veterinary centers offering walking and dog sitting services, but few people know about them. Some people offer such services on Avito or, but most owners will not trust an unknown person. It's another matter when there is a proven company.

I launched a website on Tilda and posted an ad for a walker, articulating the company's values ​​of being pet and environmentally conscious. By the way, I have never met the word "walker" before, so I want to believe that I popularized it. In two days, three hundred applications came, after a telephone interview, thirty people remained, and ten to fifteen became permanent walkers. All of them were trained by canine behavior correction specialists.

in the main team forty people, walkers - about a thousand. There are also nannies (their services are paid by the hour) and dog sitters (from the day)

About clients

Some dogs are not easy. Of course, aggressive and really dangerous ones are usually not left to us. On the other hand, we often come across not very well-mannered ones - those who pull the leash or pick up food from the ground - but our walkers know how to cope with this. More serious problems can arise with the clients themselves. Once a walker came to a man who handed her a device to beat the dog with small shocks - for training. Although some hosts do use this method, we explained to the client that this was not in line with our company's policy and rejected the application. Another time, a woman asked a walker to take her dog to a dog playground, put a tire on his head and put stones in it. It was a fighting dog, and the woman explained that in this way they pump up the muscles of the neck.Maybe this is true, but that time we also decided to refuse the order.

In general, everyone has their own understanding of how to educate a dog, what can harm it and what cannot. For example, some people, when raising an animal, are ready to yell at it or pull at the leash. Others believe that a pet can only be praised and rewarded for achievements, but never scolded. We always use only those methods that the owner uses. Our task is to walk the dog and make sure that nothing happens to it. Training is not our business at all.

About walkers

From time to time, adventures happen in the life of walkers. Once we had a whole streak of failures - for several days in a row different guys in different parts of the city had problems with door locks. The walkers have chats, and one of the girls wrote that she could not leave the apartment. We contacted the hostess, and she replied: “Don't worry, I'll be back in a few hours. Persimmon in the fridge - help yourself. " But the girl had other orders that day, she could not let people down. In the end, a colleague came to her aid and helped open the door from the outside. They ate persimmon together.

There are much less funny stories. Once, the dog in charge strongly grabbed a walker by the hand - not because the dog was "bad", but because a stressful situation had occurred. Unfortunately, you cannot insure yourself against such incidents. The dog may be attacked by another animal, something unexpected may happen on the street, so the dog will get scared and pull the leash. We try to immediately explain to those who work with us: walking is a serious job. If someone imagines the work of a walker or dog sitter as a simple and fun pastime with cute dogs, then he is mistaken.

About the community

I would like our clients, walkers and dog owners to form a community. We recently tried a walking dog tour - people were thrilled. During the time that Reveler Dog has existed, I realized that many pet owners are like young mothers. They are sensitive, worried about everything that happens to the dog. Sometimes it may seem that they react very violently to something insignificant, so each needs a special approach. Clients need to be asked in detail about the dog's habits, character.

Perhaps I am the same restless "dog mom" myself. For example, I'm talking to Dandy. If he is a bully and I reprimand him, he snorts and sneezes - he always does this if he is not happy. Yesterday the walker sent me a report about how she walked with him. The report said that while walking, Dandy met three small dogs. One growled and attacked, another had a toy. The walker told me how my dog ​​talked to them: it turned out that at the end of each meeting, when he got tired of talking with the dogs, he snorted and left. I read the report and was moved by: "How similar it is to him!"

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