New Name: "Ukrainian Beyonce" MARUV

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New Name: "Ukrainian Beyonce" MARUV
New Name: "Ukrainian Beyonce" MARUV
Video: New Name: "Ukrainian Beyonce" MARUV
Video: Maruv \u0026 Boosin - Drunk Groove/16th Annual Music Award/Transformation/Russia 2018/Grand Gala Opening 2023, February

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WHO IS IT: Anna Korsun, aka MARUV, Ukrainian pop artist

Many of those who represent the new Ukrainian pop-wave are distinguished by the ability to "think like big". But few of them were so persistently asking for comparisons with Beyoncé, as the singer MARUV does. And the point is not so much that last year's debut disc by the former member of The Pringlez was released in the format of a visual album and (in some places) distinct stylistic homages, as in a persistent desire to defend their own independence.

There is rarely an opportunity to say thank you to Eurovision for the performers who did not go for it, but the case with MARUV seems to be just that. Having won the national selection for the competition, she did not agree on the terms of a contract with the NSTU TV company, which broadcasts Euro in Ukraine, and refused to participate. From what she did not lose for sure: the “Siren Song” she put up for the competition will be remembered not for near-political scandals, but as a business card of a self-confident artist who is not used to settling for less.

"Siren Song"

COVER: Maruvofficial

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