"Growing" By Amy Schumer And 4 More New Female Stand-ups

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"Growing" By Amy Schumer And 4 More New Female Stand-ups
"Growing" By Amy Schumer And 4 More New Female Stand-ups
Video: "Growing" By Amy Schumer And 4 More New Female Stand-ups
Video: Amy Schumer: Growing | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix 2023, February

Stand-up is no longer a "low" genre, and one of the favorites of pop culture. Indeed, on the most inconvenient topics with its help, you can speak as if laughing. Last year, Nanette's comedian Hannah Gadsby announced from the stage that she was retiring from comedy, but her stand-up was without hilarious jokes, but with terrifying revelations about bullying, was already so popular that it did not work out. Amy Schumer's new stand-up "Growing" was recently released on Netflix, in which, among other things, she talked about how difficult pregnancy is for her. We are talking about "Growing" and about four other important female stand-ups that came out over the past year.


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Amy Schumer


Last February, Amy Schumer unexpectedly married chef Chris Fisher - the couple officially announced their relationship a couple of days before the wedding, having met only a few months. In October, it became known that Sumer was pregnant - for both spouses, this is the first child. Therefore, it is easy to guess that to record her new stand-up with the ironic name "Growing" Amy entered the stage with a rather impressive belly. At some point, she lifted her dress to demonstrate her navel, sealed with two plasters - one of a thousand life hacks for pregnant women, in this case, so that the dress does not puff up.

Schumer, whose corporate identity has always been distinguished by one hundred percent frankness without the slightest smoothing of corners, recorded her most honest stand-up, this time not only revealing her life in a new status, but also publicly telling for the first time that her husband was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Choosing her words carefully, she said that Chris thinks differently from her, and that his straightforwardness was just one of the reasons why she fell in love with him.

Despite all the joy of what is happening, Amy's pregnancy, alas, cannot be called easy: with severe toxicosis, she suffered for five months, ended up in the hospital and was forced to cancel a number of performances. Now she is much better, and the only thing that now gives Schumer an inconvenience, she says, is that he and Meghan Markle will give birth at about the same time, and for some reason Amy looks completely different from her.

Ellen DeGeneres


Are celebrities really no different from us? Do fame and fortune make it impossible to be "normal"? Can the average person understand the problems of the famous, award-winning, wealthy female comedian who hosts her own show? These are the questions posed by popular host Ellen DeGeneres in her first stand-up in fifteen years. She recalls the loud reaction to the coming out that Ellen had over twenty years ago, and how they did not want to put her show on television, and then it became terribly popular, and how she went to Rwanda and opened there gorilla sanctuary.

Eliza Schlesinger

Elder millenial

Despite the obvious relevance of the topic, few comedians can boast of unbroken thoughts about relationships between people - but Eliza Schlesinger is just one of them. In Elder Millenial, all the observations that could be heard during her live performances or TV shows culminate. Thirty-six-year-old Schlesinger talks about everything that happened to her when she was twenty-something, such as sex and dating. Schlesinger was never shy about sensitive topics, she knows how to ridicule stereotypes and vicious gender socialization. As a nice bonus in her stand-up - a parody of a gazelle that has no problems with self-esteem, hashtags for any occasion and a joke about the dog "who is the baby ?!"

Tig Notaro

Happy to be here

The previous stand-up of 2015, Tig Notaro, dedicated her engagement to her wife Stephanie Allin. Three years later, their family life continues to gain momentum, not least because they now have twin sons, Finn and Max, and a cat named Fluff.Teague Notaro constructs Happy To Be Here around such seemingly ordinary things, and the show doesn't get bored even for a second. Teague's entire stand-up is filled with funny and happy moments and unexpected moves, for which the fans love her so much: at the end of the performance, she begins to tease the audience with a certain concert with a special invited guest and, despite the repeated repetition of the joke, she does it so skillfully that the audience doesn't care anymore. whether this concert will take place or not.

Ali Wong

Hard knock wife

Another stand-up with a pregnant woman in the lead role. For Ali Wong, such a recording is not the first time - in 2016, "Baby Cobra" was already released on Netflix, which she recorded in her seventh month of pregnancy. For "Hard Knock Wife" she repeated the experience and took to the stage again in her seventh month of pregnancy as her second child. As with Baby Cobra, we see a very pregnant and very active woman on stage, exuding frantic energy for an hour. She never sits down, but only runs, actively gestures and even at some point shows what exactly her breastfeeding consultant is doing to dissolve the plug in her breast.

Ali recalls how, after having a baby, she slowly began to return to work in nightclubs and her male colleagues criticized her for not being at home with her baby. But they themselves did not stay at home after becoming parents - why should she? Ali, as always, offers viewers an honest, unadorned view of motherhood and marriage.

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