Journalist Nina Abrosimova On Minimalism And Favorite Cosmetics

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Journalist Nina Abrosimova On Minimalism And Favorite Cosmetics
Journalist Nina Abrosimova On Minimalism And Favorite Cosmetics

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Under the heading "Cosmetic bag" we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic cases of characters we are interested in - and show all this to you.

Interview: Margarita Virova

Photos: Ekaterina Starostina

Nina Abrosimova



No meditation is easier than looking out of the window at the road


About minimalism

In the communal apartment where I lived for almost two years, there was a rule: no one leaves anything in the bathroom. Even toothpaste. Therefore, every time before going to the shower, I collected a knapsack with everything I needed. It quickly became clear that I needed very little. Then why did you buy everything else? And is it necessary to store it? Once I got angry and threw everything away. Even lipsticks, lying in case of some special mood, which did not happen in any way, got under the hot hand. In the end, I moved to a new house with a tiny box in which there was not a single extra thing. Then, of course, I dragged all kinds of cosmetic junk into the apartment, but the shelf still looks austere.

About leaving

I approach leaving lightly. I am twenty two years old. It will be thirty - I'll go and read what to do with it. In the morning I wash my face with gel, in the evening - with oil, because I feel Moscow dust settling on my skin. In winter and early spring I use baby cream. It costs fifty rubles and, I suspect, is made of nonsense, but so nice and thick that under it even the cheeks seem to freeze less. By the summer I switch to regular moisturizers. I don’t do anything else regularly. My skin is not very capricious, and what I don't like can not be corrected with a tonic anyway.

I have very few complaints about my own face. To the body, especially after reading the book "The Body of Rubbish" - practically none. I am very condescending to myself. I can finish my run on the second kilometer, because I was tempted by some pie I saw in a cafe, past which I thoughtlessly plotted a route. I swim incorrectly in the pool, most often I lie stupidly in a warm paddling pool. About four times a week I have breakfast with eclairs from VkusVilla. Seriously, the only thing that worries me is that I can't fall in love with a contrast shower. The skin reacts to it perfectly, but every time in the process I want to cry (such meanness, and also with my own hands!). Dry brushing is also not a pleasant procedure, but I somehow got used to it and do it three times a week.

About well-being

I love the bathhouse, but I’m not used to the Moscow ones, so I go to those in the vicinity of my hometown. Two hours on the train, four in the warmth, and thoughts disappear from my head. If there is no time, then the minimum plan is a couple of laps on the B bus and a hot shower. There is no simpler meditation than looking out of the window at the road. The main thing is not to blunt into the phone, this is my main enemy. I don't take it with me when I walk the dog, and in general I dream of throwing it away someday.

When I am sad or anxious, I wash my face with very cold water and sit in the dark in the bathroom for a couple of minutes. After that, I'm ready to go back and continue what I was doing. Spirits are also very soothing to me, but not my own. Now I carry Lacoste from a young man - he doesn't know about it, it seems - and I used to take my mother's Issey Miyake. When you feel a familiar favorite smell, it seems that the person is also nearby. A great trap for a restless brain.

About makeup

My grandma is terribly saddened by the fact that I do not use makeup. She is sure that all girls should wear makeup and dressed up: "Especially if they are young." Granny is seventy, she will not leave the house without red lipstick. And I can't always get to the metro with red lipstick: I wash it halfway, I feel like something superfluous. Accentuated cheekbones, corrected eyebrows, a radiant nasal bridge - all these techniques also seem superfluous to me. And an even tone - no.Therefore, I still paint my face, and on big holidays I add something else to my makeup. For example, a red blush, a little glitter in the corner of the eye, or two coats of mascara on the lashes.

Well, it's time to confess: I hate choosing cosmetics and don't know how to do it, and I'm also afraid of consultants in stores. My friends have always helped me with this. At the university, I called Zhenya, with whom I studied, and asked: can I buy some decent foundation for a thousand rubles? / which Korean foams are good? / is there really mascara to cry with? Zhenya ate the dog on the forums about cosmetics, so she gave out ten options at once. All cosmetics and even a hairbrush were bought then according to her recommendations. Now I am calling Ira Shcherbakova, editor-in-chief of the L'Etoile magazine. She is the only person to whom I listen in these matters. Only Ira can stick her gold patches on me and convince me that it's okay to come to a coffee shop like that. She also teaches me to use masks, which I still - like many things - still consider a useless waste.

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