Leave To Return: Three Heroines On Why They Decided To Continue Their Favorite Business

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Leave To Return: Three Heroines On Why They Decided To Continue Their Favorite Business
Leave To Return: Three Heroines On Why They Decided To Continue Their Favorite Business
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Many of us were raised like thisthat everything that has been started must certainly be brought to an end. But what if the activity has ceased to bring pleasure? In a joint project with Puma, we talked with three heroines who were not afraid to take a break from what they love. For the sake of returning to it with joy and pleasure.

Lena Kalashnikova

She participated in the Istanbul and Moscow marathons, ran half marathons in Riga and Lisbon. This year he is going to storm the Berlin Marathon.

Five years ago I met several runners, one of whom had already run a marathon and was an influencer at the time. It was he who asked me if it was weak for me to run a marathon (42 kilometers). I answered: "Yes, not a question!" And in the end I ran the same fall. A year after the first marathon, I completed the CCM: I finished it at 2:57:46, which is pretty cool for an amateur. And then I quit running because I had a fight with the coach. It was with him that I became an athlete, motivated and hardworking. But after my successes, he decided to change the conditions, which he informed me in a categorical form. I was not satisfied with his proposals.

A coach is a person whom the athlete perceives almost as a father

Now I understand that a mentor can and should be changed if you are dissatisfied with each other. And then it seemed to me that this was the end, without it nothing would work. In general, a mini-depression began, which lasted for six months. But spring came, everyone started running again, and it dawned on me that something had to be decided. What helped me come back was that everyone around me knew my story from my blog. So it was just a shame to give up everything.


I think in the end the long hiatus was good for me

First, you can compare the different approaches of different trainers. Secondly, in six months without running, all my injuries have healed. Am I allowing myself to be slack? I don't know what counts as weakness. I live like this: there are obligatory things - training, work. The rest is not so important, I do not scold myself for omissions in other areas of life. I try to pamper myself, for example, I do not limit food. I did my best - I deserve everything I want. And most importantly, after the break, I realized that my desires and goals should not depend on other people.

Karina Ramazanova

International Master of Sports, four-time medalist of the Russian championship and championship. European champion in group exercises.

My parents brought me to rhythmic gymnastics at the age of five. By that time, the group had already been formed for half a year, but they took me. I was bigger than the other girls and cried all the time. And then it somehow got involved and caught fire. My path in sports was not easy. But I desperately wanted to get into the national team, to go to the European Championship. It captivated me so much that I simply didn’t make plans, I didn’t even dream. And, having achieved her goal, she looked around and suddenly froze in front of the unknown - and what next?

I wanted to have time to prepare for the institute, my back was also injured

I was only 16 years old, but it seemed that I had already lived a huge segment of my life. And on such an emotional recession, I left the big sport. However, I soon found a new goal and business for myself. Now I am the head of the support group of the basketball club "Nizhny Novgorod"

This is not just cheerleading, but a dance group that works in a variety of ways

I was a rather typical athlete: I cried if it didn't work out, but then I always got up and finished, for which the coach even gave me the nickname "bull." And this my emotionality, impetuosity, from which it is better to abstain in professional sports, do not interfere with my new hobby, but, on the contrary, help me. It seems to me that it is not difficult to force yourself to start over if you clearly know what you want to achieve in the end. No need to feel sorry for yourself, give up and dig in your head.Instead, be yourself. Personally, I am now a mother, and my main dream is to raise my son happy and strong.


Liza Kaneva

The author of the YouTube channel Liza Says, the audience of which is more than 215 thousand subscribers.

In 2014, I transferred to a new gymnasium. I lacked communication and friends, and then I began to use YouTube as a platform for self-expression. I published my first video when I was 13. However, soon after the unfounded insults, I had to give up a new hobby. I was a little girl, I took everything to heart, I wanted to please everyone. And my hobby was considered strange and funny. I think that people have always suffered from bullying, only the name of the term used to be different.

After six months, I still decided to resume the blog

Why? The creative process brought me such pleasure that I realized: without it, I simply will not be myself. I am a maximalist: I give myself a directive either to achieve my goals 100%, or not to take on them at all. I understand perfectly well that sometimes other rules work in life and there are factors that do not depend on me. But if I can change something - I will do it!


In the first issues after the break, I felt more confident than before, because now I knew why I was doing it

I wanted even more to shoot and share my thoughts with others. And they began to hear me, I received the first words of support. Negativity, subjective opinions and spiteful critics will not go anywhere, they will always be. Another thing is whether we listen to ourselves, to our desires. Do we let negativity into our lives. Getting back to work and getting back to your goal is really difficult. But what is easy in this world?


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