Premiere: Jekka's Therapeutic Album "Shy No More"

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Premiere: Jekka's Therapeutic Album "Shy No More"
Premiere: Jekka's Therapeutic Album "Shy No More"

Video: Premiere: Jekka's Therapeutic Album "Shy No More"

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Evgenia Nedosekina is the one who is said to “never sit still”. In addition to her own music, which she has been writing under the pseudonym Jekka for more than seven years, Nedosekina manages to keep a blog about Russian girls-musicians "PARALLEL" and organize a women's music residence of the same name. In a series of projects and collaborations, Jekka released the album "Shy No More" - the singer herself calls it her first "adult" album.



The album "Shy No More" is a collection of self-help songs, an attempt to remind you that even in difficult moments you must continue to believe in yourself. After the large-scale transmedia project # YEAR, addressed to Russian folklore, I was very tired physically and mentally. Dad died that year and it was especially hard. When I woke up in 2018, I didn't want to set goals, create a complex concept, I wanted something not as heavy as before. Music just started to be born on its own.

I remembered writing songs close to R&B as a teenager, and I decided I needed to get back to it. In parallel, to get out of the emotional hole, I read books on happiness, the philosophy of mindfulness and psychology. I reflected a lot on my goals, the musical environment in which I cook, social networks that develop a sense of constant anxiety. In the end, I decided: why not write songs based on all those books that I have read? This is how a new narrative line appeared - songs for inspiration.

I've always dreamed of writing an "adult" album with a lot of tracks. While I was in the zone of creative abundance, I threw in a lot of sketches, from which I then chose the most interesting ones. I couldn't stop and decided to act like Gorrilaz - to make all the tracks with fits. All, of course, did not work out, but seven of them were eventually recorded with talented musicians from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Minsk and Bali. All songs are very different - I have not developed a corporate style, I have always been thrown and will be thrown in different directions. I'm not ashamed of it anymore - that's what the album is about.

cover: Instagram / iamjekka

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