New Name: Body-positive Singer, Rapper And LGBT Icon Lizzo

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New Name: Body-positive Singer, Rapper And LGBT Icon Lizzo
New Name: Body-positive Singer, Rapper And LGBT Icon Lizzo

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Video: Lizzo - Boys (Official Video) 2023, January

IN THE RUBRIC "NEW NAME" we talk about promising newcomers: musicians, directors, artists and other creative people - that is, everyone whose name appears more and more often on the pages of magazines, in social media feeds and in our conversations, and who is clearly on the verge of great success.


who is it: Melissa Vivian Jefferson, American singer, rap artist, flutist and actress; her new album "Cuz I Love You" instantly won the approval of listeners and critics

Lizzo can hardly be called a newcomer to the world of music - she started rapping at fourteen, and released her debut album "Lizzobangers" in 2013 - but the real success comes to her right now, after last week the third album "Cuz I Love You ". Music for Lizzo is not just a way to do what you love. All of her work - from performing in flashy outfits like an exact replica of a Sailor Moon suit to heartfelt interviews and posts on social networks - is on a mission to teach others to love themselves. For the singer, these words are not a way to get into a trend, but the only possible truth of life. As she herself says, "even if body positive becomes unfashionable, I will not turn into a white thin woman." Among other things, Lizzo performs at American LGBT festivals, comes as a guest at RuPaul's Drag Race and identifies herself as a gender fluid person. “That is why the LGBT flag is a rainbow! Because we are all different, although there are those who are now trying to see the world only in black and white colors. But it doesn't suit me."

The message of music and lifestyle that Lizzo broadcasts to fans is good for its simplicity: love your body, believe in yourself, don't let people treat yourself badly. In the ode to masturbation, the song “Scuse Me” from her previous album “Coconut Oil”, she sings like this: “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a Queen”. And with all her appearance she shows that even without a crown she really is a queen.


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