New Name: Ukrainian Singer And Producer GROZA

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New Name: Ukrainian Singer And Producer GROZA
New Name: Ukrainian Singer And Producer GROZA
Video: New Name: Ukrainian Singer And Producer GROZA
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who is it: Ira Grosu, a singer and producer from Odessa, recently released her second EP "Introvert"

The Ukrainian wave of pop music does not even think to slow down: the other day, a member of the creative association LABEL Ira Grosu, who releases music under the pseudonym GROZA, presented the second EP "Introvert". The singer and producer, originally from Odessa, does everything herself: texts, music, arrangement - her handiwork. An interesting mix of two-step and R'n'B with greetings to Russian pop music of the 90s is not limited to ironic tracks about evenings in a company with Kubrick - the musician's lyrics also have a place for quite serious topics.

“We still live in captivity of stereotypes, where a girl should be long-haired, and a guy should be short-haired. The girl should wear heels, and the guy should wear sneakers. I think this is no longer relevant. I am a girl and I can wear any hairstyle and any clothes. I can devote myself to motherhood, or I can devote myself to art. I can be an extrovert on stage and an introvert in my studio. After all, I can express my feelings and emotions in any way that pleases me. I create my own world with my own rules,”says Ira.

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