Men's Makeup: 5 Easy Lessons To Start With

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Men's Makeup: 5 Easy Lessons To Start With
Men's Makeup: 5 Easy Lessons To Start With
Video: Men's Makeup: 5 Easy Lessons To Start With
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Men who occupied the beauty segment of youtube, usually demonstrate Instagram makeup and a masterly skill in drawing arrows - it's not so easy to find instructions among them with a really viable and minimalist make-up. We have collected five videos of famous YouTubers - these are simple lessons that will help you understand what modern makeup for guys can look like.

Wesley Benjamin Carter's furry eyebrows

The same Wesley Benjamin Carter, who mysteriously disappeared from posters in the Russian NYX stores, is a master of neon arrows and golden reflections. But in order to repeat the makeup from the first video on his channel, you do not need a suitcase of cosmetics - this is a detailed and understandable instruction on how to draw fluffy eyebrows according to all the canons of the era. Perhaps the easiest of all the first steps to make-up - basically nothing changes on the face, but the difference is visible.

Hector Espinal's invisible makeup

The Fenty Beauty brand cannot be called the main ones in the base, but it is obvious that its main makeup artist, Hector Espinal, is an understanding man. Among the more sparkling video tutorials on the brand's channel, you can find an excellent guide to men's makeup: Espinal simply demonstrates on the model how to apply concealer, foundation and powder to avoid staining, and at the same time shows a convenient and safe method for makeup using matting wipes.

"Glass" skin of Brutus Choi

There are plenty of beauty leaders from South Korea on YouTube - men in this country are storming the beauty market as actively as women, and (rather sadly) are subject to an equally enduring fascination with beauty standards. You can find dozens of tutorials to help you get closer to K-pop idols, but there is a chance to find something simpler. Radiance is a universal value that never goes out of style. From the video of the Korean-Canadian blogger Brut Choi, you can understand how, after spending some effort, to get a "glass" skin.

Troy Sivan's Relaxed Routine

The Australian idol in the Vogue make-up video series showed what he does to his face every day. No dense tonal foundations and contouring: the singer suggests paying attention to care (he uses rosehip oil to moisturize and prepare for make-up), from all possible decorative products he chooses a bronzer, which advises to easily spread all over the face and, again, does not forget about eyebrows.

Patrick Starr base makeup

The king of bright makeup and veteran of male YouTube, Patrick Starr rarely demonstrates something simple, he has more interesting things to do (for which we love). But he also has a video in his arsenal for which he paints invisible makeup on the face of New York model Paul Craddock. The result is flawless, but the process is already for an amateur to meditatively tinker with brushes and shades - there was a place for both minimal contouring and a neat blush.

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