For Business And Creativity: 8 Podcasts To Help You Be More Productive

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For Business And Creativity: 8 Podcasts To Help You Be More Productive
For Business And Creativity: 8 Podcasts To Help You Be More Productive

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Podcasts keep gaining traction including in Russia. In general, it is not surprising - today you can find shows on any topic, from science fiction stories to interviews with celebrities and ordinary people and advice on how to arrange your life. We've put together a few shows to help you put life in (relative) order. Here you can find practical advice, from large-scale to small, and inspiring stories, and someone else's experience that will help you avoid your own mistakes.

StartUp podcast

The StartUp Podcast has been around for five years - as the name suggests, it's a documentary show about entrepreneurs and startups. Each season is a separate mini-series dedicated to its own theme. The last, eighth, for example, tells the story of American priests trying to create new churches, as well as change the conservative system. Others have more traditional business themes - such as venture capital and new venture investments or the startup bus - an experiment in which twenty bus-traveling entrepreneurs were asked to come up with a new project in a week.

By the Book

The authors themselves describe this podcast as "half reality show, half self help podcast and one big social experiment." The hosts - friends Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meisner - choose a self-help book for each issue and try to live by its principles for a week in order to find out where there are really useful tips, what is not worth wasting time, and what toxic ideas are hidden behind. Jolenta and Kristen begin with the famous "Mystery" by Rhonda Byrne, and among other issues - no less famous books like "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" by John Gray and "Magic Cleaning" by Marie Kondo.

Start with This

You may have heard of Welcome to Night Vale, arguably one of the most famous art podcasts. In Start with This, creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor talk about the creative process - for example, how to finally start turning ideas into reality or how to learn how to accept feedback on your work (and finally stop taking feedback on what you do as an assessment of your personality). So far, there are few releases (the podcast is barely a month old), but everything is ahead. Fink and Cranor also give listeners homework - and if you support Start with This on Patreon, you can share your work with other listeners.

How I Built This

Journalist and radio host Guy Ras interviews the entrepreneurs who came up with famous companies. Ras chooses a wide variety of businesses - there are issues dedicated to, for example, Spanx shapers, SoulCycle cycling workouts, Kickstarter, Whole Foods and Instagram supermarkets. Even if you do not plan to start your own business, listening to other people's success stories is still interesting - it is quite possible that you will find inspiration in them for your occupation.

Personal Best

Many self-help books urge you to think about ambitious goals: to dramatically change your life, find a calling, discard all unnecessary, and so on. The authors of Personal Best honestly admit that it is difficult to change life, and they cannot give advice that will help everyone and everyone, without exception. Instead of big goals, they deal with very specific issues - for example, the habit of waking up and being late for work because of this, or the inability to support smol-talk with the cashier. The beauty of the podcast is that the hosts are genuinely interested in the characters and find less obvious ways to help them - how do you like speed dating or a haunted house as a means of dealing with problems?


A podcast by John Augustus, a screenwriter who has worked on, for example, Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A couple of years ago, August decided to write a book, and at the same time learn how the publishing business works.This is exactly what the show is about: the presenter talks about the creation of the book in stages and gives excerpts from interviews with publishing experts. If you have always dreamed of writing a book, but did not go further, in fact, dreams, Launch will come in handy for you. Of course, book publishing in Russian realities differs from the American one - but to understand the process itself and how much effort will have to be made to make the dream come true, the podcast will definitely be useful.

Before breakfast

The quick tips on productivity that time management expert Laura Vanderkam says are easy to pair with your morning coffee. The episodes are no more than ten minutes long, each with simple and short guidelines. They should help to deal with problems that everyone understands: how to better plan a schedule for the week, quickly deal with mail and learn how to spend time at meetings with benefit. These tips may seem obvious, but let's be honest: there is no magic pill to break the habit of rearranging the alarm for another five minutes.

Side hustle school

A podcast on a topic that is relevant to many: how to combine the main job with a part-time job - for the soul or one that over time can grow into a big business. Host Chris Gillebeau tells the stories of a wide variety of people who came up with a business on the side - the latest episodes, for example, are devoted to Canadians who invented baby monitors for toddlers and a woman selling used books on Instagram. There are many episodes, but they are short, so you can quickly get acquainted with a bunch of very different ideas. The episodes are daily, and at the end of the week, Gillebeau sums up the results and gives listeners specific advice that helped his heroes.

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