New Name: Singer And Producer Vika Pestrova

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New Name: Singer And Producer Vika Pestrova
New Name: Singer And Producer Vika Pestrova
Video: New Name: Singer And Producer Vika Pestrova
Video: Мир на Земле (2013) | Вика Пестрова и Карен Карагян | Слово жизни Music 2023, February

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Vika Pestrova

who is it: Singer and producer, released the EP "Anxiety" and the video "Girl-Rodina"

Vika Pestrova is not a newcomer to the world of music (according to her, she wrote her first song at the age of three), but before devoting her life to her beloved work, the performer went from “serious” studies and work in a large corporation to the decision to give up everything. “Special thanks to Tom Odell, at whose concert I clearly understood that I had to try right now, then it would be more difficult. Three days after the concert, I announced my resignation,”she says. Vika's courage has paid off in full: now the singer and producer has two won competitions of the Maskeliade school (among whose graduates Naadya and Vadik Korolev from OQJAV) for the best track, sets together with Naadya and Virgin, as well as the piercing electropop EP "Anxiety".

“In“Anxiety”I delve into myself, in all that splash of emotions that flooded when I embarked on this creative path. Here it is about condemnation, and about misunderstanding, and about the fear that it will not work out, and about anxiety that cloudes and does not allow to open up. I thought that if I splash it all out in the songs, then everything will pass. But it turns out, no, this is more decided with a psychologist - however, I'm also happy with the album,”says Pestrova. According to the musician, next year will be the anniversary of her remission - ten years ago she defeated Hodgkin's lymphoma - and for this event she also dreams of preparing a special musical project.

The theme of mutual support can be traced in the already published material: “There is, for example, in“Anxiety”the track“Don't even think”, in which I address not myself, but already to other people, friends and acquaintances, with each of whom something happened. -that's the trouble. With this line, “Don't even think,” I would like to pat everyone on the shoulder and say: “Don't blame yourself, accept the situation, everything will pass. One day, perhaps, you will find out why everything happened this way, and maybe you will still help others through this. " Surprisingly, this track met a lot of responses, it made you feel the power of music, social power, or something. Now we are shooting a video for it, which we will show at the Powerhouse at the concert,”says the performer. It will be possible to listen to Vika live on May 22.

Director, photographer: Dilyusa Gimadeeva

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