What To See: "Perfect Date", "Street Food" And 9 More Netflix Projects

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What To See: "Perfect Date", "Street Food" And 9 More Netflix Projects
What To See: "Perfect Date", "Street Food" And 9 More Netflix Projects
Video: What To See: "Perfect Date", "Street Food" And 9 More Netflix Projects
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There is a long vacation ahead, and, as always, there is a lot of new stuff on Netflix. On May 10, Amy Poehler's long-awaited debut film "Wine Country" will be released - a comedy about how friends went to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of them in the vineyards of Napa and how it all turned out. In the meantime, let's talk about 11 more interesting projects that you can watch right now.





The first 15-minute Netflix sitcom in the episode tells the story of Ryan, a young gay man with cerebral palsy who, recognizing everything that distinguishes him from others, is ready to start an adult life: find a job and finally move out from an overprotective mom. The autobiographical series of Ryan O'Connell - a real stand-up comedian with cerebral palsy - tells a story that really happened to him. After being hit by a car at twenty, he decided to "rewrite" his past, letting friends and colleagues think that he was limping because of the accident. In 2015, in his autobiography I Am Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, he finally confessed to everything that attracted the attention of Jim Parsons - who played Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory - who eventually became one of the executive producers of the series. "Special" can be safely called the main modern series representing gays: in addition to talking about the gay application Grindr and the presence on the screen of only one "white heterosexual man" (as the creators of the series say), there is perhaps the most explicit scene of gay sex in the entire history of, if not cinematography, then at least sitcoms.



An unexpected premiere about two childhood friends, Tiff and Pete, who suddenly start working together. Nothing out of the ordinary, if not for one thing: Tiff is a professional dominatrix who hires Pete as her assistant - a loser gay with ambitions of a stand-up comedian (Brendan Scannell, who played him, is a stand-up comedian in real life), who is unable to pay for rented room. Netflix continues to show the viewer what was previously not accepted on the screen, and now it enters the territory of BDSM, and in the most non-judgmental manner - perhaps never before on the screen did people (albeit actors) talk so casually and openly about their desires. And despite the many rather explicit scenes - from tickling and wrestling in penguin costumes to "golden rain" and something else - even this series turns out to be a story of friendship and jointly overcoming the difficulties of adulthood. Many professional dominatrixes criticized the show for instilling false stereotypes, but if you do not analyze the series so carefully, then you can truly enjoy the ridiculous and funny adventures of Tiff and Pete.

Dead to me

Dead to me

About three months ago, Jen's husband (Christina Applegate) was hit by an unknown driver, leaving her a widow with two teenage children. Her once-impeccable life is slowly but surely falling apart as Jen sinks into her grief and suffers outbursts of uncontrollable anger. But one day, at the end of the tunnel, a light will dawn: in a psychological support group, she will meet direct Judy (Linda Cardellini). Judy has several shocking secrets that she is in no hurry to reveal to a new friend, but surrounds that with attention and care. A dark and cynical series that presents a new perspective on female friendship.

Tuka and Bertie

Tuca & Bertie

An animated series by the creators of BoJack Horse about the friendship of two 30-year-old birds living in the same house. Touka (Tiffany Haddish) is a cocky and carefree tukaniha, and Bertie (Ali Wong) is an anxious and dreamy songbird. The problems of birds are not very different from human ones: difficulties at work, existential crises and difficulties in sex life.But at the same time, unlike most animated series "Tuka and Bertie" is focused precisely on the "female gaze" - the show is already being compared with another series about female friendship "Broad City".

Demolish the Big House

Knock down the house

A documentary about four women who faced injustice and decided to fight back the American system. When tragedy struck the Bronx-based Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the midst of the financial crisis, she had to work double shifts in a restaurant to save her home from foreclosure. Due to problems with the health care system, Amy Vilela lost a loved one who could be saved with proper help. Corey Bush found herself on the street when an incident of police shooting an unarmed black man sparked protests and brought tanks into her area. Jean Sweringin Field is tired of watching her family and friends suffer and die from the environmental consequences of coal mining. In a moment of historical instability in American politics, these four women with no political experience or corporate money are creating a movement of candidates to challenge powerful congressional officials.

Someone cool

Someone great

Aspiring music journalist Jenny (Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez) just got her dream job at a cult magazine and is about to move to San Francisco. Instead of trying to continue the relationship at a distance after nine years together, her boyfriend Nate (Luckit Stanfield from Atlanta) simply decides to break up. To heal her broken heart, Jenny invites her two best friends, Erin and Blair, for the last time in New York. A fun and soulful story about friendship, love and growing up.

Unicorns shop

Unicorn Store

Brie Larson's directorial debut, in which she also played the main role. Kit is a lonely 20+ girl who doesn't want to leave her childhood and grow up. She is kicked out of art college, her personal life also does not add up, and her parents do not know what to do with her. Until at some point she begins to receive mysterious letters inviting her to come to the store, where Samuel L. Jackson's character, nicknamed The Seller, tells her what she always dreamed of hearing: she will get her unicorn. Real, alive, but only on one condition - she will need to grow up, establish relationships with loved ones, become responsible and build a real home for the unicorn. The film is clearly not for everyone, but it should appeal to those who miss the fabulous classics of Michel Gondry.

Perfect date

The perfect date

The success of last year's teen melodramas To All the Boys I Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser proved that Netflix's simple, sweet stories work just as well as big thrillers. After two almost identical roles in the films mentioned above, Noah Centineo decided not to deviate from the role of the handsome guy from the next doorway. True, in "Perfect Date" his hero is aiming a little higher - at startups. To earn some pocket money, Brooks builds a dating app, acts as the boyfriend of her dreams, and arranges the perfect dates for the girls themselves. Forced to try on a new look every day, he quickly becomes entangled in his desires and suddenly falls in love with one of the clients, played by another favorite of Netflix's youth audience - Camila Mendes from Riverdale.

Rilakkuma and Kaworu

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

The cutest stop motion anime about a young girl suffering from routine work, two teddy bears and a chicken - they all live under the same roof. Rilakkuma and Kaworu - a big brown bear and a smaller white one - and the Kiiroitori chicken do not speak the human language: they communicate through chirping and cooing. Where did the animals come from in the life of the girl Kaoru (she is voiced by Lana Condor from "To All the Boys I Loved Before") - it is not known, at some point they just appeared on her doorstep.But this doesn't really bother anyone - they communicate with other people without any problems and even get a job. Rilakkuma and Kaworu may seem like a child-friendly experience with the abundance of cute stuffed animals on screen, but upon closer inspection, the show turns out to be a thoughtful story about the life of a twenty-year-old girl facing the challenges of her age.

Chasing Bonnie and Clyde

The highwaymen

A film for those who miss the harsh vibe of True Detective season 1, starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson as Texas Rangers. The tape tells about the capture of Bonnie and Clyde - for the first time from the perspective of law enforcement officers. As the legendary robbery duo terrify Midwesterners, bankers united in desperation call retired heroes Costner and Harrelson back to work to end dangerous criminals.

Street food

Street food

Netflix is ​​adding another iconic genre to its huge collection of food shows (Chef's Table, Salt Fat Acid Heat, Ugly Delicious, and more). As you might guess from the title, Street Food is about everything that can be eaten outside of molecular restaurants and cafes overflowing with avocado dishes. Season 1 explores simple, inexpensive, yet equally (and sometimes more) delicious Asian cuisine that can be enjoyed on the run thanks to real chefs from India to the Philippines.

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