Dog Rose: Unique Pieces Made From Vintage Clothing

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Dog Rose: Unique Pieces Made From Vintage Clothing
Dog Rose: Unique Pieces Made From Vintage Clothing

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Dog rose

Foundation date: 2018


PRICE: T-shirts - from 2500 rubles, hoodies and shirts - from 4000 rubles, jackets and raincoats - from 7000 rubles.

We already have several successful examples of fashion projects based on the concept of upcycling, that is, on the recycling or rethinking of old things. From the small niche Ukrainian brand RCR Khomenko to the Rebuild line of the original and expensive Japanese brand Needles, today many are concerned about the problem of overproduction of clothing.

The Dog Rose brand works on the same principle: the creators select vintage wardrobe items in Moscow and St. Petersburg second-hand shops and alter them into current models. It was invented by Liza Melnikova, who worked in retail before, and designer Bogdan Vysotsky, founder of the Glumkimberly brand. “It's nice to know that we are not wasting new resources - this is our small contribution to caring for the environment,” says Lisa. According to her, they do not distinguish between responsibilities and do everything together: they collect materials, buy things, think over the design, take pictures and look for models. The completely non-glossy Instagram of the brand is also noteworthy - the brand's footage always looks like lookbooks of leading foreign online stores.

For founders, accessibility is important. So, the most expensive piece of clothing will cost 8 thousand rubles: “We feel changes in tastes, in what kind of clothes we want to wear, and in how much it should cost. Comfort and price are the main selection criteria for young people. And, of course, we wanted to make beautiful clothes. " The best-selling item, according to Melnikova, is a hoodie, made with a T-shirt, which can be worn in different ways.

The project is completely "home": sewing things, meeting with clients and even filming - everything takes place in an ordinary apartment. “This is also part of our concept,” Liza and Bogdan explain. Dog Rose recently decided to start working with stores - in Moscow, their clothes can be bought at INDEXflat. The brand has already taken part in a market in Berlin, and in the summer the brand's creators are planning to go to a festival in Tel Aviv.


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