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Bookmark: Honest Eating Disorder Stories
Bookmark: Honest Eating Disorder Stories

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Body Neutral Zone

Many believe that obsessive calorie counting, eternal grueling diets, and overworking are common self-care behaviors and not a signal of a possible eating disorder. At the same time, of all the mental difficulties, it is the RPP with the highest mortality rate. Girls between the ages of 15 and 24 die 12 times more often from anorexia than from anything else.

Compulsive overeating, anorexia, bulimia - very often these diseases are associated with fashion for a certain appearance and with the standards of beauty that society imposes. We often face this pressure since childhood. Someone is forbidden to eat sweets so that there is no "childhood obesity", others are told that "no one loves fat people." In early May, a spontaneous flash mob started on the telegram channel of psychologist Yulia Lapina's Body Neutral Zone - readers and readers send stories about how their families treated food and body and how this affected their lives and self-esteem. Messages include memories of bullying and humiliation, of the toughest diets and fights with parents.

The stories that have been sent in the past few weeks have been compiled by Yulia Lapina into a separate post. The flash mob does not end there: according to the psychologist, messages continue to arrive and the collection of memories will be replenished. “It is important that everyone has the opportunity to speak out and be heard,” writes Lapina. “You and your body are not to blame for the mother, father, grandfather or grandmother letting go of their aggression this way, even if they called it 'caring.'

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