Who To Subscribe To: 8 Nostalgic Instagram About Zero Fashion

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Who To Subscribe To: 8 Nostalgic Instagram About Zero Fashion
Who To Subscribe To: 8 Nostalgic Instagram About Zero Fashion

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Spring / summer collections suggest: the 2000s have become a major source of inspiration for many designers. Clamshell mobile phones have not yet reached (massively, at least), but in the next six months we will see in full other familiar things of that time. To remember how it all began, we offer nine Instagram accounts, where people talk about the noughties with irony and nostalgia.

Text: Tanya Reshetnik


The best stage costumes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. The latter bequeaths to wear a python in the manner of a boa, combine a sequin jumpsuit with shoes on a transparent platform, a mini with a shirt tied at the waist, and leather flares with crop tops. From Aguilera, we advise you to intercept the technique with the bandana and the idea with rhinestones on the face.

2000s Trashed

The name of the account speaks for itself - Jeffrey Star is not shy about using Photoshop in the MySpace era, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have not yet had a falling out, and Mean Girls is taught to wear pink on Wednesdays. In addition to photo archives of celebrities on Instagram, frames from golden films and TV series of the 2000s flashed: "Cruel Intentions", "Jennifer's Body", "Practical Magic" and "Friends".

2000s Now Bunny

Sometimes it's nice to remember what the main pop idols of the 2000s looked like - Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears - and with the help of the 2000s Now Bunny instagram it can be easily done. Of course, many quotes on T-shirts and phrases from the reality show of that time today sound unacceptable (in the 2000s, equality, misogyny and harassment were not spoken so loudly), so it's good that only outfits can be taken from this era in 2019. Rhinestone chokers, fluffy slippers, leopard print and logo bags are all over the place.

2000s Gal

The profile description indicates that the noughties are America's golden age. Looking at the shots of Tyra Banks and two alligators, Avril Lavigne in striped pants and checkered slip-ons and Christina Aguilera with a raccoon haircut, it's hard to argue with that. The account is a good reminder that in the 2000s everything was not so simple and glamor regularly encountered punk, gothic and emo culture.

2K Save Me

Rare footage and familiar stories. Lindsay Lohan with a travel tracker on the beach, in the next frame she is in the movie "The Canyons". Britney and Paris at parties with and without, Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan in the famous see-through dress. Amy Winehouse and Kelly Osbourne for a walk. It seems that this Instagram is the easiest way to study the history of friendships and quarrels of celebrities, at the same time refreshing the memory of the most popular outfits of that time.


Shards of zero fashion through the prism of TV programs. The founders of Misss2005 claim that the year is 2005, and every day they post footage from their favorite films, TV series and TV shows of the 2000s. Shots from "Heartbreakers" are replaced by "Smallville", and "Gossip Girl" is adjacent to the "Clueless". Repeating one of the images of movie characters with today's designers' interest in zero will not be difficult.

Do you love the 2000s

Fashion in the broadest sense of the word: the founders of the Instagram account collect the signs of the times. Bright bedspreads and pillows with photo prints, clamshell mobile phones in rhinestones, pink wedge shoes, ponchos and inflatable sofas, streaked hair - we bet you forgot half of this as a bad dream?

Gossip girl

Usually, such collections include the costumes of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends on the set, but the TV series "Gossip Girl" in terms of the number of dress changes is not inferior to "Sex and the City". The siren tells you how to wear a scarlet lacquered trench coat (spoiler: with a smile and head held high) if our "Instruction" is not enough for you. Blair knows all about the wide rims, which were a hit this spring. Logomania was also not without - that's why we love the 2000s!


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