Airbrush, Glitter And Colored Eyebrows: Girls On Real Festival Makeup

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Airbrush, Glitter And Colored Eyebrows: Girls On Real Festival Makeup
Airbrush, Glitter And Colored Eyebrows: Girls On Real Festival Makeup
Video: Airbrush, Glitter And Colored Eyebrows: Girls On Real Festival Makeup

Summer is in every sense a hot season for thoseFor those who love music festivals, in Moscow alone, in the next couple of months, you can count a dozen outdoor events. This means that there is an opportunity not only to hear your favorite musicians live, but also to prove yourself in the festival make-up. We talked to girls who have tried out different makeup options for such events about what it feels like to dance in a thick layer of glitter, cry with glitter and rinse off an airbrush.

Text: Tanya Reshetnik


Katerina Firsova

eternal student


My go to for any event is to stick on sequins in different variations - and more. The first big festival for me was Primavera Sound in Barcelona. In makeup, I'm pretty lazy, so all three days I used only BB cream, mascara and bright glitter on my eyes instead of shadows. The application took about ten minutes, during the evening the make-up was almost not felt, it was all removed with one napkin for make-up remover, and at the same time I felt like a walking holiday.

There was a slight inconvenience only at the end of the third day: in ecstasy from the Arcade Fire performance, I began to wipe my tears right with the sleeve of my T-shirt, smearing glitter and mascara all over my face. True, at that moment I was no longer worried about anything except the concert.

My next festival was Sziget in Budapest. August was so hot that year that all festival makeup had to be minimized to glitter. True, after a couple of hours under the sun, I still had the feeling that they were slowly flowing under the shirt, and I wanted to wash my face all the time.

The only thing I would advise others and myself next time is to use waterproof mascara and bring some wet wipes with you. In addition, both times I came to the festival site in the evening, so if you are not so lazy, do not forget about Sanskrin. But most importantly, it seems to me that the festival makeup should not prevent you from enjoying what is happening.

Natalia Shaposhnikova

Senior PR Manager, Digital Agency Affect


I think the movie Party Monster, which I watched as a teenager, played a big role in my self-expression. The entire movie Macaulay Culkin hangs out in the clubs of New York, dyes and swaps one incredible costume for another. I instantly fell in love with the characters and characters, picking up the phrase spoken by James St. James: "If you have a hump, throw some glitter on it and go dance." Since then, bright colors have become my guide.

Mostly in makeup, I focus on the eyes. Therefore, in my cosmetic bag you can find shadows and pencils of any shade. But the most beloved ones are red. I used them on Faces & Laces - 2018, applied to the upper eyelid and blend the borders with my finger. Unfortunately, my cosmetic bag has not yet appeared such shadows that could withstand the summer heat. Therefore, by noon, the shadows swam a little. I had to fix it.

I also adore everything that shines. Therefore, at Bosco Fresh Fest - 2018, I applied large sequins to the cheekbones, and I got beautiful freckles, which also beautifully reflected day and night light. I was super comfortable, and the sequins held firmly on my face and only began to fall off at night because I touched them too often with my hand.

I recently discovered the Beauty Bomb brand. They're pretty cheap cosmetics, but they have a cool eyeliner: a vibrant palette, very soft application, and super long-wearing. The pencil is so durable it won't wash off in one wash - perfect for a long festival.

What I would definitely not recommend as a festival make-up is to use dense tonal foundations in the summer - they clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.

Amina Suleeva

creative editor Condé Nast


In 2017, I went to Budapest for the Sziget festival, where I took a few bags of sequins from the Red Square.Every day I experimented with them: I mixed colors and applied to different parts of the face. The sequins turned out to be unpretentious to use - it was enough to moisten the part of the body where you wanted to pour the glitter, and everything obediently held on.

The only drawback of such a make-up is that when your face is all in sparkles, you won't touch your face once again. Otherwise, everything was fine, towards the end of the day they began to crumble slightly, but evenly.

My friends and I often hold parties in Moscow, where we make bright makeup out of them. Some even get geometric patterns using stencils - it looks very cool.

True, I believe that you need to be more careful with the choice of sequins. For example, I’m not sure if mine doesn’t harm the skin. There was a case when I used quite large glitter for makeup, went with them all night and then I left traces of paint on my face, which did not go away for a couple of days. So it's best to test your skin's reaction to glitter first, for example on your hand.

But for the festival, in my opinion, sequins are an ideal make-up option, nothing will flow in the sun, and, even when crumbled, sequins look beautiful. In addition, there is room for creativity with them: mix as you want, apply wherever you want.


Masha Mozolevskaya



For the Primavera festival in Barcelona last year, I froze gold glitter on the cheekbones and temples. It's quite simple, you need a special fixative spray (almost every brand has it, for example, MAC) and glitter or shiny pigment.

Big festivals like Primavera last all day (under the blazing sun) and turn into night. My task was to do such makeup so as not to think about it and not correct it during the day. Arrows, shadows, lipstick - all this threatened to be a hassle. And glitter is good because even if it rained or you were doused with beer and you smeared gold pollen on your face, it looks better than a flowed liner. As a last resort, you can always just wash your face out of the bottle.

Rita Tomylo

PR manager of Monstars Moscow agency


Unfortunately, my whole festival life was mainly limited to Russian festivals. My favorite memories are, of course, visits to the Invasion festival. The conditions there are quite spartan and the main unisex accessory is a can of beer. It is better not to take anything there except insect sprays.

You should always think that the heat easily turns into a downpour and any make-up behaves capriciously: the glitter flows down the face, about the tonal base, and even more so the corrector, in principle, does not have to speak - it will drain faster than the glitter, leaving a pleasant color on the clothes …

My must-haves are MAC lipstick that washes off virtually nothing - it has survived gigs such as Psyche, the Mushrooms band, and Marilyn Manson's horribly orchestrated concert. Despite the fact that I looked like Alice Cooper (I decided to make hooligan smokey eyes), the shade of Russian Red lasted until the end.

Other necessary things are a face and body cream with an SPF of at least 30 (and it is better to renew it during the day) and waterproof mascara. I like Lancôme, she was worried about Outline with me, for all the days of the festival, absolutely nothing happened to her.

Also, I do not advise you to overuse perfume, especially sweet ones - there is a risk that you will start to feel sick from yourself - but I recommend throwing a raincoat with a hood and a couple of packs of wet wipes in your backpack.

And also my find of the season - transferable tattoos - they look very cool on the face. And more pearls for the face. You can buy the simplest one in an art store - it will hold up better and cost much less than the local brands advertised on Instagram.

Anastasia Borovik

creative director


I've been going to festivals for ten years now. At first, I put on everything functional, waterproof and, what is not a pity, I did not even think about cosmetics. But in the past few years, I've decided it was worth adding beauty. The easiest way is bright and practical makeup.My choice is already a festival classic: a waterproof tone or concealer, long-lasting matte lipsticks to withstand drinks and fast food from vans (I love shades of red and black), glitter on any part of the face, fixed with transparent eyelash glue, because there is no petroleum jelly and the sticky shine will not survive even half an hour of concerts in any weather. For friends with a beard, by the way, I planted glitter on hairspray.

Once I even had the idea to create basic sets for festivals and parties, with the help of which anyone could make a themed make-up. Summer party at Strelka in a tropical style? Here's a set with neon eyeshadow, acid nail polish and holographic lip gloss.

At festivals, there are often problems with running water, so I advise you to take wet wipes with you. Will definitely come in handy! I believe that the main thing at the festival is to enjoy what is happening, so no cosmetics and clothes should distract from this buzz. In the end, we all leave at five in the morning in dust, sweat and glitter.


Cassandra Fadeeva

SMM and digital specialist

About five years ago, my friend and I went to Flow in Helsinki, and on the bus we met a girl on the way. She turned out to be a make-up artist and planned to stay in Helsinki for a couple of days and then fly on. But most importantly, she had an airbrush. We became friends and agreed to try it.

I started with a dense tone (cream, two layers of the base, the densest tone - it seems, something like Max Factor). At that time I had rich red hair, we held the airbrush in our hands for the first time, I got it from pale pink-lavender at the bridge of the nose to red, almost the color of my hair, at the temples. And then they scored it all with sequins. The result is a dense, wide, shining mask on the eyes. We spiced all this with strips of rhinestones. I tied my hair in a high ponytail, applied lipstick to the tone on my lips, added a fixative for make-up, false eyelashes and eyeliner. I almost looked like an alien. The first thirty seconds there was a feeling that I was going to sneeze and everything would fly off.

We hung out at the festival for over twelve hours. The makeup ran a little at the temples from sweat and dancing, but it was fixed with my fingers, and when it got dark, it didn't matter anymore. The rhinestones also began to recede, and three hours before returning home, I took them off. At home, I washed off this make-up for about forty minutes, and the remnants of the glitter from my hair were washed out a couple of days after the end of the festival.

And the simplest makeup I did myself last year at Coachella. Our flight to Los Angeles was delayed by two hours. I was terribly nervous: an acquaintance was waiting for me to take me to the valley by car, and as a result, a two-hour delay resulted in five. On the way, we collected all possible traffic jams. After more than three hours in the car and a couple of missed artists from wishlist, I was close to going with a bare face and a brick face, but I didn't give up. In fifteen minutes I cleaned my face, applied a light cream with Sanskrin, pasted metallized freckles on the cheekbones and collarbones with shoulders, brushed it off with a bronzer, added a light concealer under the eyes, eyelashes on magnets, kayal along the top line, took two matte lipsticks with me - nude and fuchsia - and already in a taxi on the way to the festival I was deciding which lipstick to use. As a result, I spent about 5-6 hours at the fest, having looked at a couple of after-parties - the make-up withstood everything perfectly, only the lipstick on the mucous membrane slightly gave out the time of application.

I believe that on hot festivals you don't need to torture your skin with hundreds of layers of tone. Better to come up with a light, but not boring version of a make-up without a make-up - you can, for example, leave your face naked, stick stickers, transfer tattoos, pearls, rhinestones, draw your eyes with a neon pencil, or fill your eyebrows with some color (or even different ones).

Do you make sequins? This can also be approached creatively - everything that is on the cheekbones and at the roots of the hair is already a little tired. Do not be afraid - once I fell asleep all over my face - and the plague, attention is guaranteed, especially in the evening, when the soffit falls on you.

In fact, the whole makeup can be done with two products.You will need your favorite matte lipstick that does not kill lips for an hour, as well as a bombastic transparent gloss. For example, my NYX is cool shading on lips, cheeks, and eyes. If you take a non-nude shade, it will be completely festive. Glitter can be banged on the eyelids or diluted on them. And with lipstick to focus on the eyebrows and lips.

But if you want a clean face with a balm on your lips and a strip of Sanskrin on your nose, no one will kick you out of the festival. We are all here for the sake of music, pleasure and vibe, and not for a make-up show.

Diana Honcharuk



I usually try not to wear makeup at festivals, so that at the end of the day (night) I don't turn into a pumpkin filled with a liquid of foundation and mascara. I love to rub my face and cry from the excess of musical emotions. But at any festival it is necessary to arrange a photo day as a keepsake. Usually this is the last day when fireworks are given on the main stage.

I went to hipster festivals like Primavera Sound in Portugal, Kubana and a metal festival in Belgium. It's easier with Moscow ones - there is no difficulty in going through the make-up for one day. The only exception will be the multi-day "Arms" and Outline. And it’s probably not so much about the music as about the temperature of the air, your zeal on the dance floor and the amount of alcohol. At the Lastochka and Afisha Picnic festivals, everyone usually looks like an A with and without makeup.

The most difficult thing in the festival make-up is to glue all kinds of pearls and rhinestones neatly, and most importantly, to preserve them during the festival. Red matte lipstick and sequins scattering were the most successful. The mascara just always smudges, but it's easy to touch up.

My life hacks are an emphasis on bronzers, liquid blush and eyebrows, and if it is very difficult without mascara, use something waterproof or, for example, Sensai 38 degree mascara. I spent a day in it and even swam in the pool.

I also definitely don't recommend using tonal foundations. But again, I'm still talking about active, almost extreme festival rest. If you just stand in the stands, then there will be no particular difficulties with a real drag.

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