Past Tips: 7 Podcasts To Help Build Relationships

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Past Tips: 7 Podcasts To Help Build Relationships
Past Tips: 7 Podcasts To Help Build Relationships

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Today, almost anything can be found in podcast form. - from investigative journalism and novels in audio format to life advice and lessons. We have collected several shows dedicated to a topic that worries everyone - relationships. Some of them can replace self-help literature, the authors of others share their personal experiences and talk about happiness and failure, and among them there is fiction, which, quite possibly, will also help you understand something about yourself.

Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel is a Belgian psychotherapist living in the United States. She specializes in working with couples and has written several books, including the acclaimed Right to Left. Why do people cheat and is it possible to avoid cheating”. "Where Should We Begin?" is one of the most famous relationship podcasts. Each episode is a recording of a new couple's psychotherapy session with Estelle. The topics are not easy: for example, how to build a relationship when one of the partners was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, what to do if a couple looks differently at the prospect of having children, and whether it is possible to rebuild interaction after infidelity. The result is not the simplest, but very important stories. Season 3 is only available on Audible, but the older editions luckily are available on other platforms as well.

Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey

Casey Neistat is a YouTube blogger with eleven million subscribers. In a podcast, along with his wife Candice, he promises to talk about everything that does not fall into his vlogs. As you might guess from the name, they discuss their own relationships - for example, how they are affected by Casey's need to travel regularly for work or what is hidden behind everyday quarrels. Candice and Casey went to couples therapy, so the conversation turns out to be frighteningly honest - as if you were eavesdropping on your close friends discussing the situation, who are trying their best not to slip into an argument. Of course, not everyone faces similar problems (and not everyone has a millionaire blog) - but it is always useful to listen to how others are trying to solve difficult questions.

The longest shortest time

A podcast about parenting that has existed since 2010 - however, at the beginning of the episodes it was much less than today. Its author, Hillary Frank, has previously worked on the acclaimed show This American Life and was inspired by her own experiences for the podcast on parent-child relationships. Topics in the show are very different: one of the early episodes, for example, is devoted to how to be if the child, who was expected as a miracle, turned out to be "ordinary", and one of the relatively new - how the system of polyamorous relationships is built and how children are built in.

Dear Sugars

One of the most famous podcasts in the "letter from readers" genre. Its hosts Cheryl Straid and Steve Almond call their approach "radical empathy." Relationships here are not limited to partnerships, romantic and sexual ones - for example, one of the issues is devoted to how to break ties with parents. The podcast lasted four years and, unfortunately, closed in 2018 - but the issues raised in it remain eternal, and the existing episodes will last for a long time. You can start, for example, with a selection of the podcast hosts' favorite episodes from the past year.

The heart

By far the most unusual podcast in this collection. The authors describe the program, which originally existed under the name "Audio Smut", as "an audio art project about intimacy and humanity." The podcast is divided into several seasons with different themes: published in the summer of 2017, for example, it talks about consent in sex, and the 2015 make / break season is about how couples decide whether to break up or stay together. Unfortunately, this podcast also ended, but its host Kaitlyn Priest released another one, the fictional "The Shadows". It is also about relationships and is based on personal experience.

Savage lovecast

Dan Savage is perhaps one of the most famous American columnists on sex and relationships - the "Savage Love" column appeared in the Seattle newspaper The Stranger back in 1991. Now he has several books on his account and, in fact, the weekly "Savage Lovecast". Savage is openly gay, so he often raises questions of sexuality and talks about his experiences, for example when he discusses how to explain to polyamorous parents how their relationship is built to a five-year-old child. The listeners in the comments do not always agree with Savage (as, for example, in the same issue about the father-polyamore), but, of course, not all questions are easily answered. The podcast also has an extended version - without ads and with a lot of listeners questions.

Why Won’t You Date Me

This podcast is hosted by comedian Nicole Bayer - you may know her from the Netflix show "Nailed it!" The idea is clear from the title: Nicole is trying to figure out why her relationship is not going well, and calls for help from other people (most often comedians), including those with whom she once met or slept. From the very beginning, it is clear that Bayer treats herself with a great deal of self-irony, and is still not afraid to openly discuss what may seem too daring to many: for example, in the description of the podcast, she says that she is “smart, funny, with a fat ass and loves to do blowjobs. " The result is an honest and fun conversation not only about Nicole, but everything that makes up dating today, from apps and sexting to couples therapy - for more than seventy issues.

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