Russian Art Studio Vojettes: Actual Things With An Ideological Message

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Russian Art Studio Vojettes: Actual Things With An Ideological Message
Russian Art Studio Vojettes: Actual Things With An Ideological Message

Video: Russian Art Studio Vojettes: Actual Things With An Ideological Message

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Video: Alexey Loginov. Replicable Photography in Russia: from Art to Ideology 2023, January

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Foundation date: 2017


PRICES: T-shirt - 6,000 rubles, trousers made of cotton velor - 18,000 rubles, panama - 9,000 rubles.

Speaking of the Russian brand Vojettes (read as "vozhet"), one cannot fail to mention the "Russian Attraction", whose parties have become a real Moscow phenomenon. All RA events take place in unusual places like a buyer's club or khinkalny, and British i-D even filmed a report about them. It is difficult to say how many people are included in the creative association: the guys believe that everyone who supports them is, in one way or another, part of the team.

Vojettes - the brainchild of "RA" member Anton Golubev; he was helped by his colleagues from the "Attraction" Yuri and Rita. From his youth Anton fantasized about France, they say: “I didn’t think or study, but I fantasized. Fantasy turned into creativity: sketches, collages, experiments with mixed techniques. " The idea of ​​the brand was born in a conversation with Yura, an artist and musician. He believes that Vojettes is a nostalgia for a place you've never been: “Imagine what our parents thought about Paris. In the 90s, the main hit was: "May you dream of Palma de Mallorca … In Cannes or Nice, the gentle surf." Few of them have actually been there. But it doesn't matter, it was a dream, a fantasy. " The third participant - Rita - met Anton while working on August 11; now she is engaged in creative consulting of brands, working with them from the stage of sketches to the final product, visual presentation and styling.

Vojettes creators admit that they prefer to consider their project not just a brand or brand, but an "art studio". Under the name Vojettes, they do all sorts of things: they built a puppet theater for a naive video, tried to freeze photos and burn the ice to get a print for silk screen printing, interviewed a skier who has been skiing in Russia since 1975. For them, Vojettes became a laboratory: “We like to question the nature of things, we enjoy the process, not knowing what the next experiment will lead to,” the authors say. They consider the production manager to be one of the most important people in the team: “We had Sveta Bevz for them, without her we would not have gone far”.

When creating Vojettes, the guys expectedly faced difficulties in production: “Although our things look as relaxed as possible, they were not easy in production,” they explain. Each color is the result of hand dyeing, and the fabrics - 100% cotton French velor and the softest suede - are always selected with the utmost care. “It was important for us to make quality as for ourselves - this, probably, is possible only in a small studio like ours”.

Now the brand sells T-shirts, panamas, trousers and vests - all in sizes S, M, L, while the cut is quite loose. The creators believe that these sizes are "relative": "There are XL in trousers, but they can be worn by a person of size XS, if the mood is like that." Prices - "like in premium streetwear"; models can only be purchased from SVMOSCOW.


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