Brigitte Bierlein: What We Know About Austria's New Chancellor

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Brigitte Bierlein: What We Know About Austria's New Chancellor
Brigitte Bierlein: What We Know About Austria's New Chancellor
Video: Brigitte Bierlein: What We Know About Austria's New Chancellor
Video: Brigitte Bierlein, Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria 2023, February

Yulia Dudkina

Thursday 30 May Brigitte Bierleinjust appointed temporary Chancellor of Austria, met with journalists. “You are certainly surprised now,” she said. - I also". According to Birlein, when the president offered her a new post, she took several hours to think. But then I decided to agree - for the good of Austria.

Previously, this position was held by Sebastian Kurz, the youngest chancellor in the history of Austria. Moreover, his reign turned out to be the shortest - only eighteen months. In May 2019, Kurz and his government lost a vote of confidence in parliament - for the first time in the country's post-war history. The political crisis began with a major scandal: several major German publications published a video in which Vice-Chancellor Hants-Christian Strache meets a woman named Alena Makarova. They are discussing a deal: the woman is going to buy 50% of the shares of the largest Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung in order to ensure that the publication of the Strache party in a favorable light before the elections. In return, Strache hints that he can help her with the business.

This video was recorded in Ibiza a few months before the parliamentary elections, as a result of which Strache became Vice-Chancellor, and his party ended up in government. Who the girl in the video was is still unknown. According to one version, this is the niece of the Russian billionaire Igor Makarov. But Makarov himself said that he was unfamiliar with her. Strache resigned after the publication of the video. He stated that he made a mistake and tried to "act like a macho" because he was drunk. He claimed that he had done nothing reprehensible and negotiated only to impress the woman.

After all that has happened, the new interim chancellor, Brigitte Bierlein, says she will try to restore mutual trust between society and politicians. Her immediate task is to form a transitional government that will rule the country until early parliamentary elections in September. To date, she has already managed to name the vice-chancellor and foreign minister of the republic. Her colleague, university professor Dr. Clemens Jabloner, will become the Vice-Chancellor, and Ambassador Dr. Alexander Schalenberg will be the Foreign Minister.

Brigitte Bierlein is the first woman to hold the post of Austrian Chancellor. Prior to that, she had already become the first woman in the Prosecutor General's Office in Vienna, and in 1990 - the first woman in the post of attorney general of the Prosecutor General's Office at the Supreme Court. In 2018, she was appointed President of the Constitutional Court. But, although Birlein becomes the first woman in one or another high post, she does not believe that unequal conditions have been created for men and women in Austrian politics. In 2018, when it became known about her new position in the Constitutional Court, Birlein was asked how she felt about quotas for women in politics. She replied that, in her opinion, there was no need for quotas.

Already in adulthood, Birlein deliberately decided

do not start your own family. She had no idea

what will pull everything at once

Bierlein was born in Vienna in 1949. Her father was a civil servant, her mother was a housewife. “That was the way it was then,” says Birlein herself. "Although, in fact, my mother had an art education." Future and. about. Chancellor herself was fond of art and wanted to study architecture. But in the end, I decided to choose a more practical profession - one to be able to feed myself and help my parents. So she became a lawyer - already in 1971 she had a doctorate. According to Birlein, she has never regretted her decision in her life. For her, independence and independence have always been important - including financial.Nevertheless, she still loves art, often goes to museums and even acquires paintings by contemporary artists.

Already in adulthood, Birlein deliberately decided not to start her own family. According to her, she has always admired people who can handle both a career and children at the same time. But she herself did not imagine that she would pull everything at once.

In 1975, she began working as a judge in the central area of ​​the city, and in the late 1970s she received a position in the prosecutor's office. In 2003, she became a member of the executive court, and in 2018 - a year before the onset of retirement age - she headed it.

In 2004, Bierlein became a news heroine: in Vienna, late at night, a criminal attacked her and tried to snatch her bag from her hands. She did not allow him to do this - she grabbed the hands tightly and began to scream loudly. As a result, the attacker fled, before dragging Birlein along the asphalt - she even had to spend some time in the hospital. She later explained that she was determined not to let go of the bag because she didn't want to get her credit card back - too much fuss.

It is difficult to say whether Birlein will remain Chancellor only until September or will continue to occupy him after the elections. It is known that she planned to retire next year. At the same time, Kurz, the former head of government, expects to take up his previous position in September 2019.


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