Invisible Clothes: 9 Russian Brands With Transparent Things

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Invisible Clothes: 9 Russian Brands With Transparent Things
Invisible Clothes: 9 Russian Brands With Transparent Things

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The trend for sheer clothing has arisen a few seasons ago, but this summer seems to be experiencing its climax: all around dresses flaunting underwear, blouses made of the finest materials, bags of colorless plastic and almost invisible shoes. We saw how young Russian brands interpret this trend.

Text: Daria Blumbaum


In her collections, the designer from St. Petersburg Albina Zueva reflects on feminine strength and fragility, developing an exquisite design of things with a slight touch of neo-romanticism. The work uses expensive materials, often natural silk, including transparent and very transparent, which drapes beautifully, hiding and at the same time exposing the body. In the new collection My812 there are aprons made of silk organza with delicate embroidery and ties, they can be worn over other, laconic dresses or, with special courage, over bodysuits (they can also be purchased at the brand's store).


The clothes made by another Petersburg designer Anya Druzhinina look elegant and a little naive. Floral prints from the new M_U_R collection remind of Soviet chintz dresses, and this association is no coincidence, since Anya principally uses locally produced textiles in her work, in this case, the famous Shuya chintz with floral print. The fine silk that complements the collection was found in Uzbekistan, produced by a small factory in the Fergana Valley, which preserves the traditions of hand-woven weaving. This material is used to make loose tops and blouses with detachable sleeves, based on the cut of which are rectangles, due to which the fabric is consumed expediently, without surplus.

Light on mars

The chamber brand, with its small collections of artistic clothing, promotes the idea of ​​"emotional" design - at the same time, each piece is created with great care and attention. In addition to the cotton shirts with sailor collars, which have long been loved by the brand's customers, Light on Mars has a series of aprons made of multicolored tulle mesh with embroidered flowers scattered over it. They are suggested to be worn with dresses or leggings, tying them in different ways or combining two skirts with each other.


Behind the name, which translates from Greek as "name", is a duet of two artists, Inna and Sandra. In their Moscow atelier, the girls create sophisticated dresses made of mother-of-pearl organza and weightless mesh, often multi-layered, decorated with embroidery and appliqués, in the subjects of which female images are guessed. Onoma clothing is related to art, including kinetic art: in dynamics, dresses come to life, and drawings move. These things can be recommended as an original wedding dress.

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The idea of ​​a brand with a “wrong” name was inspired by the novel “Dangerous Liaisons”, however, clothing 404 not found is not “immoral”, but rather wayward: witty “naked” dresses with imitation of elements of underwear, puffy transparent vests through which the inner filler shines through, satin sets reminiscent of pajamas. The theme of transparency is continued by loose silk blouses of scarlet color and maxi-dresses in flesh shades from several layers of fabric - when looking at which it is not immediately clear whether the body is visible through them or not.

fy: r

Designer Svetlana Salnikova is inspired by the poetic heritage of the Russian North and maintains a blog on the brand's website in which she talks in detail about her inspirations. Fy: r clothes are calm and minimalistic, but with precise references to the national costume: Svetlana studies the cut of sundresses and soul warmers, and then reproduces their elements in modern materials, including transparent ones.Silk organza aprons look unusual and bold, but try to present them with something else: for example, they can turn a casual dress into a weekend.


The finalist of the "Podium" project Nikita Kalmykov drew attention to himself with a collection that included old lace fabrics, embroidered by his great-grandmother's hands. Inspired by young Parisians spending time in bohemian nightclubs, the new work is almost entirely based on work with black. However, the same cutwork embroideries shine through the black silk, thanks to which the laconic silhouettes are complex and multidimensional. The designer does not divide his clothes into men and women: loose translucent blouses and trousers with inserts are shown on both boys and girls.


Designer Lesya Paramonova made soft mesh dresses her business card at the very beginning of her own brand - since then they appear in different variations in almost every of her collections. It is customary to see Paramonova's invisible dresses paired with dance leotards, as well as in multi-layered sets - through a curtain of tulle, bright prints of bottom dresses look muted and mysterious. For the new autumn season, Lesya has prepared transparent aprons and blouses with puffy sleeves, wonderfully showing that such things are suitable not only for summer parties.


In the works of Olga Kremlyakova, the hand of a person with a strong artistic education is felt: her dresses resemble either painting or graphics. Despite the abundance of layers of tulle and cascades of frills, Kremlyakova's dresses seem almost weightless, and the palette of things uses multicolored, but sophisticated combinations. The designer defines his style as a new romance, which will especially interest those who are looking for elegant, but not the most trivial outfits for special occasions.

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